Roxby Downs, South Australia, AUS
BandHip HopR&B

A Young Australian Female Rapper.


17 years young, Emma Cochrane better known as stage name “Emah” is based in the outback Australia. Her home town, Roxby Downs, is better known for its mining opportunities. Emma found her first love interests’ in 2006, which were photography and Basketball. Her interests took a quick transition when she focused on music. Influenced by “Mockingbird- Eminem,” Emma took a quick shot at writing her own songs. She wrote about songs which had a sentimental value to her and often was her way of expressing the emotions she could not confront her friends with. “I felt like I could write about anything I want, without a care in the world, because 50 Cent is up there saying the same thing. I really didn’t know where it was heading or what I was doing, but I was having fun.” Starting off with her first desktop computer and a computer microphone (in poor condition,) Emma stepped up to the plate and recorded her first song. “My first song was a track called “Shake the ground, It was a club track that was really just an experiment.” After she had the courage to come out openly to the public with her music, in 2007, she quickly released a Mixtape called “Hip hop saved my life.” “Looking back, I hate myself for posting that up, basically because I really wasn’t ready to come out with something like that, but I did it anyway. But I suppose if you think about it, if I didn’t post it up, then I wouldn’t of had this many friends on MySpace.” Posting up her first Mixtape, did attract some listeners and her inbox instantly blew up with requests from friends and collaborations with rookie rappers. At this stage Emma was very influenced with song writing, she became involved in the local youth. She teamed up with another local rapper, who which became a member of a band called “Mass Chaos.” Together they created a Mixtape called “Rapping in Roxby.” This progressed to a performance supporting “Youth Week 2008,” Opening up for a touring band called “Amber Calling.” However, after the minor “buzz” Emma became less lively about her music and felt that she could no longer impress her fans on MySpace or improve with her skills. This lead to a yearlong break, which was the result of “Writer’s Block.” “I guess I thought, cool, this gigs great.. but where is it going to now?, I can’t wait and depend on it for the rest of my life. I need a plan B, and that was to get an education and finish school knowing what I wanted to do.” Late 2009, Emma because very acquainted with other styles of music. She grew an interest with rock, which lead to the purchase of her first guitar and keyboard.Emma participated in a radio course and dance workshops which were provided by her school. This assisted her in the decision to come back into the rap scene. After the long process of nurturing her skills again, she attempted all types of writing, however this mainly involved dark emotions. Early 2010, is when she began experimenting with her voice.

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