Ember Coast

Ember Coast


•Voted Best Rock Band Arizona Infusion of Music Awards (2003) •Voted Listeners Choice Arizona Infusion of MusicAwards (2003) •Voted Best Up-And-Coming Local Band (944 magazine 2005) •Voted Best Pop Band Arizona Infusion of Music Awards (2005)


•A melodic rock band from Tempe, Arizona
•Formed in 2001
•First EP, self titled (2002)
•First full length album, “From the Mood Room” (2003)
•Second full length album, “Up” (2005)
•All songs written by Ember Coast
•All recordings self produced and self funded
•Developed and marketed several lines of merchandise
•Booked and played hundreds of shows locally and nationally
•Established a reputation for having one of Arizona’s largest fan bases
•Played shows with many well known and major label artists including, The Presidents of the United States of America, Ben Kweller, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Dashboard Confessional.
•Booked and played two national tours
•Constant regional touring
•Continual airplay on several Arizona radio stations


•"Self-titled"-EP (2002)
•"From the Mood Room"-First full length album(2002)
•"UP"-Second full length album(2005)
•Continual airplay on several Arizona radio stations

Set List

1. Who Knows
2. Media Control
3. Antenna
4. the Alarmist
5. They Don't Know Me
6. Say Anything
7. On My Mark
8. That's How it Goes
9. Jello
10. Waking Time of Night
11. So Far
12. I'm in Luck
13. Revolution
14. Horizon
15. Green
16. FIVE
17. Paranormal Coffee