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The best kept secret in music



Excerpt from the October 21, 2003 edition of www.kingsofar.com


Embassy – Columbus, Ohio. Passionate, sweeping modern rock with an alternative edge and a classic sensibility. Falls somewhere between 3 Doors Down/Creed, U2, the Verve, Palo Alto and Train. Music is rich, uncompromising and timeless. Discography includes the Flicker LP, Tiller Paul EP, The Lazy I Sessions and the 2003 6-song recording. Is currently shopping music to labels, with a couple of remixes done by Nic Jodoin (Lisa Marie Presley). MTV and College Television Network recently confirmed that the video for “Gravity” has been selected as a Top Ten Semi-finalist for the nationwide “Best Music On Campus” contest, which is held from October 20 through November 3. The winner will have their video aired on MTV & MTV2, appear on MTV’s Advance Warning CD, be added to CTN’s nationwide college video playlist, and co-host an episode of CTN’s “Freshman.” Contact: Hand Held Management c/o Kevin Held (Soul Kid #1, Gary Jules) at 310.441.8855 or handheldmgmt@earthlink.net. Legal is Brian Schall c/o BMKY Law (Linkin Park, TRUSTcompany, Don Gilmore, Andy Wallace) at 310.319.3922 or bschall@bmkylaw.com.
- www.kingsofar.com

"Aly's Indie Hits and Misses"

Excerpt from:

Aly's Indie Hits and Misses
A Review by Aly Walansky

Once upon a time, the phrase “alternative music” meant something. It meant the music that was not derivative, that was completely unique and different than mainstream popular offerings. It was not generic pop or rock or punk. It was the Velvet Underground a few decades ago, or Nirvana last decade. An alternative band was one that left a mark, introduced something new and unheard of to the scene…they were, basically, an alternative. This, of course, meant, that as the alternative, these bands existed on the underground. It was a rare feat to hear your favorite alternative band on mainstream radio, and their music took a little extra effort to come by.

That was then.Now, alternative music has lost its essence. A study of the bio of just about any mainstream pop band will see them describing themselves as “alternative” to the point that the phrase has been completely watered down. It has no meaning. It has no purpose. This is no longer the artistic, nervy, music. It’s the same old commercialized nonsense put in deceptive packaging, making the phrase itself one which is condescending and insulting to the audience. Alternative music is no longer alternative. It’s just Top 40 pop bands with delusions of grandeur. Accept it and move on.

The reason I bring this up is because if you think about the original definition of alternative music in its purest form, it contained the same values that many of us love so much about indie music. Indie music in its purest form exists in very much the same underground that what was once seen as alternative did. It’s the indie artists that exist free of label overlords; who still have enough passion and free will to write raw, unique, meaningful music—theirs is the music that matters.

Unfortunately, indie music itself has its own black hole. It seems that in the current climate, where fewer and fewer bands are being signed, and consumers are being a lot more discriminating about which CDs to buy, everyone feels the need to pigeonhole themselves into a particular genre, sub-genre, or sub-sub-genre. Hence, we have punk-pop, post-punk, power-pop, retro-pop, Brit-pop, nû-new-wave, alt-pop, progressive pop…the list goes on and on, and to be honest, I’m not sure if any of us know what these designations mean half the time...

…One act I received this week that refuses to be pigeon-holed is Embassy, whose EP embodies a sweeping rock melody. The term “infectious” is normally reserved (inexplicably) solely for hooks-laden pop—I disagree. Embassy’s sound has a classic rhythm to it that will undeniably stay with you. And while I only had the songs on the EP to study, it is clear that they are gaining attention steadily. They are already a finalist in a CTN competition, which can result in their music being played on the likes of MTV. Their music is rich and penetrating, absolutely something I want to hear more of.

© Copyright CultureDose.net 12/09/2003
- CultureDose.net


[embassy]'s self-titled EP includes:
1. leave me here
2. gravity
3. all the same
4. long road home
5. bullet
6. undone
7. white
8. every new ovation

the single "gravity" was named "Top Ten Finalist in MTV's MTVU's Best Music on College Campus Contest." Also, "gravity" is currentley being played on WNCI 97.9 in Columbus Ohio.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Embassy’s beginnings date back to a small hotel room in Valencia, Spain in the spring of 1998. There, singer-songwriters Mike Seminari and C.Todd Nielsen stumbled upon an incredible oneness in musical ideas and vision as they began laying the groundwork for an original rock band. Their visions were seamless, their goals were lofty, and their musical chemistry was instant.

Immediately upon returning to the states and to their school, Miami University, the songwriters began their search for like-minded musicians who shared a love for bands like Pearl Jam, U2, Radiohead and the Beatles. In a just a few months, they had assembled a 5-piece group and were playing to packed houses at the local college bars in the small, college town of Oxford, OH. With increasing local support and recognition, it soon became apparent that a bigger springboard may be needed to launch the band to larger-scale success. With this in mind, the band headed to the Southeast in 2000 to tap into the original rock scene known for producing such acts as Hootie, Dave Matthews, and REM, to name a few. For the next two years, the band would endure an ever-changing line-up of musicians as it continually refined its music and vision. In the end, Seminari and Nielsen found themselves back in Ohio where they had started. Setting up camp in Columbus, the duo began a new search for musicians who shared the musical talent and chemistry that would take them to next level.

Following weeks of unsuccessful auditioning for drummers and bass players from various Columbus music scene websites, C.Todd happened upon an old friend one night while out at the bars. After a short exchange, the friend mentioned a drummer who was looking for a new project. Enter Andrew Timple. After just a few short phone conversations and a quick listen to previous demos, it was obvious that Timple shared the same tastes in music as well as same the drive, passion, and influences of Seminari and Nielsen…not to mention, the kid could drum like no one the two had ever heard. The trio quickly went to work on rehearsing material and finishing out the line-up. One night, Timple invited his former guitarist and band mate, Trevor Connor, to sit it. Within minutes, it was clear that Connor was the man for the job. He played with more talent, speed, and passion than the rest of the competition and was therefore immediately picked up as the fourth member of [embassy]. However, the missing link was still at large, as the band had yet to find a bass player.

Weeks of frustrating auditioning followed as the group struggled to find a bass player to match its enthusiasm, style and influences. Yet, just when it seemed they had tried every player in Columbus, a light bulb went off in Timple’s head as he remembered a former work associate, Andrew Rausch, who played guitar. Timple remembered a lunch conversation the two had shared months before in which Rausch mentioned he was looking for a band. He said he could play bass in addition to guitar and that he just wanted to begin playing out again, regardless of the instrument. Rausch attended the next rehearsal and the connection was immediate. Within minutes, the group could see that Rausch’s style, precision, and knowledge of his instrument were a perfect match for the group. Thus, [embassy] was born.

With such a unique, yet classic melding of influences, the sound that ensued was, and continues to be unmistakably [embassy]. Their songs combine catchy vocal harmonies with the edge and drive of modern alternative rock, weaving them together with thought-provoking lyrics. With their epic choruses and poetic verse, [embassy]’s music grants listeners a rare combination of both melody and introspection, which is undoubtedly the reason for their ever growing fan base across the United States. In just one short year, the band has earned substantial recognition, including being named as a Top 10 Finalist in MTV and College Television Network’s “Best Music On Campus Contest” in 2003. Furthermore, [embassy]’s self-titled EP has been featured by prominent industry websites, including www.CultureDose.Net, www.KingsOFAR.com, and www.AlternativeAddiction.com. With additional industry attention beckoning and continuous improvements to their uncompromising sound, [embassy] is undoubtedly a must-see band in 2004.