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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Duo Hip Hop Pop




"Emil – Effort"

"We believe that whether or not you enjoy rap music, Emil brings a sound that’s undeniably catchy and great for anyone. Emil’s distinct sound is amongst some of the few we can’t seem to get over. The artist is growing and will soon become a staple within the hip-hop and rap scene.

I think it’s safe to say we’re anxious and excited to hear more from Emil in the coming months, but until then, I suppose we’ll have to keep ‘Effort’ on repeat." - Keep Walking Music


Dominican Republic born, Bronx-raised rapper, Emil is preparing to release his album, Perfect Timing on October 19th. The latest single from the album is “Get a Grip.” My biggest criticism of Emil has been that he sounds too much like Drake. While that is still an issue, especially on the first verse and hook, the second verse shows some real progress. He starts of going double-time but then settles in to a flow that works around the beat in an interesting way. - Surviving The Golden Age

"OnDeck // Emil // 3badbios // Doov // TRiLLeR"

Fun, and amusing; at the same time, serious as a heart-attack – ‘Angels’ has an underlying brooding attitude. Contrasts of good and bad, subdivided by the gray of our lives. Always a bridge to a better place is being built, as we traverse this life of ours. Not perfect. Often chaotic. But we all come through, don’t we? EMIL’s making music that’s a tease for our sensibilities. But it never wavers in its direction towards the ‘next’. The dedication flows through the production and felt. - Come here Floyd

"Emil - Black Sheep"

Emil is a rap artist from the USA who has recently dropped his latest single ‘Back Sheep’. This song is gangster, chill and relatable all at the same time.

The track boasts some clever writing, chill keys and echoed vocals over a hardcore trap bass and classic hip hop drums & percussion. The production is on point with beautifully mastered highs and lows.

The chorus has got a laid back vibe but is still incredibly catchy. The first verse pulls you into the song, the chorus sets you up and then the second verse knocks you down. The flow that’s laid down is absolute fire and makes the song what it is. We love how Emil manages to stay in control of the beat while being chill too.

The track boasts some clever writing, chill keys and echoed vocals over a hardcore trap bass and classic hip hop drums & percussion. The production is on point with beautifully mastered highs and lows. - Audiotox

"Emil Stands Out Like A “Black Sheep”"

Emil hits our pages for the first time with this new single. The artist drops off “Black Sheep” a single that promotes individuality and standing out. Made for anyone struggling to fit in, the record is “meant to show that you can turn all those things in your favor and embrace standing out.” - Music on the Dot


this single right here is a complete vibe and I couldn’t resist plugging the track in our daily posts. Here ya go! Emil is a rising rapper from (INSERT LOCATION HERE)… honestly, I have no clue where he’s from. There is a limited abound of information online. This isn’t a bad thing though. His hidden persona plays nicely with his second single Black Sheep.

This joint is too drippy. There is a perfect mix of 808, tight snare and gospel-like chords that give this track life. Whoever is on the production side of things, is killing it. If the music isn’t on point from the jump of your career, it’s going to hard to break out of that box. Lucky for Emil, his production is on lock. I even thought that his bars were well thought out, creative and easy to listen to over this 3-minute 30-second single. His nonchalant style gives listeners a glimpse into Emil’s story. He’s about his ice, paper, and women.

Get on your devices and give Emil a chance and the #GoodtimesandGoodvibes movement a chance.

Last thoughts: Great Single. Dope Album Artwork. Music Video Needs To Happen!

-Hamilton - RockdaFuqout

"It's All "GoodTimesandGoodVibes" With Emil's New Single "Drippin""

The new joint "Drippin" by Bronx based rap artist Emil sounds like summer time and we need to hear joints like this to keep us from depression in the middle of a cold winter. "Drippin" is Emil's first official single since he changed his stage name from "Quita", so we can only imagine what else he's got cooking and will be dropping next in early 2018. Hopefully we'll be able to share it with you, so stay tuned to DCWS and be sure to follow Emil on his social media streams and check out his website. - Dope Cause We Said (DCWS)

"Emil Releases New Single “Confirmation”"

Bronx, New York rapper Emil has released a dope new single titled “Confirmation”. After escaping death and finding new perspective on life, this talented artist wants the world to know that he has found his sense of purpose.

Produced by Sharif On The Beat, you will hear him rapping about making it out alive and living his best life thus far.

One of the most memorable lines from this song is “turn a penny to a profit” which conveys his deep lyrical depth. His crafty flows are not only conscious but truly raw and real.

As a rapper and songwriter, “Confirmation” is Emil’s testimony of garnering wisdom in order to push through pain, hardships and misfortune in order to excel as a thriving musician.

Press play and hear one of New York’s finest and follow him on social media @emilsmusic. - Respect Magazine

"Bronx representative Emil brings forth his “Perfect Timing” EP"

The Bronx native of Dominican descent brings us this EP after releasing a number of singles and videos in 2018 which established him as a promising artist. With a witty and snappy style, Emil takes listeners on a journey that on the surface details a love story between two people but, underneath finding underlying themes of self-doubt, rejection, success, spirituality, and more. Doing a great job of using this EP to connect with a core audience and giving them insight into the man and artist, Emil showcases this hype and smooth style heard on past songs like “Angels” and “Blacksheep” with ‘Perfect Timing’ highlighting his progression with the new sounds and motifs he’s exploring.

Emil was inspired to put together this EP after seeing how much the creative process in music and following a dream resembles a love affair. At times throughout the album, you can’t help but wonder if he is referencing his love for another person or for his craft.

Emil looks to take his career to the next level while elevating his skill set in all aspects with his brand new project ‘Perfect Timing’, set to release September 20th.

Emil: “Perfect Timing is a collection of songs that brings you on a journey. You’ll laugh, dance, and catch yourself deep in thought at times. The album flows from fun upbeat with songs like “Important” and “Get a Grip” to more melancholic and introspective towards the end with “Awake” and “Effort”.” - 1st Day Fresh


Dripping - 2018
Blacksheep - 2018
Alive - 2018
Confirmation - 2018
Angels - 2018

Perfect Timing (Album) - 2019

  1. Important 
  2. Hot and Cold
  3. Get a Grip
  4. Sonando
  5. DnD (Do not Disturb)
  6. Awake
  7. Effort



Emil is a skilled vocal artist with a passion for telling stories via great hip-hop vibes. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Emil was raised in the Bronx. He is deeply connected to family and as a first-generation immigrant, he has an intrinsic motivation to succeed. His immigrant background adds depth to his story, making him far from the quintessential NYC artist. This charismatic rapper manages to combine rich tones with stunning melodies and great production, to create a catchy, and edgy sound. He released his first studio EP Perfect Timing, out now on all streaming platforms. 

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