Emily Abraham

Emily Abraham

 New York City, New York, USA

Jazz vocalist Emily Abraham leads a top-notch quartet of re-arranged jazz standards and eclectic pop covers. A singer with "a spectacular voice" whose "interpretations of the songs hit the target," Emily has been deemed a "promising jazz bird", "interesting, intelligent and filled with wry humor."


The critic Roy Sander has called Emily “interesting, intelligent, eclectic, very appealing, and filled with wry humor.” Lynn DiMenna of Cabaret Scenes calls Emily a “promising jazz bird” while Peter Leavy of Cabaret Scenes said “Abraham’s interpretations of the songs hit the target.” Emily grew up in rural western New York where she attended a high school that didn’t have any performing arts programs, and so she gravitated toward singing in the chorus. While growing up she learned traditional art songs, hymns and operettas. When she was 16 years old, a summer stint at Eastman School of Music opened her up to the world of jazz, which is when she learned her first standard, Skylark. At that time Emily decided that what she wanted most was to sing jazz. She was awarded a scholarship to Sarah Lawrence College, which she dropped after one year in favor of moving to New York City. She attended Stella Adler Conservatory for two years full-time and after graduation, Emily did a national tour followed by local productions in the city. Her journey eventually brought her the cabaret scene, where she found the freedom to try on a whole other world of music such as that of Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits, Sarah McLachlan, and Tori Amos. Emily has performed in several shows at clubs both as the headliner and as backup, including the Duplex, Don’t Tell Mama, Bar Thalia and the Metropolitan Room. Currently Emily is performing her set of re-arranged jazz standards, with a few esoteric pop tunes thrown in, at venues in and around the NYC area.

Set List

Take Five/Blue Skies
(Paul Desmond/Irving Berlin)
Arranged by Rick Jensen

Let There Be Love
(Lionel Rand & Ian Grant)
Arranged by Emily Abraham, Noah Haidu & Dan Martin

Night And Day
(Cole Porter)
Arranged by Emily Abraham, Noah Haidu & Dan Martin

I’ve Got The World On A String
(Ted Koehler & Harold Arlen)
Arranged by Emily Abraham & Noah Haidu

I Thought About You
(Johnny Mercer & Jimmy Van Heusen)
Arranged by Rick Jensen

Red Shoes By The Drugstore
(Tom Waits)
Arranged by Rick Jensen

I Concentrate On You
(Cole Porter)
Arranged by Rick Jensen

Blue Eyes
(Elton John & Gary Osborne)
Arranged by Emily Abraham and Rick Jensen

Love You Madly
(Duke Ellington & Luther Henderson)
Arranged by Rick Jensen

Blame It on My Youth
(Oscar Levant & Edward Heyman)
Arranged by Emily Abraham, Noah Haidu & Dan Martin

Out Of This World
(Johnny Mercer & Harold Arlen)
Arranged by Rick Jensen

Getting Married Today
(Stephen Sondheim)
Arranged by R