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Birmingham, Alabama, United States | MAJOR

Birmingham, Alabama, United States | MAJOR
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"Embers in Ashes - Sorrow Scars (Music Video)"

New music video from rock band, Embers in Ashes, can be seen below.

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"Embers in Ashes (Interview)"

Pop Vulture: What kind of music was played in your house when you were growing up? What influence did it have on what you play today? JEREMY: Most of the music i listened to while growing up was classic rock. As i got older i ventured more into modern rock but i have always been a rock fan. But I always liked bands like Hoobastank and Incubus because they had smoother vocals and bands like that influenced the way i sing now. I like to bring more of a pop vocal feel to our harder sound. ROBERT: Growing up, my parents listened to a lot of country music, contemporary Christian music, and classic rock. I’m not completely sure if any of that really influenced what I play today, but it definitely allowed me to appreciate all genres. ANDREW: Pretty much just about everything under the sun was played in our house growing up. Rides to school typically consisted of music from the 60's and 70's. High school was where musical taste went towards the heavier side of things. As far as influences nowadays, most of what comes through playing comes from the heavier side. MIKE: I grew up around a ton of classic rock. Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, The Eagles, 38 Special, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, and groups like that were constantly being played. Because of that, I constantly learned songs and solos via tablature. I don't think a ton of that comes through in my writing but it definitely contributes to who I am musically. DREW: There wasn't much music played in my house that I can remember. What I do remember is listening to Kenny G and digging it. It made me want to learn the saxophone, and finally in 3rd grade, my parents let me start taking lessons. It music from then on. It was great starting with the saxophone because it gave me a good understanding of theory and music in general; since then it's been really easy to pick up instruments, and it definitely helped me pick up the guitar.

Pop Vulture: What was it like the first time you played on stage? Do you still feel the same way? JEREMY: My 1st time on stage was when i was 14 and i was Nervous and so were the rest of the guys i played with. No, not at all, we are so accustomed to the set up and whats needed to prepare for a show that we don't have time for stage fright (lol). If there is any "would be" stage fright, it becomes hyper excitement because we can't wait to get on the stage! ROBERT: My first time on stage was when I was 15. I was playing in another band at the time and we played a concert for our youth group. It was an exciting and nerve racking time, but as soon as we started, I knew that music is what I was meant to do. I definitely still feel that music is what I’m supposed to be doing, it’s my passion and I can’t see myself being happy doing anything else. I would have to say that I no longer get nervous, but I’m always excited to take the stage. ANDREW: Pretty nervous, I'm sure...but then again, I can't remember how long ago that was. I'd say my first actual musical performance was in 6th grade concert band, and those were never that bad on my nerves. Not really. MIKE: The first time I played on stage was definitely a frightening experience, and I'm pretty sure I was bright red the entire time. It was at church so I was in the presence of friends, so I can't imagine how terrifying it would have been in another location. Not at all. DREW: I played the Mission Impossible theme song on my alto sax and I was a wreck of nerves, but my name was on the bulletin, so I couldn't back out. Eventually I got used to being on stage and now I get excited for it every time.

Pop Vulture: What are some of your proudest moments in music so far? JEREMY: The completion of the Sorrow Scars EP was a big deal for us and the release of our "Outsiders" album has been huge. Our recent tour with the classic crime was a huge success, we learned so much and were able to play for hundreds of people per night. We have been touring nonstop since august and the hard work is more than worth it. By the end of our current tour we will have hit over 55 dates in 4 months and that is a big deal to us. Charting for over a month was a big accomplishment for us, we are very blessed to have seen the success that we've had. But I think the proudest moments I have are when I share the stage with my brothers and I realize how much we have all grown and adapted just to help the band succeed. I see them taking responsibilities and getting jobs done, and doing those jobs with excellence. ROBERT: My proudest moments in music so far would have to be just getting the opportunity to play music with my best friends all the time. The other guys in the band are my brothers, and I’m never more proud than when I’m on stage with them. ANDREW: Playing with 11 other drummers from my drumline during a Shania Twain concert was a big deal since the crowd was just under 17,000 people in a packed out auditorium. Actually being on an album on a record label is also pretty sweet...that one still hasn't really sunk it just yet, though. MIKE: I think I echo everyone in the band when I say that being in a signed group with a full record out is really a rewarding and surreal achievement. Sharing the stage with The Classic Crime for their Kickstartour was also quite a blessing. Additionally, we happen to be charting on the Christian Rock Charts, which is awesome. Watching all of us grow together as men and musicians and brothers in Christ has been one the biggest highlights, not to mention getting to hear from fans who have uplifted, encouraged, and blessed by our musics. That's what this is all about, impacting the lives of others. DREW: Definitely the top moments have been when people come up to us and say that our music helped them through hard times. It's huge to me to see our music and lyrics effecting people emotionally.

