Derby, England, GBR

Innovative new solo electro/dance artist, self produced self developed; self made, creating a new (and slowly becoming popular) sound based on popular electronic musical genres. Lots of work in the pipeline waiting to be set free. On top of the game and not scared to try something new.


Hi all I am a 31 year old solo writer and producer from the Midlands UK. I have written a quite few songs and produce/mix and master my own tracks too. I have been making music now for around 15 years and produced several 'hobby' albums. Now I have started to step things up a notch and take things more serious. I have had an overall positive feedback from many listeners and this has made me realise that music is what I want to be doing seriously, professionally and for the rest of my life.

I have got a new track out on itunes now called 'Who's Calling?' which is taken from my previous album called 'Live is Backwards for eviL' ( also available on itunes) now freshened up and more 'radio/club' friendly. The video is also available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIrXmPZaSuo

I am also currently working on a new album with the working title 'Visions of Europa' or simply 'Visions' which will be my first 'official' album and will see me put my skills to the test as I try and fuse all sorts of electronic genres of music together in the hope of creating an original sound. I currently have four demos for the album completed (two available on the 'Who's Calling? EP') with several songs written and currently in pre-production so I am hoping to have a basic line up on the profile soon for you all to preview.


Who's Calling?

Written By: Paul James Barnett

Who is that calling? (repeated through)

Stereotypes and Unbelievers

Written By: Paul James Barnett

Come on and don’t be shy/
And teach us how to lie/
About the things that make us dreamers whether to live or die/
It’s time to understand/
Give us time to react/
I’ll be back in time /
For you to make a formal complaint/


Stereotypes and Unbelievers (repeated)

Work is good if you know where to get it/
Paid to write the truth though? Forget it/
Basic functions, tied up, processed/
Is it true that Billy has no mates? /
Tired and concerned I write these words/
To help find a way to understand it all/
Can I tell you the truth? /
Don’t be absurd/


Stereotypes and Unbelievers (repeated)

Who’s rising up and joining me/
To watch them all run and flee/
Pouncing with all ferocity/
Moving with velocity/
Pounding heads my ideas flow/
Planted, Nurtured start to grow/
Safe and sound the story goes/
But in reality it’s all for show/

Who’s rising up and joining me?


Written By: Paul James Barnett

Ask for More repeated through


Currently I have no official singles released..however I do have the following albums;

Fuel Injected - Released July 2006 -Digital and limited physical CD
Live is Backwards for eviL - Released Jan 2010 - Digital only

and EP's

Who's Calling? EP - Released Nov 29th 2010 - Digital only

All tracks are currently available through digital distribution from itunes, napster, amazon mp3 and are streaming/available on a host of online radio websites and hosting sites including; soundcloud, myspace, jango, amazingtunes, West Coast Radio, Lastfm, facebook, Rhapsody, Greatindiemusic, Zune, Emusic, Limewire, Medianet, Tradebit, Thumbplay, Verizon, All music guide, Music is here, Medianet, MP3tunes, bitmunk, Nifty, Sony Connect, Music now, MP3 Extension, Interia, Buymusic, Muze, Ruckus, Puretracks, Passalong, Payplay, Daiki, ruleradio, USEN, Nexhit, playindies, Destra, Intent Media Works, Audio Lunchbox, Nareos, Wrapfactory, NTT, Goodstorm, ZuKool, Artspage, Starzik, GroupieTunes, rVibe, Liquid Digital Media, iMusica, Txttunes, Amie Street, Didiom, LaLa, Shockhound, Spotify, Deezer.

Set List

(Fuel Injected)
Live is Backwards for eviL
The Traveller/Trading Places
Stereotypes and Unbelievers
(Let the Music)
Why Can't I Just Win?
Who's Calling?