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Emerald Rose

Dahlonega, Georgia, United States

Dahlonega, Georgia, United States
Band Alternative Celtic


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"Southeast Performer 2006"

Sparkles in the Rough
by Shawn Haney
Performer magazine excerpts January 2006

An exuberant, exciting and passionate four-piece blending traditional Celtic music with their own compositions, Emerald Rose delivers a power-packed collection of songs on Archives of Ages to Come. They have been a hit success at many festivals, parties and holidays, and received the honor of performing as the headline act at the Oscar parties for the movies The Two Towers and Return of the King.
Emerald Rose is a quartet continuing the rich legacy of Celtic music, and they are doing so with gusto and style. They have received raves and attention across the southeast, not only for their signature sound, but also for their ability to write songs based on the Celtic genre with the power and impact of their own originality. Their influences range from the Chieftains to Jethro Tull, and they blend their enthusiasm for Celtic rock with the originality of a “world-fusion” type sound. Their music is both magical and practically executed, as all four of the members sing with great charm and well-placed harmonies.
It’s certainly a pure pleasure and quite refreshing to hear a group of talented musicians with a gift for singing and songcraft. Add the delight of the pennywhistle, Irish pipes, world percussion and gentle guitars and mandolas and you’ve got the complete package: an authentic band celebrating the music of Celtic culture. With five CDs to their credit, their music has moved people at venues big and small across the country, as well as on targeted radio stations, as they continue to build an appreciative fan base. Their latest release Archives of Ages to Come is full of uplifting and emotionally compelling songs that certainly appeal to people of all walks of life. Emerald Rose touches on subjects of culture, history, geography and love and loss. With the addition of the pennywhistle and percussive flourishes, they generate a bright, cohesive sound that fills the room and one’s heart and mind with emotions of joy, hope and celebration, especially as heard in their new material like “Take Me Down (To Her Water)” and the lush instrumental “Four Doors to Elfland.”
Well-known for their intelligently conceived, daring and highly energetic live performances, Emerald Rose has made its mark, and the members look forward to a bright road ahead, touring and playing in front of capacity crowds.
Most helpful to this group is their great talent for generating so much original music, with hauntingly beautiful poetic lyrics and the knack for crafting a solid and fluid arrangement. They are tight, close and cohesive as a group, as their latest release represents their roles as musical veterans reaching for the path of musical legends.
Like all bands that are committed to creating music with a purpose,
Emerald Rose’s vision is sharp and clear, and they hope to succeed soon with a wider and more national audience. Apart from their travels in the southeast, they have begun to play in Los Angeles and New York, and their efforts have paid off with their music being aired on various metropolitan radio stations. They are thrilled to be creating some soundtrack work for movies this year, including the documentary Ringers: Lord of the Fans.
They are also eagerly anticipating a trip to Germany where they have been invited to play for the RingCon festival. “We are booking a trip to take about fifty fans on a tour of Ireland with us next summer,” says Sullivan. The foursome is also looking to expand their travels to Scotland, Britain and Wales, taking along a busload of fans to explore the country and culture. This active interest in the culture and history behind Celtic music is what sets Emerald Rose apart from most novelty bands exploring similar territory. Emerald Rose wants their music to stand as a living part of the past reformatted as a relevant pleasure of the present.

- Performer Magazine

"Bending Tradition review"

"Blending Celtic styles with folk roots and strong pagan inclinations, the four gentlemen in Emerald Rose infuse a variety of songs, from jigs to rock covers, with an infectious, grounding stride....Emerald Rose's mix of traditional and original music is perhaps the band's most notable hallmark. Popular and festive, this American Celtic music makes fine company for Spring months - and beyond!" -MTB, www.napra.com

- NAPRA Review

"Fire In The Head review"

"Frankly, Emerald Rose rocks. The band (a standard four-piece of two guitars, bass, and drums, with a few arcane instrumental adds like bodhran and pennywhistle) is talented; they remind me a lot of Tempest, but where Tempest has occasionally sounded stilted or forced, Emerald Rose is relaxed, quick, and spontaneous. Isn't it nice to discover the exceptions? The rare live CD that doesn't suck. Far beyond that, in fact, it rocks, catching the infectious sound of Atlanta-based rockers Emerald Rose at their best, funniest, and most incendiary.
Emerald Rose - Fire In The Head Ranked # 4 Daily Vault - Top Ten CDs of 2002
- Daily Vault

"Murrday Fisher, Bending Tradition"

Emerald Rose once again brings listeners their enthusiastic fusion of traditional Celtic and pro-pagan original music, and fans of their earlier self-titled release will be glad they have. On a serious note, one of the album's most powerful songs is "Freya Shakti," a chant honoring many aspects of the goddess. It is a moving tribute, and one likely to get their audience reaching for repeat play. There are a couple of covers -- some beautiful vocal harmonies on "Come by the Hills," for example. Yet the majority of the selections are composed by bandmembers Arthur Hinds and Larry Morris, with input from co-performers Brian Sullivan and Claude Gilbert as well. And the results are exuberant, entertaining, and fun. These guys rock Celtic. So for listeners who value Celtic music performed from a positive pagan viewpoint, Bending Tradition is highly recommended.

- All Music Guide


"Emerald Rose" 1998 (demo). "Bending Tradition" 2000, studio CD. "Fire In The Head" 2002 live CD. "Celtic Crescent" 2003, Celtic compilation. "Songs for the Night Sky" 2004 enhanced CD limited release, "Archives of Ages to Come" 2005 studio, "Con Suite" 2007 comedy release.
Airplay on many specialty shows, college radio, and numerous podcasts.



Since 1997, we've been developing a rich, rocking sound that blends the traditional and modern. Starting with some Silly Wizard tunes and singer/songwriter originals, we've added classic rock power chords, world percussion rhythms, close harmonies, and jazzed-up melodic leads on whistle, pipes, and mandola. Our sound blends classic rock influences (Jethro Tull, Queen, etc.) with traditional Celtic (Chieftains, Bothy Band, Silly Wizard) and folk fusion (Moody Blues, Steeleye Span) and throws in a lot of original ideas and material.

We've always included mythic themes in our music - from Celtic myth to Greek muses - plus some neopagan pop songs, and some thoroughly silly tunes as well, with themes ranging from interstellar vampires to peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches. In other words, we keep the audience on their toes!

We've become quite popular on the sci-fi/fantasy convention circuit, playing for the last several years at Dragon*Con and other major USA 'cons. We were the headline band at the post-Oscars Hollywood celebrations for Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" movies in 2003 and 2004, sponsored by TheOneRing.net, and we've played subsequent Tolkien-theme events in California and elsewhere.