Pop Vulture: What cool stuff is on the horizon for you? JEREMY: We are currently looking at bands we want to tour with for the spring time (feb/march/april/may) and we have a Brand new music video being released this week/. Check out our youtube page for our daily vid blogs and our facebook page for anything else EIA related and www.embersinashes.com has links to all your Embers In Ashes cravings. ROBERT: Just looking into some tours in the future and our new music video is coming out soon. ANDREW: No clue...but it's probably going to be sweet the way things are progressing for us. MIKE: Well, we are releasing a music video for our current radio single in the next week, and we're super stoked for that. Also, we're in the middle of a tour with Southbound Fearing and Silversyde for Southbound Fearing's Bad Dreams and Melodies Tour. It's pretty amazing. DREW: Everyone else covered all the stuff I know. Everything else that will happen with us is a mystery! I also get married on New Years Eve, so that's exciting for me haha. We'll be taking time off after this tour so I can get a grasp on how to handle marriage, then we get to go back on the road to meet awesome people like you every night!

www.embersinashes.bigcartel.com - PopVulture

"Embers In Ashes Single “Then You Came” Charts on Billboard’s Christian Rock"

Embers In Ashes current single “Then You Came,” off of their Red Cord Records debut entitled Outsiders, has debuted at #16 on Billboard’s Christian Rock chart and is expected to continue to rise. This follows the trend that began when their independent single, “This Change,” which peaked at #32 last year. In promotion of Outsiders, the band has gone out on The Classic Crime’s “Kickstartour,” their own headliner run, and is currently on the “Bad Dreams & Melodies Tour” with Southbound Fearing and Silversyde. The remaining tour dates are as follows
(with Southbound Fearing and Silversyde)
October 11th: Winterville, NC
October 12th: Salsbury SC
October 14th: Lehigh Acres, FL
October 19th: Key West FL
October 20th: Miami, FL
October 21st: Punta Gorda, FL
October 23rd: Tuscaloosa, AL
October 24th: Deville, LA
October 25th: North Little Rock, AR
October 26th: Cabot, AR
October 31st: Aurora, MO
November 2nd: Paris TX
November 3rd: Roby, TX
November 4th: Corpus Christi, TX
November 5th: El Paso, TX
November 7th: Roswell NM
November 9th: Phoenix AZ
November 10th Safford AZ
November 14th Redmond OR
November 15th Twin Falls ID
November 19th Grand Island, NE
November 20th Des Moines, IA
http://www.twitter.com/embersinashes - HM Magazine

"Interview with Embers in Ashes"

Please give your name and duties in the band.

Jeremy: I’m Jeremy. I sing and boss people around.

Drew: Drew, and I play electric and sing backing vocals.

Andrew: Andrew…baker…or drummer…either one.

Mike: Mike Tobey-Mckenzie. Guitar and backing vocals.

Embers In Ashes has been around for a few years now. Can you give us a quick history lesson on Embers In Ashes?

Jeremy: A friend of mine and I wanted to start a band. Drew joined in, my other friend left and blah blah blah.

Drew: I had played in the Orange County, CA scene for three years before I started school at Samford, in Birmingham, AL. After a while I wanted to get back into the scene and I saw a flyer that Jeremy’s wife had put up around campus, and called it on a whim. Overtime, I brought in the other three guys making Embers in Ashes what it is today.

Mike: One day, Drew asked me if I wanted to join a band. I auditioned. The rest is history. At the time, Jeremy just wanted to sing without playing guitar and I was the only member they lacked.

Andrew: I’m in the kitchen…so I don’t really know.

What is the meaning (if any) behind the name Embers In Ashes?

Andrew: “We might still be able to make more cookies.”

