Ember Vega

Ember Vega


Ember Vega is a exciting new emerging artist. With a distinctive image and a very out there persona she is capable of capturing anyone's interest.


Greetings, my name is Ember Vega. (The 5th brightest star in the night sky) In the very early and capricious years when I was young a star fell to Earth and gave me SilverLightâ„¢ I woke up nearly 200 years ago along with the 3rd wave. Sleep doesn't come naturally for the special ones. We revolve artificial dreams.

Ember Vega was born on Jan 2nd of 511 A.D in the vast constellation of Orion. At age 1,485 she rebirthed on planet Earth for the "Intelligent Mission" During this brusque year she became the Queen if the 3rd Wave.
Dance till the Morning Sun, for Ember Vega; the Morning and Evening star.

Welcome to New Wave Disco
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Apollo's Fight - Single - 2012
Intelligent Art EP Album Teaser - 2012