Embers of Igneous
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Embers of Igneous

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Hip Hop




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In 2014, Embers of Igneous released their first EP: In Spirit and Fire with three songs on it: Rock and Roll, Human and Dog Eat Dog. These three songs were chosen to confidently display the band's range and potential in the music scene. Rock and Roll has a feeling that plays on the classic rock nostalgia, but feels refreshed with lively verses that sound more like red hot chili peppers than rap. The song is meant for everyone to have fun and enjoy being in their own skin. From Rock we jump to Dog Eat Dog, a more intense take that demands attention from the opening chords. This song is a true demonstration of the band's darker side of their spectrum incorporating electronic samples and crowd chants to catch a gathering of listeners and invite them to join in on the chorus. This song has been related to something rage against the machine would have written due to it's drive and intensity, short verses and rebellious intentions. In short, Dog Eat Dog is all about the hardship and competition in the thirst for success in the music industry. The final track on the EP is Human. From the start of the song one can almost see it's intention and the direction it is leading. It's tone reflects the words in the verses as it gracefully moves the listener through a solemn introspection about depression and longing to feel human once more. This song does not relate to any one genre and in fact stands alone in it's unique combination of singing and rapping, but has a relatable approach that is suitable for all listeners. One of the most intriguing aspect of this song lies in its structure. It has changes, many changes. It develops and moves on more like a story with an introduction, body and ending with different genre expressions throughout it's journey. For example, the song starts out very melodic with soft piano accompanying the vocals, but by the end the song is upbeat and pushing an almost punk rock feel backed by soft electronic synths and powerful uplifting vocals. Human caters to the emotions that most people are afraid to discuss, yet alone deal with. Its a song that bares all and is highly respected for it. 



Frontman Eric Henry had been writing rap lyrics and music for over a decade before he wrote one collaboration with his younger brother Joshua. One night during a period in Eric's life when he was having problems with his family he spilled a bit of his tension into his brother's guitar riff and the fuse was lit! Josh and his brother recruited several people before finding their core as a four piece band: Josh Henry, Jarrell Franklin, Bobby Crum and Eric Henry. Embers of Igneous is what emerged and what followed after was a completely new vision for rock and rap! 

The band today has a signature sound in so many ways because not only are there live drums, vocals, and guitars, but the bass is completely synthetic which allows a ton more low-end-bass to fill the area. The bass really adds a fine touch to the guitars and creates a distinct sound. Some songs use piano, strings, synths and samples to really compliment the songs and their originality. 

The overall range of the music tends to stem from a darker and more exotic channel with introspective rap lyrics and a rock sound that is similar to an alternative metal with an electronic feel behind it. The music takes on a stand that relates to many topics such as, love, fear, world affairs, politics,  and more. Every song is unique to it's message and no two songs are the same. It's not revolutionary to the ear, but it isn't familiar to what rap and rock is expected to be. 

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