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The best kept secret in music


"MPMF Thursday-September 21 By Citybeat Staff"

In much the same way that the Black Crowes took the root influence of The Faces and then contemporized and colored it through their own unique filter, Indianapolis' Emerson Rose channels the blazing riffage and cloudbusting vocals of classic era Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Thin Lizzy into their own dynamic presentation. Emerson Rose's frenetic live shows have earned the quintet a slavish following at home, and now they're taking their Rock on the road.

Dig It: Neo Classic Rock and amps that go to 11. (BB)
- CityBeat

"Review: Knock out"

Battle of the Bands
Round 3, Week 3
Birdy’s Bar & Grill
Friday, Nov. 17

Deliberation took over an hour, but everyone knew who was going home with first place as soon as the Battle ended.

Emerson Rose.

This five-person powerhouse didn’t just rock. They killed. Prancing in skintight pants like Mick Jagger and working their long manes like rock gods from another era, these guys knew how to make people scream. They brought more to the stage than vamped-up muscle chords, classic heavy metal hooks and a legion of fans in red T’s. They brought sex. And with 1,639 votes, Emerson Rose can certainly pack a punch.

- Written by Carma Nibarger for Nuvo.net

"The Zippo Hot Tour, Round 1, Birdy’s, Saturday, Sept. 9"

Finishing the evening was Emerson Rose, the heavy-rock band whose sound evoked the good old days of 1980s metal. While most bands look like they’re made up of normal guys, the members of Emerson Rose look like rock stars, the kind who would make parents of young women nervous. With familiar-sounding riffs and a Mick Jagger-like swagger, Emerson Rose is a throwback to the days when rock bands were top-notch showmen. - Written by Steve Hammer for Nuvo.net

"More Battling Bands, Birdy's, Oct. 13"

It was no surprise that Emerson Rose took home first place honors of the evening, with many audience members clad in their red shirts with the catch phrase “Rock Harder” on the back. Also credit the band and their well-performed set that bore influences of everything from the dual guitar assault of GnR and progressive vocal harmonies of Queensryche to the polished up-tempo deliciousness of hit factories like 30 Seconds to Mars and My Chemical Romance. - Written by Mel Duncan for Nuvo.net

"Review: Emerson Rose- Rockers"

February 11, 2006

Musicianship – 9.5 out of 10
I base my opinions regarding musicianship not just on technical expertise, but also on the level of soul, or feeling that a group is able to put into their playing! Technically brilliant playing is wasted on me if there isn’t some sort of feeling behind the music as well. I’m not alone in that respect, I know, but I felt that today was a good time to explain that important factor. You see, Emerson Rose is a good example of a group that relies on attitude and soul to put their music across! That doesn’t mean that they can’t play, either! Each individual in the group does a great job at his respective position, with the added benefit that they feel what they are playing, and communicate that feeling well!

Their music is done in the vein of Blues-Rock/Southern Rock. They rely on strong guitar riffs (thanks to Kace Carson and Jimmy Crabtree), a solid rhythm section (Michael Alexander/bass and Padraig Francis/drums), and the remarkably cool Rock and Roll vocals of Andrew Bean to build a truly collaborative sound! It’ not Emo, Punk, Alternative, Metal, or New Wave…. it’s just pure, unadulterated Rock and Roll that should be heard as such!

I really dig their sound, and I think that anybody who came of age in the late 70’s/early 80’s will really be attracted to their music, too! What else can I say? I like it a lot, and definitely thought the CD ended too soon!

Songwriting – 9 out of 10
The band’s original tunes are all good tunes, straight up: nothing out of the ordinary, or highly conceptual, or original. In other words, the strength of the songs doesn’t rest with a gimmick. The strength of the songs is based in the attitude and the “kick-ass quotient” that good rock bands possess! You know exactly what I mean, too… AC/DC, for example, didn’t rely on anything but grit and balls to make incredible Rock music! In that style, Emerson Rose plays straight-ahead Rock music that flips a switch inside of you somehow, connecting you to the feel and the strength of their attitude!

With that having been said, the vocal arrangements should be mentioned, because the boys in the band harmonize really well! Songs like “I Guess Love”, “Good Morning Love”, and “Last Tear” are fine examples. On others, the harmonization between vocals and instruments is also very good! So, the guys in the band are not totally without skills! All in all, each song on Rockers is a solid Rock tune, helping to earn respectable marks in the category of songwriting!