Drew: Embers in Ashes comes from Isaiah 61, which is basically our mission statement. Isaiah 61, in a nutshell, says that Christ called us to bring hope to the broken.

Jeremy: Life In what is seemingly death, its my story and it sounds cooler than beauty from ashes.

Mike: To me, the “embers” in the “ashes” are those that need to hear our message. When we speak our message as commanded, God restores those “embers” into a flame, an eternal flame. We were all dying embers in a bed of ashes when Jesus found us and restored us.

What brought you guys together, and what has kept you together this far?

Andrew: I played in a few gigs with Drew, and he really likes the cookies.

Jeremy: My wife won’t let me quit.

Drew: Our common passion for spreading love and hope, as well as having fun playing music together. We’re all total nerds and will talk video games or comics with you all day, so that’s another commonality. But we’re in it because this is where each one of us feel called for the time being. God has blessed us with the opportunities we’ve had so far, and He won’t let us give up as long as we can still share His love.

Mike: Jesus. 100%.

What is the number one priority/purpose of the band?

Andrew: Definitely to show the hope and love of Christ…but who doesn’t want a ballin’ cookie with their face on it?

Mike: To show people that God has done for us what we could never do for ourselves. He has made a way for us to be righteous in and of Himself, with no credit to any action we could provide. He loves us. There is Hope. There is Grace.

Drew: Our number one priority is to bring hope to the broken and just show people that they’re loved through our music and actions on and off stage. We love being available to talk with people about anything.

Jeremy: To reach people for Christ, to show others that there is Hope and a savior that LOVES YOU.

You’ve recently announced that you will be releasing a new album. Can you share more details with us about this?

Drew: We’re stoked to be heading back into the studio to put out our first full length album. We’ve grown a lot as musicians since our last release are able to do much more musically. Jeremy’s new lyrics are awesome and will pack a punch. There may or may not be some tapping on the guitars.

Jeremy: We need money to record it, http://www.indiegogo/embersinashes.

Mike: We already have multiple songs written that will be featured on the new LP. It’s going to be amazing. But we need help. Things like this just don’t appear out of thin air by sheer will. Donate to our ministry should you feel lead to.

Andrew: Got a dollar?

What sort of things will you be doing different on this new album as opposed to your previous EP?

Jeremy: It will be a bit more edgy but nothing that would turn out older listeners away.

Andrew: It’s gonna be pretty New Age…like a mix of Enya and Phil Collins.

Mike: It will be much more dynamic. New sounds to attract new listeners but a fairly clean approach that our older listeners love and that allow us to be on the radio. It will melt your face but also provoke reflection all at the same time, all without confusing you with overly-complex guitars and screaming vocals.

Drew: More technical, but also more simple at the same time. But because I can’t describe it well, I guess you’ll just have to wait until late spring/early summer of 2012 for the release!

You’ve recently announced that you’ve signed to Red Cord Records? What was the path to choosing this label? Were there any other labels in the picture?

Jeremy: Yes there were other labels and Drew can answer the rest.

Mike: There were other labels, but God orchestrated what has taken place. We pray and rely on Him to orchestrate even more to bring glory to His Name.

Drew: We had a few options, but Red Cord really stood out to me. I remember reading an interview with Joey about Red Cord on IVM and it really stood out to me. Ever since then I’ve kept an eye on them, eventually we started keeping in touch, and now we’re signed with them!

As a lyricist, do you believe in a blatant (straightforward) or eloquent (metaphorical) approach?

Jeremy: I believe it depends on what God tells me to write. Each song is different so a good mix of both is good. A ton of prayer goes into the lyrics of each song.

Mike: It’s all based on prayer and what God wants for that song. This is His band and His songs He inspires us to write for Him.

Who influences your music? Where do you get your ideas?

Jeremy: I love Foofighters, Incubus, Hoobastank, 5 for fighting, Plankeye, Killswitch. but really the ideas come from A WIDE variety of styles and genres.

Andrew: If it’s groovy, I love it. I also REALLY love bubblegum pop, and that is by no means a joke or lie. Heavy and low-tuned is also a big plus. Dream Theater and Necrophagist were big influences in high school.

