Oakland, California, USA

Embers, from Oakland, CA is a heavy, ambient black metal band incorporating strings, keys, two guitars, bass, an avalanche of drums and dueling male/female vocals.


Embers was formed in 2004. As a serious project, Embers has been on two extensive European tours that spanned over 11 countries. They have also completed one National tour and one West Coast tour. A 3rd U.S. tour is set for April/May of 2010. They have shared the stage with bands such as Nachtmystium, Wolves In The Throne Room, Withered, and Book Of Black Earth.

With 6 unreleased songs under their belt and a 7th on the way, plans are currently underway for the release of a new album in 2010.

Embers has been noted as one of a number of prominent San Francisco Bay Area metal acts to feature women. The fact that three members of the band are female is notable due to the historic lack of female representation in heavy metal music.

Heavily inspired by the visual arts, Embers is also known for their beautifully illustrated album covers, banners, poster art, and T-shirts.

Priorities for this inspired and motivated project include continuing the collaborative effort to write epic, emotionally charged music, finding a solid booker to help with organizing successful gigs for touring, and pursing solid, supportive labels to help with recording and releasing a steady stream of new records.



Written By: Kelly Nelson

In the realm of shadow
there lie shades of grey
peripheral truths that linger
like wraiths of a bygone age

Arcane knowledge eviscerated
fills the dusty tombs
of a history forsaken
in temporal decay

With the dawn a new sun rises
to herald the day
and in this realm of light
there still lie shades of grey


Written By: Embers

All shall fear the wrath of man, the repercussions of his plan. From across the sea we tread dark water, the closer we come the sooner the slaughter. Poison the air, water, disease. All shall be brought upon their knees. Pestilence, Plague, Famine, and Death. Embrace the four horseman breathe your last breath. We've built our towering pyre now it's time to light the fire. Confused and alone, man wanders. At the end of the day it's his own life he squanders.


Written By: Embers

A dark wind is blowing through the willow whispering secrets to scatter dessicated leaves. The silence of deadfall reveals and awakening. With moonlight abandon the harvest will dance.


Written By: Embers

No one is here for me. I am all alone. Choking. All alone. Choking. All alone. Weeping, Wailing, Bleeding. Festering, Rotting, Stinking


Written By: Embers

Malicious intent brings all that is foul into the black hearts of blinded men who reek of death and decay. Putrescent satisfaction of sweet suffering, sings silently in those shadowy depths. In such timeless, silent stillness is revealed the secret power within us. I'm nobody's saviour but my own.


Written By: Embers

As the crow flies, decay prevails. Pecking at the eyes of those unclaimed. Day turns to dusk, darkness settles on a burning city. Rage falls in torrents like rain.


Releases include:
* 2007: Memoria In Aeterna CD
songs available for download here: Suicide, Reprise, Corruption, War
* 2009: Wrath (split album with Book of Belial from Portland)
songs: Wrath, Awakening

Set List

Including 6 unreleased songs, Embers has a total of 12 songs that are rotated in and out of set lists.