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New York City, New York, United States | MAJOR

New York City, New York, United States | MAJOR
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter




"Sensation, deep and Penetrating"

Emiko is a young Japanese-American songwriter who gives "rock and roll" a fresh, new meaning.

Her unique type of rock music embraces and mesmerizes you, totally involves you and leaves you a slave forever. The music is sensational and the text of her songs deep and penetrating. - Black Cat Media

"Washington Post"

"Cathartic and catchy...RAW ROCK!!!" - Mark Jenkins/Eric Brace


"I got sucked in! Emiko totally sucks you in! Incredible live!" - Lisa Farsadi

"FM Sound Magazine"

Emiko has a funky, fresh sound that combines sensitive, interesting lyrics with cultivated musical skill and strong energy. Her songs are honest and interesting while remaining catchy and accessible.

Emiko’s rare blend of talent and fresh creativity has its origins in a strong musical background. She was considered a musical child prodigy, and was performing classical music by age six. She released her first album at age sixteen in 1997, and her latest album, Here Lies Tinkerbell, was released by OA Entertainment in 2001. Among her long list of accomplishments, Emiko´s song

”Brand New Man” was incuded in the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame compilation CD, and the artist was named number 7 of Radio Crystal Blue’s Top 25 Artists of Spring 2003.

My favorite song on the album is “The Tongue,” which is about the complicated meaning of a kiss. The melody is haunting, deepening the emotional dimensions of the simple and poignant lyrics. The clean piano-vocal combination leaves room for the emotion that the song has to offer.

The lyrics of “Emergency Man” are the words of a girl keeping her distance in order to protect herself from another run-around: “Don’t taste me then decide that you don´t like it...Don´t make me love you and then break me in half.” “Temper¨”is a narrative of a power struggle where anger takes the forefront, hearkening back to the storytelling of Alanis Morisette. The chorus lifts each verse into the next, making a song about a difficult situation feel more hopeful and forward-moving.

The lyrics of “Speak” are simple and poignant: “Speak and I will listen, touch me and I will feel.” The song combines a straightforward vocal melody with piano, guitar, drums, and layered vocals to produce a fuller sound than some of her other tracks. The piano comes in over the other instruments to build tension and feeling.

Emiko’s songs are catchy and memorable without sacrificing content. The choruses always add emotion and movement, making the different elements of each song come together in an interesting and enjoyable way. Emiko has a fresh, energetic musical talent, and her honest, creative lyrics combined with superior skills make her a diamond in the dust of female pop/rock. Here Lies Tinkerbell is an excellent album that is sure to bring this artist closer to her dreams.

- Kim Chase

"Songwriters Hall of Fame"

“i’ve showcased literally hundreds of artists for the songwriters hall of fame new writers program over the past 13 years...they say no one’s perfect. well, i disagree...emiko’s perfect!” - Bob Leone, National Projects Director

"A fantastic journey of infinite sonic adventures and emotional explosions"

Emiko is a young Japanese-American songwriter who gives "rock and roll" a fresh, new meaning. She entices the listener with her viceral piano playing, bright harmonies, and "naughty-girl" lyrics (not to mention all that leather!) while leading them through a fantastic journey of infinite sonic adventures and emotional explosions. Currently promoting her newest record, "Here Lies Tinkerbell" Emiko encourages you to "clap your hands if you believe!" - Dot-Bands.com (UK #1 Unsigned Artist Site)

"UK Review"

"Peter Pan's addicted to LSD," declares Emiko on "Stuck in Neverland". Well how else do explain a liking for green tights and pixie boots? But it's boy trouble of all kinds that features big on most of 'Here Lies Tinkerbell'. Indecisive boys on "Emergency Man", stroppy boys on "Temper", noncommittal boys on "The Tongue" and Napoleon Bonaparte on "Mal Maison".

But there's no twee Britney-style "Does he really like me?" musings here; this is raw, articulate, confessional stuff. "You seriously expect me to relax if you're holding back so much?" Emiko asks on "Lay". The lyrics are direct and evocative in a way that Alanis Morissette seems to have forgotten about.

