Sacramento, California, USA
BandHip HopPop

I'm a rad super wicked fresh HipHop artist that serves one purpose, entertain. The stage is my church. I go out there and give it all and bring the crowd along with me, it's where the music lives. Oh yea, I'm good at rapping, no lie, wouldn't lie, nope, not me.


Rapping since 1998, Nutso is always working hard on the MIC. His style varies from dope to fresh and even rad at times. If you want to fulfill your dreams and live life to the fullest, you must have a daily dose of Nutso. Constructed to take over the world with words over beats, he's a beast.

In July 2010 Lafayette signed a deal with Boomdizzle Records/Networks which is in association with legendary rapper and label founder LL Cool J. He has recorded over 100 songs over the years and has released numerous singles/mixtapes through digital outlets such as iTunes. His many inspirations these days are Eminem, LL Cool J, Jay-Z, Ludacris, Royce 5’9, Canibus, Kanye West and many other emcees. His overall goal is to entertain and have people enjoy his brand of hip-hop.

Lafayette Azevedo, born in CANADA and deported to the USA due to the amount of DOPE found in his DNA. The government felt that his level of FRESH was too much for one country to handle. Transferred in boom box crates in G6 planes purposely filled with explosives, he was sent off to America. Landing in a new land with a mic in his right hand and dream (rhyme book) in the other, he set out to conquer the rap world one beat at a time.

Wow, that was intense and pretty freaking awesome, really, this guy is amazing.

- Portuguese Born Rapper circa '79
- Rapping since '98
- Released 3 full length albums, 5 mixtapes and his grip on your favorite rappers throat
- Signed with LL Cool J's Boomdizzle Networks in 2010
- Hates dynamite at close range
- Raps for the purpose of entertaining you for your hard earned money, pay up!




- Jealous
- Kill It
- Going Gone
- Get Dirty
- All Night
- Stalker
- Party Hard
- Selfish


- Suburban Rapstars
- Lost and Found
- Est. '79
- Comeback Special '09
- Grand Deception


- Jealous, All Night and Kill It

Set List

1. Back Again
2. Kill It
3. GhettoBlaster
4. All Night
5. Jealous
6. She Got It
7. Party Hard
8. Taking Off
9. My Lies
10. Going Gone