"Emiko" and "Andrew Kurtz" Tour 2006-2007

"Emiko" and "Andrew Kurtz" Tour 2006-2007


EMIKO* Emiko's sound is big enough to fill an arena, even when she is just whispering in your ear... ANDREW KURTZ* "mixed with dreams" http://www.andrewkurtzsongs.com



"A wild, interactive, and honest experience. Hyper and in-your-face as much as she is understated and haunting, Emiko's sound is big enough to fill an arena even when she is just whispering in your ear." --CDbaby.com

She’s Japanese. She’s American. She’s Unique. She’s Emiko!

A rare breed of rock n’roll of the biggest kind and sensitive,
introspective songwriter, Emiko breaks new ground as a female frontperson, who not only sings, but plays keys, takes her own solos, and is unafraid to say what others only dare to think. After rising to #1 on the Overplay UK Pop/Rock charts and staying there for a record setting 17 weeks, Emiko was nominated for a 2004 Brit Award in the Unsigned Rock category. Here in the US, she was voted Best New York City Rock Band of 2002-2003 by RadioCrystalBlue and nominated for the New Century Music Award, Best Female Rock Performer of 2002. Emiko is a three time veteran performer in the Songwriters' Hall of Fame showcases was featured on their “Best of the Songwriters Hall of Fame New Writers Showcase” CD compilation (Volume 1)in April 2003. She appeared in Billboard Magazine, and was named New Century Productions # 7 artist of 2002 overall after reigning as the Number 1 artist of November 2002. In December 2005, Emiko continued her U.K. rule, by wining the Rock division, and coming in fourth overall, of Overplay UK’s Rate & Play competition. This latest accomplishment has European media all a buzz, with Germany’s DTV station working to set up an interview on Emiko fast! A banner year it was for Emiko in 2005, with her ASCAP Plus Award, her Sam Ash Endorsement, and artist sponsorship interest by Yamaha. Legendary guitarist Steve Lukather has agreed to play on her next album, which is in the works (maybe produced by Phil Ramone). She also had her music placed in shows for the E Channel, and currently you can catch her song “Speak” on VH1.

If that were not enough, Emiko has now founded the Asian American Music Group, an organization dedicated to networking Asian Americans together in today’s music industry and bridging the gap between Asian and the Western World in music.

Emiko has also signed on as an AAHP Artist for the Artist Against Hunger & Poverty Program of World Hunger Year, which was founded by the late artist advocate, Harry Chapin. The AAHP program has attracted top names such as Bruce Springsteen, Michael McDonald, Natalie Merchant and Aerosmith. MTV has said that Emiko is" incredible live!!!! She totally sucks you in!"
Her latest release, "Here Lies Tinkerbell" (OA Entertainment) features Emiko's most seductive and inviting songs. Whether she is wailing on the B3 organ, funkin’ it up on the clav, taking a Wurly solo, or getting back to her classical roots, Emiko always manages to weave her music together with intense, bold lyrics. In her songs, she shares her feelings about love, heartbreak, frustration, and fear in ways that make her listeners not only move and groove to the music, but also react and relate on a much deeper emotional level.

To fully appreciate how Emiko’s music has evolved, one should know she was considered a child prodigy playing by 2 1/2, Emiko was performing classically in front of major audiences by age 6 and composing "mini-masterpieces" by age 7. After spending most of her childhood in conservatory in Washington, DC, Emiko discovered rock music and started conjuring up a secret operation to retire from the classical stage and pursue her dreams of rock n' roll and world domination.

Currently making her home in New York City with her band, The
GeminiStation Project, Emiko can be found touring the US, Europe and Asia, likely her last stop before she hits the stratosphere, because as she says, “If there’s life on Mar’s they’ll buy my record!”

ANDREW KURTZ* http://www.andrewkurtzsongs.com

Andrew Kurtz was born in Boise, ID.

He grew up as an athlete, and a working cowboy. He eventually was a cow-boss on a number of cattle ranches across the Western US at the age of 19.

After attending Eastern Oregon State University for one year and riding broncs on the rodeo team...he quit school, and left to travel the world in search of his true identity.

Through a number of experiences worldwide, he first started writing music in London, UK in 2003. Since then, the young and prolific writer has been touring, and concentrating fully on his music.

In 2006, Andrew came out with his first EP, Evening Song. Written and Produced by Andrew Kurtz, the album is full of love songs.

Andrew is currently working on film soundtracks, and touring nationwide w/ a big name artist, Emiko.
He is also recording TWO full length albums at the same time...set to be released in late summer of 2006.

Check out his website for touring dates...

Andrew also has a side project called "KUbist Hall"
Check out the trio's stuff at: http://www.kubisthall.com



"Becoming Marina" (OA Ent. 2005)
"From There to Here" (OA Ent. 2004)
"Here Lies Tinkerbell" (OA Ent. 2001)
"Live at the Triad" (OA Ent. 2000)
"Scene of the Crime" (OA Ent. 1999)
"Songwriters Hall of Fame Best New Artist Showcase Compilation- Vol. 1" (SHOF 2003)
Overplay UK Rock and Pop Volume 1 (Overplay UK 2003)
BandTattoo Compilation Vol. 2 (BandTattoo 2003)
Indiegrrlpalooza 2004 Compilation CD (Indiegrrl 2004)


2006 - Evening Song

Set List


Emiko's shows range from 45 to 2 hours.
Setlists include songs from "Here Lies Tinkerbell" as well as new material and cover songs.
A setlist is available upon request.


Sets Available:
20 Min. Set
40 Min. Set
60 Min. Set
120 Min. Set