Sound Quality/Professionalism – 9 out of 10
Except for one minor flaw, I think the sound quality of Rockers is excellent! I was a little disappointed that the overall volume level of the CD was a bit low, especially compared to other CDs that I was listening to at the time. Aside from that, the way the CD was mixed was great, and everything else sounds really professional! The instruments have awesome tone, and the vocals are spot-on! It probably sounds repetitive by now, but this is a great-sounding Rock and Roll record!

Packaging – n/a out of 10
Due to the fact that I received a pre-release version of the CD, I am withholding comment with regard to packaging.

Favorite Tracks
Good Morning Love
Diamond In Our Shoes
Cowboy Song – Great cover!
Bridge of 10,000 Years
I Guess Love
Schoolgirl Rock

Overall Rating – 9 out of 10
I sometimes struggle with finding the words to describe how I feel about a particular CD; not this one! I was able to sit down and record my thoughts in a relatively short amount of time! I love Rock and Roll music, and Rockers is right up my alley! Songs like “Diamonds in Our Shoes”, “Schoolgirl Rock”, “Crown Princess”, and the Thin Lizzy cover “Cowboy Song” are the types of songs that I can listen to over and over again!

I would definitely recommend that you get a copy of this disc when it is available to the public! It’s taken me a while to get to the review, so it may be available to you now! Whatever the case, I think that fans of great Rock and Roll are going to want to have this one in their collection!

For awhile, we did Web updates for another MWB Band, Austin Bridges. AB played a lot of dates with Emerson Rose, and always had positive comments about the shows. I think I can see why! These guys are probably a lot of fun to play with, and hang around with. They give the impression that they live life, and have a good time doing so! Perhaps I should schedule a time when I can get out to a pub and catch the boys live!

I enjoyed hearing this new CD, and hope that you will, too! Emerson Rose is a great Rock and Roll band, worthy of the time it will take for you to hear Rockers! In fact, you may just let the CD start all over again once it’s played all the way through! I did! - Written by Mark Lush for www.MidwestBands.com

"First from local rockers...Rocks!"

December 2005

Sporting a cover that closely resembles a "Grand Theft Auto" game case, Emerson Rose introduces a new sound to the rock & roll lineup of this millennium. With lyrics, sounds and an attitude that cleverly mix music from the days of classic rock and the days of now, Emerson Rose gives the listener a feeling of familiar nostalgia -- of his or her days as a child, growing up with parents who listen to rock music on the radio. With 12 great songs, this album is a must-have for anybody interested in new rock.
The second song on the album, "Good Morning Love," sounds as though it could be the first single. Boasting memorable lyrics and an upbeat tempo, "Good Morning Love," is quite an addictive hit. Sporting lyrics such as, "Good morning love/it's a brand new day/so what what what/you wanna do now," the song has easy and addictive lyrics that will keep the song on your mind for quite a while.
"Diamonds On Our Shoes," is a song that could remind the listener of a classic rock song. It has very simple lyrics about just "walkin' down the road/with the diamonds on our shoes."
A fine finish to the album is the last track, "Cowboy Song." The actual song itself starts off sounding as though it's going to be a western song, but then begins sounding very different from the rest of the album, yet same at the same time. The same bass and electric guitar are playing, along with the drums and the voice of the singer, but the way they play is incredible. It's like the band mixed country western with rock and got a new genre.
With their unique mix of sounds, Emerson Rose takes over your senses and leads you into a land where simple things in life are once again the topic of the songs, and where the band is about the music and not the money.
- Written by Larry Walters for Indiana Daily Student Weekend

"Artist of the Week: Emerson Rose"

October 31, 2005

IMN / 92.3 FM / NUVO "Artist of the Week" IndianapolisMusic.net presents the Artist of the Week. Each week our editorial staff will select one local artist who has made a place in the spotlight for themselves by giving Indy's music lovers something they should be hearing. Along with the weekly IMN feature, the Artist of the Week will also be featured in the pages of NUVO Newsweekly and on the air on radio station WTTS - 92.3 FM.

“It’s just so cool to be a ‘house band’—it makes us feel like Eddie and the Cruisers,” says Emerson Rose vocalist Andrew Bean. Their weekly Thursday night slot at Shot’s on 56th and Post has given them ample stage time to work their act into a polished rock show. Emerson Rose is not afraid to point to Seventies acts like Thin Lizzy as their influences, and there is a certain swagger and bravado in their shows that hearkens back to a simpler, more arena-rock time.

