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Emerald Frontier

Long Beach, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Long Beach, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Electronic Dark Wave




"Tygerlily "Embrace the Wildness""

Tygerlily is a relatively new band having started in 2011 and just starting to scratch the surface with their unique music. This electronic-driven musical duo uses percussion, keyboards and poetic vocals to capture their fans. Their recently distributed 7 track EP “Embrace the Wildness” showcases the duos admiration for the darkwave era but with some Middle Eastern flair mixed in. The poetry of Adrienne Marie combined with the musical talents of Tracy Jupiter are reminiscent of Switchblade Symphony, Lacrimosa and Faith and the Muse.

The opening track on the EP is “The Wheel” is captivating vocally at times as Adrienne takes you on a circle of sound and uses her voice to carry you through the wheel. Although at times the lyrics are a bit too repetitive the dark sounds coming from the keys provides the perfect ride that you just don’t want to leave. “Tonight” the 2nd track is more upbeat and dance heavy. This is a song that seems to be mostly about Lust, the track is well done and seductive at times. It’s almost as if Kate Bush could be singing with Depeche Mode. The 3rd song is “Riptide” combines Switchblade Symphony with the dark melodic edge that created the cult following of Bauhaus. The chorus of “help me, I’m drowning” is the perfect backdrop for the eeriness this song creates. You can almost envision yourself out on a small boat trapped in a fog bank searching for your lost soul mate. The 4th track “Summit” has the potential to be a Goth club hit for years to come. This love song seems to be about assisting that special someone to the next level of their life. You are instantly transplanted back to that time of your life when you got that love and support for someone special. “Lap of She” is a melodic death march that pulls a dark shadow over your consciousness. The usual pulsing keys found in so many darkwave bands are present here but it’s the voices that hypnotize you on this ride. The 6th track “Tail” starts off very Depeche Mode but what makes this song so special is listening to Adrienne’s voice as she channels Kate Bush and at times Peter Murphy perfectly on this one. The final track “Profane” transforms the typical song about change into an amazing story. The lyrics “shred your concepts of this form, burn your judgments, be adorned, by the shine of night” could one day be a testament to lifestyle of these ladies and their fans.
According to the band’s description “The lyrics and music are haunting. Mix a bit of
urban grit with goddess-like epithets, keyboards, electronic composed beats and theater - Tygerlily will lift you out of the mundane...” After listening extensively to this album nothing could be a more true description for Tygerlily. These ladies are definitely something special in the local scene. If you have not seen them perform or have not had the chance to purchase the album yet start off by downloading either “Tonight”, “Riptide” or “Profane” as these tracks really stand out on this album - The Examiner


Still working on that hot first release.



Emerald Frontier is an electronic-driven musical trio featuring live percussion, bass, keyboards and poetic vocals. Enrapturing the listener through hypnotic sound and seductive lyrics, Emerald Frontier invites the audience on a journey. The group, originally a duo called, Tygerlily was formed in June 2011 by Tracy Jupiter and Adrienne Marie. In 2015, Heather Hunt joined and Emerald Frontier's untamed exploration of sultry, gritty sound began to grow even more. Adrienne comes from a background in performing arts, poetry and songwriting. Heather has a background in dance and music. Tracy comes from a lifetime dedicated to writing and playing music. Each inspired by the sacred, beautiful and profane, these three have come together to crystallize their wild creativity and eclectic talent through sound. Accents with tambourine, doumbek and finger cymbals infuse the dark-wave soundscape with a Middle Eastern flavor. The vulnerability and power of their sound will lure you into their intimate space and leave you pulsing with passion. Their first EP, Embrace the Wildness was released in 2013 and their new album, Bodies of Water will be released in August 2015.

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