Mike: Andrew, our drummer is simply a prodigy. He inspires me and influences me immensely. I wouldn’t be the same guitarist without him and I will continue to become better simply because of him pushing me. Also, I listen to a ton of hardcore and metalcore, this influences me greatly. But I also spend a fair amount of time listening to slower-paced indie rock that has begun to affect my writing.

Drew: Personally, I pull influences from all over. I’ll listen to everything from Tchaikovsky to Norma Jean. I enjoy diversity in music, so it’s fun trying to bring different approaches to the table for each song

What’s your favourite song that you have written and why?

Andrew: Rescued Me. I love moody stuff, and I also don’t ever pay attention to lyrics…but it definitely has a fantastic message.

Jeremy: Rescued Me. Its slower, sweeter and the message says it all.

Drew: My favourite song off our Sorrow Scars EP was Rescued Me, because the lyrics hit home, and it’s just fun to play too. However, Outsiders is my favorite overall, because the writing process was extremely team oriented.

Mike: I would have to say “Outsiders”. It mixes great vocals and thoughtful lyrics with insanely tasteful guitars.

What is your production workflow like? As in, how do you produce a song, start to finish?

Jeremy: There is really no way to answer this because we will all have different answer …imagine a group of baboons trapped in a room with instruments…

Andrew: Yell at Jeremy for no reason, hear Mike play the same Harmonic Minor scale multiple times, watch Drew fiddle with his delay pedal. I bake until I’m needed.

Mike: Each song is usually based on something that one of us has loosely written, and then we, together, build the song keeping dynamics in mind. Again, it’s all based on Jesus. He orchestrates stuff like that.

What has been the most defining moment for Embers in Ashes up to this point?

Jeremy: Finding out Mike is a Jew.

Mike: The signing of course. But definitely the recording of the EP in Los Angeles with producer Tomas Costanza. Additionally, I think the people and members God has given us in the last year have really been the most defining moments for the group.

Andrew: Finding out Mike is Jewish.

Do you find it hard to be a Christian band in your genre of music

Mike: Yes and no. It’s always hard being a Christian in this world because everything we live for is contrary to the world. But at the same time, it’s what is in our hearts, so we do this with joy, no matter the cost. We can’t help but be as faithful as possible to the God who has made this all occur.

Jeremy: We find it hard to survive haha

Andrew: Being a Christian band period regardless of genre is hard already, but playing heavier music is a double-whammy. The music industry as a whole just isn’t overly kind to either of those things.

Which band member smells the worst and why?

Jeremy: Mike, because he wears way to much AXE so its more of an issue of to much of the mess is so strong it will give you a headache.

Mike: Andrew. He doesn’t believe in deodorant or daily cleaning.

Andrew: Mike…because he wears poop-tons of Axe to smell good for 14-year-old girls.

Drew: Majority rules: Mike.

What has been the most difficult or “trying” time for the band?

Jeremy: RIGHT NOW. We have to raise 6500 dollars and we’re at…like 300….

Andrew: Pretty much right now.

Mike: The past 6 months. For multiple reasons.

Drew: Now. But it’s also a great time for the band as well, because we have never trusted God more as a collective. It’s been a great time of growth and co-aligning with God’s mission for us.

Who are 3 active current bands/artists you’d like to tour with?

Jeremy: ….Nickelback…. haha

Mike: Emery, Ivoryline, and My Epic.

Andrew: I don’t know about 3 bands I can name since touring with any is a cool thing…but I’d love to tour with Animals as Leaders. Not really anywhere near the same genre or speed of our music, but they have a great stage appearance and appear to genuinely love playing.

Drew: Anberlin, Sent By Ravens, Ivoryline, and the Classic Crime.

Who are some of your favourite artists to tour with? Any crazy tour stories you’d like to share?

Jeremy: Drew, Mike, Ryan and Andrew are my favorite artists…Distal (RIP).

Mike: Pretty much the artists in this band. They’re amazing friends and all hilarious.

Drew: Other than these hooligans, the guys in Silverline, I Am Empire, and Distal are awesome. I don’t think I’m at liberty to say… haha. All I can say is Jeremy was reeeeeaally sleepy.

What is your favourite album of the year so far?

Mike: Wow, that’s a hard question to answer. “Leveler” by August Burns Red was pretty awesome, I’m in love with “Children of Fire” by Oh, Sleeper, and My Epic released an album this year called “Broken Voice” and it simply the most playable album I’ve listened to a while.

