EMA is 2 piece noise rock band that channels a one-mind state during performance & recording. From raw heavy rhythm focused attack, to free-jazz influenced noisescapes, EMA's sound is constantly evolving and always focused on channeling raw free energy.


EMA formed in 1994 and became close friends over their love of the same types of music.

They began playing out in 1999 and became the founding members of an organization known as the knavepop Collective (1999-2004) In 2001 the acronym EMA became their main cognomen with the release of a split single with the now defunct noise/punk band the Beating.

From 2001 - 2003 They preformed and booked/promoted (with knavepop) artists like Mike Watt, Melt-Banana, Jucifer, Bongzilla, CARRION, Starchild, the Beating, Apollo Celsius, Michael from Athens GA featuring then members of Bright Eyes touring band plus several others. This era saw the recording of the Witchunt EP recorded for the knave pop collective in 2002.

With the fall of the knavepop Collective in 2004 EMA went on to take a break for 3 years until the current release on Opiate Publishing in Sept of 2007.

The band is a live band and at its best in front of a heavier rock audience, However, by nature of influences, they bridge the gap through several scenes throughout the independent music community.

News 04/01/08: New show dates listed. (see calendar)

News 02/14/08 http://www.eatingmagikapples.com updated & new tour dates to post soon

News as of 01/24/2008 has the band set to release
their back catalog through Opiate Publishing in limited special release ahead of a guerrilla style tour march of 2008

NOTE: To date EMA has been completely independent and represented apart of the knavepop collective (1999-2003) As of 2008 EMA is experimenting with other avenues of promotions. The current project for 2008 is using Elevators Making Analog as representation of the acronym EMA.


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EMA CD single "the Beat Goes" On b/w the Beating
"Indigestion" (2001)

EMA CD/EP the Witchunt EP (2002)
EMA CD/EP the Deconstruction EP (2003)
EMA CD/EP Revolving around the Minus Silo (2005)

EMA CD/LP The Elevator Project (2007)

"False Ground (noisescape)" the knavepop Collective Sampler #2 (2001)
"Hallway #3 " the knavepop Collective Sampler #3 (2002)
"Malleus Malificarum" the knavepop Collective Sampler #4 (2003)

"Sweet Leaf" Tribute to Black Sabbath - Twin Earth Records (2003)

Set List

The band has several years of original catalog to use for a live set. They currently (depending on the show) include at least half or all of the new album & a few from the last EP woven together by bits of original improv drawn from the energy of the environment.
They strive to make every performance unique. Certain covers that have been included in past live sets include the Beat Happenings "Indian Summer" "Working Class Hero" by John Lennon & Pebble/Shoe by Eugenius from Scotland among others.