Em Eye See

Em Eye See

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My music is described as "Food 4 Da Soul" which means that it is the mental stimulus to the spirit that will remain timeless. When listening to Em Eye See's music, you will feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster through life.


Em Eye See's music is not solely based on the human experience, he is skilled in the art of "Battle Rap". This is how Em Eye See started to develop his artistry. He would sharpening his skills by battling local artist and crews throughout CT. His battle style in witty, comical, and abrasive. For example, "Em Eye See (MIC) will test ya/ by applying the pressure/ Smack the fire outta liar/then supply'm a stretcha". This eventually lead to him competing in several tournaments throughout the East Coast, including the "Kools MIx Tour".

Em Eye See calls his style "Homegrown Intelligence." It's like a gumbo of sorts, being born in FL, raised in CT, evolving into young man in SC, and now a Grown Ass Man in MD/DC, he incorporated all these style into one. Since the areas he grew up in didn't have the mainstream outlets to adapt to (unless you mimicked the so-called commercial artists), he and his team had to develop their own style. So from that "Homegrown Intelligence" was born.


Currently Em Eye See is currently working on his official solo album entitled "Dream Deffered" which will feature production from Fatman & Tropical, Dark Poet, Watsons Groceries, The Unknown, MIC, Diznon, Arsun Fist, Dubby Waters & others. Collaborations include Arsun Fist, Evie, Kalmbat (of Thunda One), Pillowlov, & others. His first single "This Life" is currently being played on various internet radio sites. Em Eye See is also working on the official Team I.A.M. album "Ain't Nothing New Under the Sun" with his partner Arsun Fist. If you can't wait for these projects then you can check out Em Eye See out on Arsun Fist' solo project entitled "It's A Struggle 2 Get Deep" released on Domination Records.

Set List

A typical set consists of of 3-to 5 songs.(Long Road, Addicted, This Life, Carry Me, & Lonely Man).
High energy & crowd participation(call & response) through out! Spoken word is usually mixed in. The set lasts between 10-20 mins.