We are Costa Rica Hardcore Band. We play aggressive riffs on latin influenced drum beats. Our lyrics speak about oppression and latin social issues. Our Sound is mostly influentiated by the new generation of american hardcore, acts like Lamb of God and Chimaira.


During december 2005 the band was conceived and founded by bassist Israel who along drummer Erick start rehearsing and creating songs on their rehearsal studio in escazu, costa rica.
Months after trying for several guitarists and vocals they found Javier and former vocalist Mike. Mike had to leave because he was starting his own business around that time. The band contacted Frank by javier's request, frank was an old friend of the band and brought with him the dedication and new vocals the band needed. After that we made our first concert with bands Anzuelo and Norko, after that the concerts kept coming and now we play in a 2-3 gigs per month basis in Costa Rica, which is a lot for Costa Rica scene.
We started recording on july 2007, our first demo, which was recorded in the studio of a fellow musician and friend Andre from band Pagan Pray.
We finished 8 tracks, but only 4 will be included on our ep, which will be called "End Of The Age"
Our future plans are keep playing on costa rica to make our fan base bigger and also we already confirmed 4 concerts in Panama and 1 in Nicaragua which will be our debut on another country.
This is all coming for 2008 first quarter.


End Of The Age,
we have 2 track that has been airplayed and presented wth interviews on two of the biggest radios in costa rica.

Set List

End Of The Age.

And cover Black Label from Lamb Of God

Our typical repertoire will be around 50 minutes.