Chicago, Illinois, USA

This is the band you've been waiting for! Songs that'll get lost in your head and a groovy, chill vibe, these guys have it all! All they need is your ears! Grab a listen and book Emerson for your next event!

www.youtube.com/emersonmusicofficial for live video


With their smooth vocals, zesty electric flare, and solid beats, Emerson is really setting out to create the music that you never tire listening to—Catchy pop / rock songs about real-life experiences, deep lyrics, that perhaps will become the soundtrack to your life. The combination couldn’t be more perfect.
Of the band’s writing, Evan says “I want our songs to be transparent and relatable; able to reach into the core of the listener and to share an experience together. That’s what music is all about to me. It’s a journey between two people: the writer and the listener.”
Evan (vocals, keys, lead songwriter) teamed up with Sam (electric guitar) and Blake (drums) while playing in college in the Midwest. After playing there for a few years, the band relocated to Chicago where the three-peice currently resides. Emerson just finished their debut record, “It Starts With a Heartbeat”, soon to be in an Ipod near you.


It Starts With a Heartbeat - 2011