Jeremy: I like the new Five for Fighting album.

Andrew: Good question. So far, the most impressive one I’ve listened to that’s a full album is “Februus” by Uneven Structure. As far as EP’s go, “The Compass” from Circles takes the cake.

Drew: Thrice’s “Major/Minor” and Life in Your Way’s “Kingdoms” EPs. Both albums have amazing lyrics and are insanely well done musically. “Broken Voice” by My Epic is also a great one.

What do you guys do to continuously push yourselves from letting mediocrity set in?

Jeremy: We beat Mike with a club.

Mike: We meditate on Ronald Reagan, Chuck Norris, and George Bush while watching their speeches and “Walker, Texas Ranger” in still reverence.

Andrew: The bakery.

Drew: Keeping each other accountable in our journey with Christ is probably the most important thing we do. What’s awesome is that we’re not just a band, but we’re a group of best friends that is constantly pushing each other spiritually.

What is one major positive and one major negative aspect about the current state of the music industry?

Mike: Positive? Not a lot of positives right now. Negative? Too many to mention.

Drew: Positive: the internet has definitely helped unknown artists gain fans. Negative: Piracy.

Jeremy: The HUGE amount of competition out there forces you to bring your ‘A’ game. (TONS MORE but ill list that one) That really can be a positive as well though.

Andrew: It seems like the industry is starting to loosen it’s non-acceptance on heavier music, but they are also starting to throw fees on everything that make is suuuuuuper hard to even pay for food.

Thanks for taking the time to stay in touch with your fans at Indie Vision Music. Is there anything else you’d like to add to this interview?

Jeremy: I like goats and guns.

Andrew: You want a cookie with your face on it?

Mike: Give us your money. We’re opening a bakery.

Drew: Thanks! You guys are awesome. If you have the chance, go read John 3:30, and Isaiah 61. Keep an eye out for the “Fighting Words Tour,” and expect our full length out late spring/early summer of 2012 (donate at http://www.indiegogo.com/helpembersinashes to help make it happen)! Keep us in your prayers and God bless! - Indie Vision Music

"Embers in Ashes - OUTSIDERS (Review)"

Band: Embers In Ashes
Title: Outsiders
Label: Red Cord Records
Release Date: August 28th, 2012
Reviewer: Shawn H.


Con Man
Piercing The Darkness
Claim Your Prize
Then You Came
Don’t Give Up
Void Inside Me
Cry Of The Lost
When You’re Here
Make Me New
Things seem to be on a steady climb for Embers In Ashes. This Progressive Rock quintet from Birmingham, Alabama has accomplished many things since their debut EP in 2010, including signing last November to Red Cord Records.

If you’ve never heard or seen Embers In Ashes before, don’t sweat! These melodic rockers don’t follow the typical Birmingham music style that you may have grown accustomed to courtesy of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, although sometimes you could almost be mistaken to hear Dallas Taylor prancing around in the background vocals. When trying to compare EIA to the recent roster of musical acts, names such as Sent By Ravens, Falling Up & Thrice might come to mind.

Many acts who have released stellar EPs in the past, have ended up disappointing me with their full lengths. But, the interwoven chemistry found within this tenner of songs made this one of my most listened albums throughout the summer months.

I’ve always had a more keen spirit for transparency from a band, & the spiritual content found within EIA’s lyrical content is positive news. Consider for example their current single “Then You Came”, which has “Weak and undone / I feel my life falling apart / By flaw or design / nothing is as I planned / Despite my intent all my goals slip from my grasp / The plans I’ve made / all amount to nothing / You saved me from this place when I’d given up / If I can see Your face then You’ll lift me up”. These guys are not afraid of wearing their faith on their sleeves, which I find is something that many artists these days tend to shy away from. On the track “Piercing The Darkness”, there is a sense of a call out to help those around us “So many of us are chosen / Few of us heed the call / Cause we all live for ourselves / and never consider the cost / While this world is dying around us / We sit in the pews and watch / How can we stand by so idle / while they all fall around us”.

During my first few listens, it really felt like all the tracks bled together into a one long song, as the uniqueness one may expect to find in each individual track just wasn’t there. But as I listened to the album a few dozen more times, I really started to appreciate the little subtleties found within each song.

