Austin, Texas, USA

EMCravens has been called a "young and hip" Dave Matthews Band. If you're into huge vocals, crazy rhythm guitar riffs, blasting saxophone, groovy bass lines with monster drum solos, and hard hitting organ playing, coupled with dancing and onstage silliness, then EMCravens is the band you have to see


is one of the hottest bands to emerge from the vibrant Austin-area music scene over the past year. The group’s unique musical style defies simple description and categorization. “High-energy acoustic funk” captures the essence of EMCRAVENS. However, a typical EMCRAVENSshow is full of surprises and will take the audience in unexpected directions long before the evening settles into a consistent and predictable groove. Front and center in the EMCRAVENS sound is Mike Hurrell’s hard driving rhythmic push from his iconic blue acoustic guitar accompanying his edgy lead vocals. A high caliber rhythm section comprised of Darren DeBree on drums and Michael “Pinky” Russell on electric bass push the groove to a new level while Lloyd Wright's classic Hammond B3 and eclectic piano style pull it all together. But that’s not all. A key element in the EMCRAVENS sound is Tom Archer's jazz inspired saxophone laying down the main melody of a song or leading the band on an adventurous jam full of creative improvisation and rhythm changes. Complimenting EMCRAVENS staple of original music is a liberal dose of classic cover material performed EMCRAVENS style.


LIVE from Zed's - 2 DVD set
LIVE from Zed's - 2 Full length CD set
Tales from an Alligator - 8 Song Studio EP

Set List


* Potty mouth
* What you want
* Key of D
* Wake up
* Running back to you
* Avenue Jam
* Stomp
* 1991
* Arsenic and Kung Pao
* Monsters aren't real
* River Boat Girl
* Gator lady


* All along the watchtower - DMB
* Grey street - DMB
* Burn one down - Ben Harper
* No woman no cry - Bob Marley
* Mary Jane's last dance - Tom Petty
* Use me up - Bill Withers
* Feelin alright - Traffic
* House of the Rising Sun - The Animals
* Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf