Ever wanted to know what it sounds like to combine the bleak chugga-chugga of Sabbath, Melvins, Black Flag, and Big Black with the melodies of The Beatles, Wire, and The Wipers? It sounds like E*meters, my friend.


Two men sat in a boat set adrift on an ocean of morons.
The first man said, "You know, you're all right."
The second said, "You're not a moron. Want to start a band?"
They rowed for the shore immediately and E*meters was born.
They used drums and guitar and made the music sound as large as possible. They mashed Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Big Black and the Melvins together with The Wipers, The Beatles, and Wire. They recorded their music their own way without overdubbing or soulless studio trickery. They recorded a seven-inch and an EP and waited for the sun to rise.


7" single coming soon...

Set List

Pay No Mind
Don't Speak Cockroach
Maya Deren
Where I Live
Two Fists
So Many Views
You Better Make Some More Money
All Your Love
What My Killer Said
Zombie Machine
Wear The Bag
Ex-Lion Tamer (Wire)
Can This Be (The Wipers)

35-40 mins