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Able is a solo MC, promoter and producer writing sample based and electronic Hip Hop and Dubstep. He has two solo releases to date, and is also recognized for his previous live shows and album with band 'The Typhoons.'


Dave Di Paolo is a unique creature of music.

Working under the alias Able he has made a serious impression in a short, yet substantial career to date, self-releasing his first solo album at the age of 19. Apart from his solo work Able is a member of Perth base soul-hop act The Typhoons, works with DOGS4GW and contributes guest vocals on national and international releases. In addition to his vocal work, Emcee Able is also a renown producer lending his beats to (who, who) as well as working on his own solo instrumental productions.

Between his many projects Able has played with artists such as Lyrics Born, Blackalicious, Scribe and Mix Master Mike, Q-Tip and played at festivals such as Parklife, Summadayze, Breakfest and Good Vibrations.

Emcee Able independently released his debut album Brains.Pizza.Booze in 2008 which was the local feature album on Perth community radio station RTRFM…

Able has an upcoming EP set for release through Paper Chain and Community Records in early 2009.

For more info please contact:
// John Macliver
// Analogue Agency
// P. +61 410 353 879
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// M. PO Box 7884 Cloisters Square 6850


Behind The Curtain

Written By: Emcee Able

well it was a cliche start to the story
stormy night, rain pouring you know its all corny
on the set of the film the girl was dressed to kill
director was set to impress with the blood spill
the scene was the first and would set the theme
on a budget, the backdrop was a projection screen
keen to get into eachothers pants and dance
it was a lonely night but this was no romance
she looks into the guys eyes and holds him close
they both act suprised when they see the ghost
and like your average joe, he tries to shoot it
too stupid to realise bullets would pass right through it.
so, the ghost kills him, and she runs away
tripping over every object that gets in the way
the scene is shot, the director checks his watch
twelve o'clock and its time to knock off...

somethings always going on behind the curtain
thats for certain, keep on working

scene two, set in the bathroom
and theres room in the shower for the girl and a few crew
she liked to sleep around
one of the fellas was jealous about how she gets down
was it the director,
was it her boyfriend who was trying to protect her
trying to correct her
was it the make up man who was trying to perfect her
right before the last scene, the dungeon
they hear something while eating their lunch and
its the girls screaming and crying, then THUD
she falls from 2nd floor, forms a puddle of blood
police are called, her pulse is checked
people run into the dark to avenge her death
the directors asks someone to clean the mess
shame about her, she could have been the best

somethings always going on behind the curtain
thats for certain, keep on working

the director wanted the film to progress
he happened to capture her fall on camera, you can guess the rest
the film is released,
its B grade, but the critics acclaim the last scene
the effects are amazing,
the way she hits the deck its so real its crazy
the movie sells platinum,
the director gets a feeling something bad is gunna happen
hes driving home, alone, busy on the phone
he run over a lady standing naked on the road
he stops..he freaks out..hes about to speed off
a bloody hand hits the screen and the front window pops
she stands up, like, man what the ..
he sits frozen, like a sitting duck
it was the girl from the film, that had taken that fall
the one that he pushed to make the last scene so raw...

Storm Trek

Written By: Emcee Able

trekking throug the storm trying to keep warm, huddled
muddy puddles form, i wont conform to the rubble
puzzled, its not right, stumble through tunnels of light
read what i write on this wall if you want more insight...
Monotenous, mechanical legs, lack of bed
homeless roaming time zones, skin shredded off the leg,
refuse to be captured, empty pockets and a book of matches
dreaming of home, cozy alone on the mattress
the fact is...all that matters
tortured by heavy splatters on every handed platter
pitter crashes..i cope and grow cold
the ghost of the underbridge, living amongs the mould.
frost bitten, frozen boney fingers.
searching for conclusion in a sea of stingers
a souless skeleton trapped in winters hell again
before i decompose under my shell, quick tell my friends...

Lost in space, a frosty place, time to place your bets,
taste the sweat, take the test, resist arrest
walking home in the rain, blame the pain on the rest

grimey graffiti, unheard of curses
miscellanious murderous persons, lurking
searching through dead hookers purses
free, but in a cage like a modern day bird is
working words emerge when im surfacing
serving things from the bin, burdens bring constant hurting
now im seeing things, illusions,
refuse to be losing through tunnels of confusing
seclusion, sifting through the citys pollution
at the centre of state, where the real news is brooding
who is this man? walking over scorched land
torch in hand, abandoned, standing for his fans
this man withstanding standard monstrocities
rolling past properties like a hand of monopoly
theres no stopping me, pause to breathe
few K's away from home, blue lips shiver in the breeze..

chest pumping, wet dripping,
dodgey directions, stuck in position,
slippery surfaces, on a mission,
heart thumping, feet slipping,
losing grip but maintaining the vision,
risen from an unfitting dirty priston,
for those who listen...
keep up the pace and race to the place im living..

Lost in space, a frosty place, time to place your bets,
taste the sweat, take the test, resist arrest
walking home in the rain, blame the pain on the rest

(Outro - repeated)
trekkin through the storm

Corpse Bride

Written By: Emcee Able, Porsah Laine

Porsah Laine: You'll be the death of me

Emcee Able: Feasting on the village, your my corpse bride, horrified citizens listen..
Me and my mrs will be ripping into what you got, heads, leg, arm, torso,
also we walk slow, grab your chainsaws its warzone.
Fork in the road, we walk hand in hand together, one road then the other coz the more brains the better.
Shred your letters, raid your medicine cabinet, bad habits,
read your journal, re-enact all the bad bits.
its me and you in a world of zombie food, brains, pizza, booze just between us two, now thats true.
Other crew follow, but you;ll find they're bluffing.
Just some mindless drones, with no time and rushing.
Its Able and his scary zombie friends again, well what did you expect? Robin Hood and his very merry men?
Its Able and his scary zombie friends again, now put that plastic gun down coz i don't play pretend.

Your my corpse bride, i promise i wont die. again.
I rely on spending time with you, and a pad, and a pen. And when this ends, like all good things do..I hope it doesn't get awkward between me and you..


Emcee Able - Brains Pizza Booze 2008

Able - Ice Cream Won't Save You 2009

The Typhoons - Pleasure Is A Freedom Song 2009

Set List

30-45 minutes of original beats and raps. DJ'd through serato or CDJ's.