Emery Carl

Emery Carl




From the farm ponds of Kansas, to the puddles of Seattle, Emery Carl is dripping wet with the wit and will that it takes to survive as a full time busking/singing/songwriter. He continues to crank out songs that are real, raw, and refreshing. As a founding member and current chairman of the Pike Market Performers Guild in Seattle, Emery Carl has been blessed to with with such artists as Jim Page, Baby Gramps, Artis (The Spoonman), and Jim Hinde, just to name a few.


2002: From The Horses Mouth
2004: Just Is
2006: Of Love And Loss (Double Album release)
2006: Survival Mode

Set List

A typical set from Emery Carl consists of tracks from his five albums, new material, and improvised songs appropriate to the moment.
Sets can range anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours.
No covers.