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EMAR (pron. Ehm-Ahr) is an international world music artist who sings in several languages including English, Serbian, Hindi, Persian, Arabic and Church Slavonic. If you like Electro-dance, World and New Age, you will love EMAR. Think - Enigma, Enya, Delirium, then add a hint of Shakira.


EMAR (pron. Ehm-Ahr) is an international world music artist. Born in the Balkans and raised in Canada, EMAR‘s multicultural influences inspire her to sing and record in several languages including English, Serbian, Hindi, Persian, Arabic and Church Slavonic.

On her debut album, EMAR: Sacred Soul, released in late 2008, EMAR worked with three renowned producers to create her ethereal, spiritual sound: Genie Award-nominated Sean Eyre, Canadian Music Awards winner for Best World Music Group 2007, Andrew McPherson of Eccodek and noted film composer Igor Vrabac. Playing on five of the album’s tracks is World Music multi-instrumentalist Boris Sichon.

In April of 2007, EMAR released a 4-songs EP entitled EMAR World Music containing album tracks Sutra, Jamil, Tumare Darshan and Salaam.

The self-taught singer/songwriter sang in school choirs throughout her childhood and high school years, after which she was coached by a series of noted vocal teachers. In addition, she took basic songwriting classes coupled with introductory guitar and piano lessons, instruments on which EMAR primarily composes her songs.

Born in Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia, now Serbia, EMAR, along with her family, moved to Toronto, Canada, shortly after her birth. EMAR lived in Canada for six years and then returned to Belgrade for almost a decade. In 1989, just before the country’s collapse, young EMAR returned to Canada for good.

In 1999, shortly after completing her University studies in Toronto, EMAR moved to the west coast of Canada where she discovered her artistic self and gained insight into her innate spirituality. Using her own initials, she adopted the name EMAR, which conjures an image of the same mystic, eastern culture that is reflected in her music – even in the fast-paced club mix of Salaam.

EMAR's mission is to awaken "we are all one" consciousness in our world, through music & spirituality by embracing all religions and nations as one.

Before becoming EMAR, she released the debut album Embrace Yourself in 2003 under her given name of Melissa Rebronja, which included the radio single and BRAVO! TV video Beautiful, her own haunting rendition of Wonderwall which became a popular download on iTunes, as well as the well-reviewed Serbian-sung tracks Duso Moja and Zasto.


April 2007 - EMAR - World Music EP (4 tracks)
Sept. 2008 - EMAR - Sacred Soul (11 tracks)

Set List

45 minute set:
Tumare Darshan
Come On