Jade Steel

Jade Steel

 San Francisco, California, USA

True to his vision and faithful to his cause, Jade Steel, a multi-genre singer songwriter story teller is one of Northern California's most interesting and enduring artists.
His last CD Children of Humboldt (World) was a departure from his unusual hard rock style, But gained much respect within the musical community. The latest Album from the Tales of the Rondo trilogy "Hold The Stone" is set to be released in late 2014.


Singer - Author  Jade Steel  has been entertaining audiences world wide with his music and stories of inter dimensional travel. 

He also just so happens to posses a very unique stone. 

A stone with a single green spot that was built into a device called “The Rondo” created and crafted by an ancient Alien God like being who calls himself “The Great Mondo Kush”. 

As a successful performer and story teller. He first came to prominence with the punk band “Corrupted Youth” and went on to become lead singer for the metal band “Cold Steel”. 

Shortly after, he launched his first solo album self titled “Jade Steel”.

 In his singing and writing he explored the many genres of music such as pop, heavy metal, rock and reggae. This mixed with being an avid comic book collector and multi faceted lyricist, Jade showed mirrors of odd influences and became even more inspired by studying writers and illustrators of many novels like “Rip off Press” featuring Gilbert Shelton and Jack Jackson, as well as superhero and villain creators like Jack Kirby and Stan Lee (Marvel and DC).

When he wrote his story titled “Tales of the Rondo” about a device that allows the user to travel through time and space, A galaxy also opened up and made room for his animated character “Jade Steel”.

With strong sound tracks produced and arranged by long time friend and collaborator Andre Jonson. Performances  by world class musicians such as Abou Diarra,  master drummer from ivory coast  stellar bay area  guitarist Ryan Kihn, and crushing Metal Church bassist Steve Unger. 

“Tales of the Rondo” contains many wild characters from various galaxies. 

Heroes, babes and a bilions of pissed off aliens. Characters like “The Mondo Kush” and his beloved Queen Sheba of Attakore, Ouids, Ceids, Tweakers and Tokens, Ms Amerika, Captain Blood, Ratz, and many more. 

The live show brings together the  theatrics of the story using multi media, strong  music videos alien dancing girls and a powerful band. These days jade and crew are working on his latest project, new music videos and the first edition of the “Tales of the Rondo” story book. He also continues to perform and tour whenever possible. The new tour and video of “Villians” is set to be released in June 2018

Stay tuned for the latest video release “Villians”. A rock pop tune with Green alien girls and more.

To be released in June 2018



Don't treat we like that

Written By: Jade Steel

“Don’t treat we like that” - Jade Steel 9 /28/ 09

Remember when I was young people talking in a bitter tongue,
Time went by I grew strong learned to stray from Babylon,
Traveled far opened eyes didn’t take long to realize,
Poverty heart is strong still they sing to get along,

Were gonna break these chains were gonna make a change
So let the people know we need to share more love,

Something wrong I can hear you say, treat we like that
Don’t treat we like that,
Help someone have a better day, treat we like that,
Don’t treat we like that,
Come round here leave your knife and gun,
treat we like that,
Don’t treat we like that,
Don’t treat we like that,

SUNG SOFT IN BACK (Lets break the chains let people know)

The story grows you get advice many grow old with sacrifice,
Pass along in this life and those who do must pay the price,
Come to you another show community youth continue to grow,
Some are forced to stand aside wipe the tears swallow pride,


In Jamaica many years ago a tourist place near Ocho Rios,
Saw the security Dunns River falls club a head tears did fall,
Man looked at me with open arms beggin here only do u harm,
No paper passed can’t get in, roadblock here for colored skin,

Children of Humboldt

Written By: Jade Steel

Children of Humboldt 4-5-06 Jade Steel Fales
All the stars come out tonight
This is a time to remember,
It’s hotter than July,
feel’s like Reggae on the River,
They’ll be no hiding undercover,
Our children growing will discover,
With in this life that we are living,
When you’re taking are you giving?

Moving the mountains with hot hot reggae music
That’s how the children of Humboldt do it,
Moving the mountains with hot hot reggae music
That’s how they make it it gets them through it,

Can you hear the man play ?
The sound of reggae music,
We’ve got to make it through this day,
Got to shine before we lose it,
Come into to the county,
See into the bounty,
Coming in the night?
Talking bout love, under disguise,


I’ve want to send out all my praises
To the children who are missing,
If you hear these word’s I’m saying,
I want to thank you all for listening,
Always hear a different story,
About the power and glory.
How many have to pay the price,
Tell me is it worth the sacrifice?? (CHORUS)

Call me Up

Written By: Jade Steel

Call me Up --- Jade Steel 10/2/09

One time on an Island in Southeast Asia,
I saw her light from my bedroom window,

She said that
You don’t have to wear no fancy clothes (pre chorus)
The door is open and will never be closed,
I give you the key to my heart from the start,
You know I can feel you’re someone special,

Call me up, if you want to have a good time,
Call me up, we can talk into the sunrise,
Call me up, cause I’m willing and I’m able,

Tonight I want to make this something real special,
No need to rush we can take it real slow,

You call me up (Bridge)
You let me know,
Tonight’s your night,
You say lets go,
Always take the time for you,
Doesn’t matter what you do,
Always be there for your call,
Be there for you through it all,

Then she said to me the night is so young,
The way I feel for you has just begun,

Diamond in the Rough

Written By: Jade Steel

Diamond in the Rough _ Jade Steel 12/01/09
With a song inside I’m satisfied,
A simple man, so full of pride
A humble soul won’t let me down,
I’d rather smile than wear a frown,
Sing your song try to help,
Life is short so love your self,
Stay positive keep stress away,
Give thanks and praise every day,

With a song in his heart you know the door is always open
The way that you see yourself,
Diamond in the rough, record scratched but far from broken,
The way that you see yourself,

People like me are misunderstood,
At times it’s bad, sometimes it’s good,
A faded heart upon my sleeve,
Rain or shine, you always see it,

Sing your song try to help,
Life is short so love your self,
Stay positive keep stress away,
Give thanks and praise every day,

With a song in my heart I come to you,
Should believe in yourself and what you do, (breakdown)

Is a lion proud among these men,
As I stand my ground again and again,
I’ve no axe to grind my heart is true,
So with this song I give to you,

Sing your song try to help,
Life is short so love your self,
Stay positive keep stress away,
Give thanks and praise every day,

You got the Whole World

Written By: Jade Steel

You got the Whole World – Jade Steel

Sometimes in life you’ve got to take it easy,
Sometimes in life you’ve got take to it slow,

Trust your heart trust your feelings never let it go
Show your love to everyone always let them know,
Always do the best you can keep moving with the flow,
Show the people who you are you’ve got to let them know,

Live free it’s a short life,
Best to take you’re own advice,
Be strong stay on track,
Look forward and don’t look back,
We all fall down get back up,
See us smile as we’re dusting off,
It’s a hard life but we’ll survive,
Don’t let others cut you down size,

You’ve got the whole world - in your hands,
Time to move on, time to take command,
You’ve got the whole world - in your hands,
Got to be strong got to take a stand,

There’s never been a perfect answer,
Listen closely to the call,

Leave your baggage at the station,
Time has come they’ll be no waiting,


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