Emaciate Beats

Emaciate Beats

 MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN


Joel Abrahams, also known as Julio Sparks, or by the stage name Emaciate Beats, is an unsigned, burgeoning 18-year-old electronic artist from the ghetto streets of Marin County, California who lives in Montreal, Quebec at Concordia University.

Emaciate Beats started mashing his first songs at 15, after already playing the bass in a rock band called solshine for 5 years. He recently developed his own brand of "DubMashes", mixing well known vocals with Grimey-ass whomps.

However, that's not to say Emaciate Beats hasn't branched out since freshman year of high school.

From Full-Length mixes and Live shows to Mash-Ups, Remixes and originals, Emaciate Beats hopes to not only push the boundaries of creating fresh and original sounds, but takes what has already been produced by his own favourite, well-respected artists and re-creating tracks for listeners to experience in a unique way.

Moshes and general convulsions of your person is encouraged during every minute of an Emaciate Beats live show, and you'll hear it in the music.

Booking, Collaborations, Remixes, Mashups, General feedback @ JulioSparksproductions@gmail.com