Emerald Rose

Emerald Rose

 Dahlonega, Georgia, USA

Celtic folk-rock with mythic themes. Guitars, bass, pennywhistle/pipes, world percussion and harmony vocals blend in a high-energy, diverse mix of traditionals and original compositions.


Since 1997, we've been developing a rich, rocking sound that blends the traditional and modern. Starting with some Silly Wizard tunes and singer/songwriter originals, we've added classic rock power chords, world percussion rhythms, close harmonies, and jazzed-up melodic leads on whistle, pipes, and mandola. Our sound blends classic rock influences (Jethro Tull, Queen, etc.) with traditional Celtic (Chieftains, Bothy Band, Silly Wizard) and folk fusion (Moody Blues, Steeleye Span) and throws in a lot of original ideas and material.

We've always included mythic themes in our music - from Celtic myth to Greek muses - plus some neopagan pop songs, and some thoroughly silly tunes as well, with themes ranging from interstellar vampires to peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches. In other words, we keep the audience on their toes!

We've become quite popular on the sci-fi/fantasy convention circuit, playing for the last several years at Dragon*Con and other major USA 'cons. We were the headline band at the post-Oscars Hollywood celebrations for Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" movies in 2003 and 2004, sponsored by TheOneRing.net, and we've played subsequent Tolkien-theme events in California and elsewhere.


World's Wedding/One Single Kiss

Written By: Arthur Hinds

words and music by Arthur Hinds

As poppies fired the nut-brown wheat
My love rode by with sun-stained feet
With a longing call and horse hooves fleet
I followed her laughter all a summer morn
But, oh, from a distant palace of shade
I heard the rune of my nature played
I strained to listen and lost the maid
And walked the world forlorn

When the circle green was brown with leaves
My love rode by as one that grieves
I left my stand within the sheaves
And followed her weeping all an autumn noon
From beyond the sunset splashed with red
A circle weighed upon my head
I begged embrace but she had fled
Beyond the dawning moon

When the woods were covered with snow drifts deep
My love passed by as one asleep
I left the earth my horns to keep
And followed her dreaming all a winter's night
And all along the moonlit track
With thorny shadows printed black
I caught a scent and turned my back
And lost my life's delight

Maiden of the secret well
I strain for you, yearning
From upon the oak throne quivering
Mistress of the hornèd moon
I pain for you, burning
Underneath the blue stone shivering
I need you, I need you, I need you....

When heather primed the morning air
My love arose, and I was there
A thousand flowers in her hair
And in her eyes was the Wheel of Time
Reached for her hand, I did not miss
Combining all this diverse bliss
Forged together in one single kiss
We made the world one in rhyme

©Emerald Rose

Hills of America

Written By: Emerald Rose

Look away, look away to the hills of America
West of the sunset we're destined to roam
Look away, look away to the hills of America
Soon we will call them the sweet hills of home

Long have I lived in the land of my fathers
Working the soil that was passed down to me
Though famine and hardship could never defeat us
The crown took our land and our right to be free


I cannot look back as they weigh up the anchor
There's sorrow in parting but hope on the wind
In the eyes of my wife and the eyes of our people
Our courage rekindled, our journey begins


They say there's a land to the west of the sunset
Where the hills are like emeralds and the streams run with gold
Where a man's hope and sweat can earn him his vision
No child cries in hunger or dies from the cold


Vampire Girl from Orn

Written By: Larry Morris


She came from outer space
She landed in a crater
We said, "Take you to our leader?"
She said, "Maybe later..."
She was five foot six, and nothin' short of stunning
Had the kind of legs that would get your motor running
The Vampire Girl
The Vampire Girl from the Planet Orn

She came to town
Her skirt it was a scandal
To all the local boys, she said
"How much can ya handle?"
Billy Lee, he fell into her clutches
To this day, he only walks with crutches
The Vampire Girl
The Vampire Girl from the Planet Orn

Bobby was the village Casanova
Twenty minutes with her and his career was over
Handsome Jack, she kept from dawn to dusk
We found him by the roadside, a dessicated husk
from the Vampire Girl
The Vampire Girl from the Planet Orn

Everybody wondered if the man was ever born
Who could satisfy her cravings from the evening to the morn
Anyone who tried was met with shame and scorn
It was Wierd Harry who married the Vampire Girl from Orn

The wives and girlfriends, they formed a little posse
Went to have a talk with this new town hussy
They went in, ready for some crushing
When they came on out, they were gigglin' and a blushin'
The Vampire Girl
The Vampire Girl from the Planet Orn

Three at a time, oh man the girl was scary
She finally ran across Old Weird Harry
He was skinny, his knees they were all knobbly
But three days later he wasn't even wobbly from the
Vampire Girl
The Vampire Girl from the Planet Orn

He had her number, everyone could tell
A few days later we were hearing wedding bells
It wasn't rhino horn, it wasn't Ayurvedic
His secret was a specialty prosthetic
for the Vampire Girl
The Vampire Girl from the Planet Orn


"Emerald Rose" 1998 (demo). "Bending Tradition" 2000, studio CD. "Fire In The Head" 2002 live CD. "Celtic Crescent" 2003, Celtic compilation. "Songs for the Night Sky" 2004 enhanced CD limited release, "Archives of Ages to Come" 2005 studio, "Con Suite" 2007 comedy release.
Airplay on many specialty shows, college radio, and numerous podcasts.

Set List

Originals: "Fire In The Head", "Hills of America", "Worlds Wedding", "Castle of Arianrhod", "Summerland", "Vampire Girl from Orn"
Modernized traditionals and covers: "Donald McGillivray", "Johnnie Cope", "Caledonia", "Gallant Murray", "Irish Heartbeat", "Lucky Man"
....and many more. We have well over 3 hours of material. Sets range from 45 minutes to 2 hours, and we typically play 2-3 hours in a show.