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"A New State of Mind: An Exclusive Interview with Rapper E-man"

E-man is a rapper, songwriter, husband, preacher and businessman. He has been in the rap scene for over 10 years and runs an independent music label called Dynisty Entertainment.
- Fortress of solitude

"The sky is the limit for EL Star"

How long have you been in the industry?
I had been doing music as a hobby from High School to college for about 7 years and then in 2007 I realised that in order to make it work I would have to run my music career as a business. That was when Dynisty Entertainment was founded; and for the past 5 years I have been moving from amateur to semi-pro, and then eventually to professional.
Have you always know that music is what you wanted to do?
No. For me the creative arts are a funny thing, because you don’t really choose it, it chooses you and then doesn’t seem to let go. And that is why there is this unquenchable desire to keep creating new music.
How did you go about filming your youtube video?
The video took about a week of planning and brainstorming ideas before we decided to go with a raw and gritty feel, which we felt was true to the song. After securing a location and getting it ready as a set, it was a case of shooting images that we felt would enhance the song.
What were the costs involved in this? How much did it cost to make the video etc?
I would describe the video as 0% budget and 100% passion. It would not have been possible without the support of family and friends who pulled in as volunteers to help with the setup and equipment. Overall the total cost to me was just paying for a thank you breakfast.
How long did the recording process take for you?
It was a 1 day shoot. We had to do it when there would be minimal traffic so we were up at 3am. Shooting took place at about 4am till 8:30am. So in total it took about 4 ½ hours for a 4 minute video.
What are you hoping to show the people of East London through your album and your music?
What I hope our music will demonstrate is that with a great team and the right focus we can make music that is of an international standard. So people should never underestimate the underdog and in time we will chip away at the myth that nothing good can come from a small town.

How do you believe that you are an example of the fact that artists can make a name for themselves in East London?
By not allowing myself to be held back by the limitations that others have placed on me and not limiting my thinking to believing that in order to make it I would have to move to Joburg or Cape Town. I am determined to make a difference wherever I am, even if it’s with limited resources.

Has your music received any national airplay, if so, where?
Yes I have had airplay. I have been played on Tru FM, YFM and previous mixtapes I have released have been played on Bay FM and East Coast Radio. One of my tracks was also selected as part of AIRCO CD compilation that was played at the Midem Conference in France.
What is your inspiration?
I believe that every great artist is inspired by the life and times they live in. So whether they choose words, paint or clay; an artist must be able to reflect the world as they experience it.
Where to from here for E-Man?
For me as an artist it’s about making music that identifies with the youth; music that will inspire them to think more and be more. In order to do that I have to keep putting out records that people want to hear and are willing to support, reaching as many people as possible.
Do you have any words of encouragement to those wanting to pursue a similar career path?
Yes, one of the most valuable quotes I have read that has had a profound impact on me is one that said: “Where you will be in the next 5 years of your life will be determined by the books you read, and the people you associate with.” I would encourage people to choose those two things wisely.
- Daily Dispatch


EP's & Mixtapes:

Stereotype mixtape
The Potters Pass Mixtape
The Rookie Ep Episode 1
The Rookie Ep Episode 2

A New State of mind (Single)
Star (Single)

Both Ep's received national rotation on college and local radio stations in South Africa



Emmanuel was born in Zambia Lusaka but his parents are originally from Ghana. He started writing poetry at an early age and won numerous poetry awards in high school. He began putting his poetry to music when he teamed up with a high school friend. They performed their own material at high school talent shows, where they quickly earned a reputation for their dynamic stage presents and original music. Emmanuel then went on to complete his studies in IT at Walter Sisulu University where he won achievement awards for entrepreneurship and business planning.

He continued to pursue his passion for music by starting his own independent record label, Dynisty Entertainment. Dynisty Entertainment is a company dedicated to putting out music of an international standard into the market place, by discovering and developing talented artists so that they may have a better chance at having a successful career in music. Emmanuel is also currently studying towards an MBA degree at the Nelson Mandela University, to help sharpen his business acumen.

Currently music from The Rookie EP is receiving rotation on college and community radio stations nationally, as E-man and the Dynisty Team prepare for a national tour to promote their mixtapes.