Intense as it is, 'Here Lies Tinkerbell' opens its heart against a rich and varied musical background. There's the spiky blues of "Emergency Man", the haunting slow-grind of "Speak" and the simple piano-led "Heroine". "Lay" gives us meandering Marlene Deitrich cool before exploding into a killer chorus, while Emiko even finds time to bring the funk on "Knitting Factory". But I suppose if you've been playing music since the age of two and a half, you're bound to put on a pretty good spread.

There's even a little sampled porn on the closing "Brand New Man". But it's this track's subtle storytelling that stands out. A man tries to eradicate every trace of the woman he shouldn't have let get away: "You see your mother every weekend, because it's better than being alone." Peter Pan may be whacked up on glow sticks, but this is where we meet the new Lost Boy. And it's typical of the album; arena-sized tunes have never felt so up-close and personal. - Overplay

"The talent to write some amazing lyrics and tunes...."

Emiko is a wicked Japanese-American songwriter with the talent to write some amazing lyrics and tunes. This album I´m holding captures Emiko at her best and believe you me this album is well worth hearing. There is a lot of talent to be heard on this album and given the right promotion this lady could go very far. What makes Emiko´s music fresh and urgent is her music is driven by piano/keys rather than guitars. The guitars take a back seat and compliment the sound of the piano/keys more than anything.

´Here Lies Tinkerbell´ kicks off with ´Emergency Man´ and you can feel the emotion from the moment it starts. This carries on through eleven other tracks such as ´Lay´, ´Weird´, ´Trust In Us´, ´Heroine´ and the closing track ´Brand New Man´. When you listen to this album you quickly discover there are no fillers. I like the way the sounds have been constructed which gives Emiko the edge over many female artists out there. Every song has been given the same love and attention as the next.

Lyrically and musically this album has so much to offer and this is just the beginning for this young artist. I believe there will be so much more to come from her and in time she will prove this. So come on give Emiko a chance - She is fresh and her lyrics and music rock! It would be lazy journalism to try and compare Emiko to some one else but I have to be honest and say it would be totally unfair too! Emiko has so many ideas that she is probably one of few artists with so much imagination and originality.

Just pick up ´Here Lies Tinkerbell´ and find out for yourself! (6412/OA) 9.5/10
- Full Frontal Recordings

"New School Rock n' Roll"

Re-inventing good old fashioned rock and roll, Emiko is one part introspective songwriter and one part rock goddess. Emiko is a girl who truly lives up to rock legend. She's a trailblazer who sings, plays keys, takes her own solos, and is unafraid to say what others only dare to think. Having played piano since she was two and half, Emiko has grown from Classical pianist prodigy to rock and roll starlet. Though Emiko makes her home in New York, she was educated between the US and Japan and writes and records in both English and Japanese.

Bold counterpoint

Multi-award winning Emiko’s intense, bold lyrics lament lost love. Themes of heartbreak, frustration, and fear are an enticing counterpoint with music that is hooky, stylish, and irresistable. The critics concur that Emiko is one to watch: she is a three time featured performer of the Songwriters Hall of Fame New Writers Showcase, she has appeared in Billboard Magazine, and she won the Overplay UK Rock Songwriting Competition in 2005. She was also nominated for a 2004 Brit Award in the Unsigned Category.
More than just making a living

Emiko was chosen for the AAHP (Artist Against Hunger & Poverty) campaign for World Hunger Year, making her the only unsigned artist touring on an international level under the same banner
with such superstars as Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, and Michael McDonald. She is currently working with legendary guitarist Steve Lukather, Stuart Ridgway, and occasionally rubs shoulders with Phil Ramone. When Emiko is not on tour or finalizing preparations for her new album, she directs the Asian American Music Industry Association. The AAMIA was founded by Emiko in 2005 to help bridge the gap between Asia and the Western World in today’s popular music industry.

According to MTV - "Incredible live!!!! She totally sucks you in!"

According to CD Baby - "A wild, interactive, and honest experience.
Hyper and in-your-face as much as she is understated and haunting, Emiko's sound is big enough to fill an arena even when she is just whispering in your ear."

- EastWestNow Music (Queeniemusic.com/eastwestnow/artists/artist_emiko.html)

"Emiko Rocks College Campuses!!!"

My students really enjoyed your show. I have been doing student activities at UMM for 27 years and last Friday night was the first time my audience asked for an encore. Best wishes to you and your band members. It was a pleasure to work with you!

