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Listeners have said that the style reminds them of two distinct styles and garners comparisons to the word play of rap icon Common with the creativeness of Ludacris.



Emeka- The name alone says different- the sound proves it. This Nashville raised hip hop artist does what only so few artists today are able to accomplish- appeal to multiple audiences. Emeka combines several different aspects of the hip hop/ rap genre, and creatively fuses them together into one style that can only be described as unique. Rather than going with the traditional “cookie cutter” rap image, Emeka approaches the industry with a fresh new look and sound. Listeners have said that he has his own category and sound, and often garners comparisons to the word play of rap icon, Common, with the creativeness of Ludacris.

He has been regarded as one of Nashville’s best kept secrets, and possibly the next big artist! Emeka says that now is the time that he will emerge from the shadows of other emcees and make a name for himself. As of recent, Emeka has been doing shows in and around Nashville and in various cities in the southern region with requests to travel to places in the east coast and west coast. He is also beginning to gain international attention on the underground level. His intention is to assure his audience and listeners that “The hype is real!” Audience members have stated that there is a certain force that draws one in and holds them captive during his performances.

Emeka has been doing songs for not only himself, but also doing remixes for local urban clothing stores such as Phatkaps, Inc. with others lining up to have to a song personalized for them as well.

Real confidence- sometimes mistaken for conceit- and a pure passion drive this rare breed of emcees to push the envelope with songs like “I’m Fresh”, which is heating up several indie internet radio stations such as Area 51, WSOUF and Too Hot Radio.com. Regional radio stations such as Top 40 station Kick 106.9 in Cookeville, TN, Hip Hop station 94.3 in Chattanooga and WTST in Nashville (TN State Univ. radio) are playing Emeka’s material as well. The song is currently being added to radio stations outside of the southern region as well such as Wild 94.9 in San Francisco! DJs such as DJ Don Juan (G- Unit South), DJ Bryant D (Black Pearl DJs), DJ Aries (formally of Legion of Doom) and DJ Dre (Legion of Doom) and several others have also added this song to their mixtapes with the follow up street smashes, “Trendsetter” and “Do Tha Thang”. Emeka is beginning to show up on mixtapes that feature not only local artists, but he is also starting to brush shoulders with the likes of Jay-Z and 50 Cent on mixtapes. Fans have begun to log on to www.myspace.com/emeka10 and show their appreciation for this artist and his new music.

All the factors combine to make a unique artist that everyone is beginning to appreciate. Be on the lookout for this artist! He IS the future of hip hop!