Bean says the core of the group has been together for many years. “Kace (guitarist K.C. Carson) and I have been playing guitar and writing songs together since we were in fourth grade. We learned how to play guitar together and have always played music together.” Bassist Michael Alexander and drummer Pat Francis have also been long-time members, with guitarist Jim Crabtree being a more recent addition. Bean says it became obvious at an early pick-up gig. “We were all floored by the way in which Jimmy played and filled out the sound. I think we all pretty much knew he was in the band that night.”

Bean says there’s a healthy competition between his act and groups like Stereo Deluxe and Mardelay. “They really kick you in the ass and make you want to be better as a band - so that you can kick their ass back. You also get bands that are just fucking cool. Take the lead singer for Mantis - he’s a fucking modern-age metal Viking. At the battle, I told him I wanted to clank stone goblets with him. He probably thought I was an idiot, which is okay because I think that on a daily basis.” Bean adds that Emerson Rose has had some trouble gaining a foothold with some audiences. “We are just starting to gain notoriety for what we do—but we have taken a lot of shit for the way we do things, the way we look, and the way in which we play music. Ending in a positive note, though, I would have to say that, once a band does gain some notoriety, the fans in Indiana are the craziest most dedicated, and most supportive motherfuckers out there.”

The band is readying their debut album “Rockers” for a November release. Bean says “It is the first time that we have ever realized our musical vision on tape, and there is something to be said for that. There really is no greater feeling, to me, than seeing something that had its genesis in your mind take a physical form.” When asked to describe “Rockers,” Bean succinctly terms it “big fucking rock.” He adds, though, that “To me, an artistic work gains autonomy once it has left the author’s hands and has moved into the public realm. Who am I to tell someone how to react or construct meaning from our music? It does not matter what I think—whatever anyone garners from our work is authentic and validated through it being their own personal experience that nobody can take away from them.” Following the release, Emerson Rose plans to start playing more shows for more audiences. “Hopefully, in the next few months we are going to start moving in gradually expanding concentric circles throughout the Midwest - starting with Chicago, Cincinnati, St. Louis and Louisville.”

Your next chance to catch Emerson Rose comes Thursday at Shot’s on 56th and Post.
- Written by Ryan Williams for www.IndianapolisMusic.Net

"Sellout crowd fills Vogue for Battle (of the Bands) Finals"

Battle of the Bands Finals, Indianapolis ?Thursday Sept. 29, 2005 at The Vogue

...Emerson Rose delivered the most electric stage show of the night. The five-man band seemed to be in constant motion with lead singer Andrew Bean leading the charge. He brought a full routine of rock & roll dances that can only be delivered properly only by a string bean lead singer.

Their set was all rock & roll glory as learned from the masters like Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and Guns & Roses.

...for 25 minutes at the Vogue they were a blast and truly looked like they belonged on the stage.
- (Exerpt) Written by Steve Hayes for www.IndianapolisMusic.net


Rockers - Released January 2006

99.5 WZPL recently featured the album's first track "I Guess Love" on Kelly's Homegrown Buzz


Feeling a bit camera shy


Emerson Rose is, at once, derived and a natural evolution from the high-octane “classic rock” bands that dominated the late-sixties and seventies. Touting influences the likes of Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, Aerosmith, The Black Crowes, and the Faces, the band produces incendiary guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and a pounding undercurrent of rhythm to deliver a rock sound that is indelibly “classic” but, by no means, dated.

Emerson Rose combines a core songwriting dynamic in Andrew Bean (vocals) and K.C. Carson (lead guitar) with the experience and musical vocabulary of Jimmy Crabtree (guitar). The band places yesterday’s picture of rock in a new and exciting frame. The framework is then completed by the hard-hitting Tosha Jones (drums) and the multifaceted musical styling of Michael Alexander (bass).

Aside from their high level of musical ability, the band possesses an inherent and unique stage presence. Best of all is their skillful live playing. This is perhaps why the band has earned a dedicated (if not fanatical) live following that continues to grow and expand.

Although one can refer to Emerson Rose’s music as “classic,” the term does not quite encompass their sound, which is actually forward-moving. Rock music has always manifested what has come before, and Emerson Rose is no exception. Their music is manifestation…not imitation. This can best be explained in one of the band’s own mantras: “Don’t just rock…rock harder.” In acknowledging the past and recognizing what the future can hold, Emerson Rose is rock n’ roll: past, present, and future.