What happens when you take a kid from the hood and stick a violin in his hand? He learns to love music because it's probably gonna be the last friend he has for a while. Just kidding-If it's Emcee, he builds a bridge with it- one that everyone who experiences his music can cross with him. You in?


Well known as a "goto" session vocalist and producer, Larry"Emcee" Crawford has always had an ear for infectious melodies. For years as a cutting edge writer, composer and vocalist, Emcee used his abilities to add extra flavor to countless projects in genres from country to hip-hop seamlessly bridging the gaps inbetween.
Born to a street corner crooner and a school teacher, Emcee was known as "that little boy who's always singin'." After formal training in classical violin and piano, Emcee began to realize that he unlike his classmates didn't need sheet music to play, and "cheated" his way through numerous summer arts programs earning multiple awards on the way. Growing up in the hood was hard, especially for a guy who played violin. In secret, he nursed his love for music until it grew so strong that it demanded to be released. Tired of feeling caged, Emcee has stepped out of the studio debutting his first solo project. Drawing on the vivid experiences around him, Emcee paints a portrait of life as it is- gritty, bittersweet and most of all- a precious gift from God.


As a performer, Emcee has appeared in many local and national events, performing with and opening for artists such as Michael W. Smith, Fred Hammond, Newsboys,Karyn Clark-Sheard, Jon Gibson, Paul Wilbur, Israel Houghton and many others.
As a Motivator, his energy, humor and diverse background have carried him before over 100,000 people young and old. He is a sought after speaker for conferences, youth events and worship seminars. Ask for more information

Set List

Setlists are typically 6-8 songs at minimum and are customized to fit the event.
Unplugged sets are also available for certain venues.

Songs Include
The Ending
Nothing Can Separate Us
Acoustic Medley

Cover Songs Include