My enjoyment of listening to this album may have hindered my overall feeling towards the length, as I really felt the album was short, at a total running time of 34 minutes.


When an artist is able to expand on their previous success & bring forward a more maturely refined sound, the sky is the limit. EIA is certainly on the path to gaining a stronger, more appreciative crowd of listeners as their music pounds through the airwaves. - Indie Vision Music

"Embers in Ashes - Then You Came (Video)"

Red Cord Records recently released a video for Embers In Ashes’s latest single, “Then You Came”, and you check it out below. The song appears on their latest album, titled Outsiders. - Indie Vision Music

"Embers in Ashes - Sorrow Scars EP"

Like most people, I like getting stuff in the mail. Well, except for bills and political propaganda. But other than that, I’m usually pretty stoked when something unexpectedly appears in the mailbox. This CD was no different. It arrived in a large manila envelope. Tearing it open and emptying the single slipcase into my hand felt very secret agent-ish. Because secret agents always seem to get stuff delivered to them in oversized packages. And while my envelope didn’t contain the schematics for a particle accelerator or a prototype neutron eviscerator… it was no less a welcome sight. I just kinda dig music. And while Embers In Ashes may not be poised to change the face of music as we know it, they do have the potential to shake things up a little bit.

Embers In Ashes is a 5-piece out of Birmingham, Alabama that churns out a progressive brand of melodic rock along the lines of Cold Driven, Uprise, or (“Crashings”-era) Falling Up. Heavy on the vocal harmonies and racing guitar riffs, the songs on this five song EP are a deftly played combination of musical elements. And by that I mean that there’s a whole lot going on in these songs. Not that it comes across sounding cluttered, because it doesn’t. It’s a nicely interwoven mixture of sound with the guitar usually rising to the forefront to set the pace. I think it’s worth confessing that I liked these guys from the moment the opening track began. Talk about setting the hook.

Lyrically, the spirituality is obvious without being overbearing. Messages typically touch on the topic of spiritual freedom and the joy of god’s liberation of the soul. Consider the title track “Sorrow Scars” which throws a little twist into the mix when it says, “I see the way you look at me / with desperate eyes / I hear the way you call my name / with a tremble in your voice / I don’t pretend to understand / all the pain that you’ve gone through / all I can do for you / is offer up my hand / we’ve both seen this act before/ how you play the victim/ you dig your holes just like you planned/ then you fall in them/ I see through your cheap charade/ sorrow scars / your broken heart / the past entangles you / you won’t let it go”. Or how about “What You’re Made Of” which says “I’m tired of being the one / asking all the questions / I’m tired of being the one / left all alone in the dark / I need some kind of answer / I need some kind of sign that you are there / and that you’re always with me / and I can’t always see your hand / and I know that you’re always with me / and I know you never left my side / and I can’t make my next step without your life”.

The standout track was “This Change”. As I mentioned earlier, this song opened the EP with a monstrous hook and it just flat rocks. Honestly, it was hard not to like these songs. Throughout the course of the EP, the band doesn’t really break any new ground musically, but they have definitely managed to hone their craft to a sharp cutting edge.

Overall: If you’re at all into the new breed of progressive melodic rock bands like Sent By Ravens and Silverline bursting onto the scene, Embers In Ashes is for you. The huge hooks and thoughtful lyrics should strike a chord that’ll keep you coming back for more. This EP is short but sweet and definitely worth your time to check out. - IndieVisionMusic


Single/s: "Then You Came" (Top 30 BILLBOARD, Christian Rock)

Sorrow Scars EP (2010)
Single/s: "This Change" (Top 35 BILLBOARD, Christian Rock)



We are a 5-piece out of Birmingham, Alabama that churns out a progressive brand of melodic rock. Heavy on the vocal harmonies and racing guitar riffs, our style is a combination of many musical elements that produces a nicely interwoven mixture of sound with catchy guitar hooks rising to the forefront to set the pace. Our debut album 'OUTSIDERS' is out now, on Red Cord Records.

"Embers In Ashes is one of those bands that are exactly the same off stage as they are on stage. It's exciting to see a band earnestly seek after what God has for their ministry and we are confident this next record will not only be a reflection of their heart but will touch many and reflect the image of Christ." - Joey Matthews (Red Cord Records)