Peder K. Moe
Coordinator of Student Activities
University of Maine at Machias - University of Maine/Machias


"7 Steps Away" (Famous Records/Universal Music Group dist. 2010)
"Jishin" ( The 6412 Ltd. 2009)
"2 in the Chamber" ( The 6412 Ltd. 2009)
"Becoming Marina" (OA Ent. 2005)
"From There to Here" (OA Ent. 2004)
"Here Lies Tinkerbell" (OA Ent. 2001)
"Live at the Triad" (OA Ent. 2000)
"Scene of the Crime" (OA Ent. 1999)
"Songwriters Hall of Fame Best New Artist Showcase Compilation- Vol. 1" (SHOF 2003)
Overplay UK Rock and Pop Volume 1 (Overplay UK 2003)
BandTattoo Compilation Vol. 2 (BandTattoo 2003)
Indiegrrlpalooza 2004 Compilation CD (Indiegrrl 2004)



At the ripe old age of 12, Emiko had already "retired" from classical music to begin making her mark in pop. Having played piano since she was two and half, Emiko was transforming from classical piano prodigy to rock and roll starlet.

Fast forward to now, and Emiko is a three-time featured performer of the Songwriters' Hall of Fame New Writers Showcases who has graced the pages of Billboard Magazine, FM Sound, Music Connection, and other mainstream music publications. As an award winning songwriter her credits include major publishing houses and placements such as SONY/ATV, Extreme Music Group, HGTV, E! Entertainment, VH1, MTV, A&E, and CBS Television, just to name a few.

Emiko's catalogue contains an impressive number of original works (you wouldn't believe it unless you heard it directly from her), with everything from pop songs to R&B and rap, to film scores and contemporary classical music. To add to her solo compositions, she is also in writing and production partnerships with Liberty DeVitto (best known as the drummer for Billy Joel), Tommy Faragher (Grammy nominated writer and producer, most recently known for his musical productions for the hit FOX television show "Glee") and other notable writers in the European and UK territories.

Emiko's ability to write thought provoking and commercially relevant songs has consistently raised her profile as an artist. She has received instrument endorsements from Kurzweil Keyboards and JH Audio, fashion / lifestyle endorsements from renowned designer Kenneth Cole and Kiehl's skincare line, and has garnered social and political recognition for her charity work: Emiko headlined the Outdoor Pavilion Stage at the 2009 Special Olympic World Winter Games, and received an Official Letter of Welcome from the Mayor of Cleveland for her work with World Hunger Year's Artists Against Hunger and Poverty Program.

As a citizen of the world, Emiko's music reflects her international heritage - half Japanese, half Jewish-American - as she brings to life her journeys through music. Whether it's through the pulsing march of a lone drum on her song "The Great North Road" or the romantic nostalgia of "6am" (both from her upcoming album to be distributed through Universal Music Group), Emiko finds herself crossing musical genres as often as she crosses international borders these days.

Having taken the last year off to focus on writing her new album, Emiko has found herself knee deep in the development of a TV show about her life and her travels, which, according to the shows producers "had to be made because no one would believe this story if we told them!" The series will chronicle the making of her new live stage show which tells the story of how after 15 years, Emiko left New York for a 10 day tour of Japan, met an Englishman in a bar and (somehow) ended up in London!

In addition to the TV development project, Emiko is gearing up for another massive worldwide tour which will kick off in the US in September and take her across the 50 States, over to England and Europe and finally culminating in Japan.

And when Emiko is not busy writing, recording, or touring, she delves into her other passion: the business side of the music industry. Named one of New York's Most Successful Entrepreneurial Women in Business by Young Working Women Magazine (July 2008), Emiko keeps busy by being the President and Founder of The 6412 Ltd., a business development/management consulting firm for up and coming artists, and as the Executive Director of AAMIA (The Asian American Music Industry Association), an organization dedicated to bridging the gap between Asia and the Western World in today's popular music industry.

With these two businesses under her belt, Emiko has been invited to lecture and participate as a music industry expert at various music festivals, panels, and conferences such as Japan Music Week, The Vancouver Island Music Business Conference, The Independent Music Conference, and more. Emiko makes her home between New York, London and Tokyo. "Really, home is wherever the music takes me!" she says. Hard at work in the studio on her next album, it can surely be said that Emiko is one step closer to her favorite saying: "If there's life on Mars, they'll buy my album!"