Embrace The Kill

Embrace The Kill

 Portland, Oregon, USA

An experimental mix of crusty punk, thrash metal, reggae ska, aimed in the direction of the unknown.


Embrace the Kill started in June of 2007. Although the band has a history of a few shows and one recording before 2007 the line up that stands today is what really makes up Embrace the Kill for what it is. ETK is an experimental mix of crusty punk, thrash metal, and reggae ska, aimed in the direction of the unknown. ETK has played a number of shows in a short amount of time with such bands as the Subhumans, Poison Idea, Leftover Crack, MDC, Citizen Fish, DOA, Toxic Narcotic, Toe Tag, Witch Hunt, Union 13, Agent Orange, Voo Doo Glowskulls, I Object, Instant Asshole, Mouth Sewn Shut, Fleas and Lice, Vitamin X, Nino Zombie, Morning Glory, Static Thought, Society's Parasites, Verbal Abuse, Naked Aggression, In Defence, Disaster Strikes, Final Conflict, etc. Embrace the Kill's song "Polizia Controlla," that included a guess vocal spot but Dick Lucas (Subhumans, Citizen Fish) was featured on the "Solid EP," 7 inch split along with MDC, Citizen Fish, and Mouth Sewn Shut. Embrace the Kill also had another song "Public Action," featured on a PIG Records 7 inch split with D.I., the Dehumanizers, and Potbelly. ETK's song "Embrace the Kill," which features a guest vocal spot by Dave Dictor of MDC was featured on the "Human," 7 inch split with MDC, the Restarts, and Phobia. ETK also was the direct support on the 56 day USA Patriot Asshole Tour earlier this year. www.crashassailantrecords.com


Public action

Written By: Embrace the Kill

Confront their actions. It's time to take control
Target parties of government. Objective, Overthrow.
Money is a mind trap. This you all should know
Contribute in the slavery. Train to fill a role.

Whore, Whore complacency (insanity)
Suffer under corporate greed.
Rats to a feed. Hypocrisy. Never aware of dependency.

No! Never!

The planet has been scorned. They’re locking all the doors.
To see you try n' try n' try. Over worked until you die
We can’t take it anymore. Let's go destroy all of their ports!
No more ships to run their goods around. To rip you off in your
Home town.

Don’t let them win. We must penetrate their skin.
Infect the system at the top. Revolutions will never stop.
The Earth is not our whore. Time has got the score card
I will never give up the fight to try and make our world right.

Fight, Fight, Insanity.
Topple walls of blood money.
Mice in a maze, no more.
Destroy all governments!

Take public action, even the score

Polizia Controlla

Written By: Embrace the Kill

Burning down the barricades. The Squat goes up in flames. The riot cops take control. Another protest is overthrown. Propaganda politics. G8 bullshit. Once a place of DIY. A witness to the day it died.

You killed our innocence. So I reject your conformity. Another form of forced control. The cause of our misery. Now we're living day to day and for those on the streets. An on going threat is still police brutality.

Cuz we are the bastards that turned on their masters.
Labeled an enemy of the state.
Day to day they fuel my hate.
My skin you will not contaminate.

The Violence is a reaction of the oppressed population. Exposing the errors of their dirty society. Fascist police threaten those who oppose the order at hand.

You will not tear me down. Even behind these bars. Some things they can not take. They fear the way I think. Even behind these bars. Some things they can not take.

So many evils to eliminate. They've took control. We are the one's frustrated. And it's complicated. Still divided. To many times I've swallowed the blood of the innocent. Betrayed by those who decide our fate. Underlined rules of their social control.

Out of the darkness comes the light. A ray of hope and a true battle cry. Resistance to their mind control. Once again I feel my soul screaming out against the injustice. I take stand and demand my human rights. Together we fight and it starts with clearing your own head and passing this mindset on to next. Watch the rebellion take effect.

Embrace the Kill

Written By: Embrace the Kill

Observe the current state. Our civil rights they rape. While the blood is running through the cracks they manipulate confection facts. The terror we embrace. Why are things so safe? Everything is made of paper mache. Marshall Law’s not far away. Social structure in decay. Who is really civilized?
These lies. These lies. Bury you alive. These lies. These lies. Some will not survive. These lies. These lies. Bury you alive. These lies! Educate read between the lines, there has to be a better life. All dead in time. We're all guilty of this crime. They have bought and sold. Our lives are forced controlled. All dead in time. We're all guilty of this crime. This crime! Educate read between the lines there has to be a better life.

Situations out of focus. No one even seems to notice. Bureaucracy to cloud our minds. Born to serve the government swine. Confrontations getting closer. We must all oppose this order. No corporate thieves. No more controllers. To regiment our natural lives. Take a look at what's around. Hidden eyes that document. Better ways to buy and sell you. Embrace the Kill a world of shit. No Corporate Thieves. No More Controllers. Hidden eyes that document. Confrontation getting closer. Embrace the Kill a world of shit.
Embrace the Kill. The blood will spill. What the fuck are you going to do about it? Embrace The Kill. A world of shit. Mal intentions sold. The media swayed your eye, programmed before you know a slave until you die!

American Ideals provide you with an escape. Justify your ignorance. Personify the hate. In the midst of the chaos and the worship of a false Christ, oil priced to coincide the business of consuming lives. Objection overruled, the violence still takes place. One world money soon to enslave the human race. Novus Ordo Seclorum. It's right there in your face. The Trap is set we pay the price. We need revolution world wide.

Embrace the Kill. The blood will spill. What the fuck are you going to do about it? Embrace the Kill. A world of shit. Now this story has told a fact or just a lie. Educate, read between the lines. There has to be a better life.


1. Corruption of American Youth Vol. 1 - Compilation
2. The Solid EP - 7 Inch split - 2008
3. PIG Records - 7 Inch Split - 2009
4. The Human EP - 7 inch Split - 2009
5. United Underground Vol. 2 - Compilation
6. Embrace the Kill - (Self Titled Demo) Rodent Popsicle 2009

Set List

Patriot Asshole Tour 2009 set list

1. You will forget
2. Embrace the Kill
3. NFV Murder
4. Pro Abortion
5. Scatterbrains
6. Public Action
7. A.M.I.C
8. Polizia Controlla
9. Blacklisted
10. Mas O Menos

35-40 Minute Total set Time