Emily Ann Thompson

Emily Ann Thompson


Influenced by artists such as Natalie MacMaster and Eileen Ivers, Emily Ann Thompson is a Celtic fiddler full of high energy and passion.


Emily Ann Thompson’s fiddling has been called “organic, fresh, and full of passion.” She plays traditional Irish, Scottish, and Cape Breton tunes in an innovative and energetic style. She is currently performing Celtic fiddle as a solo artist and will be releasing a new Celtic fiddle album in the summer of 2008.

Emily has performed at many different venues and festivals including the Indy Irish Fest, Broad Ripple Art Fair, Valley of the Wind, Indianapolis Arts Garden, Carmel International Arts Festival, Zionsville Concert Series, Anderson International Festival, and with the Anderson Symphony Orchestra as a guest soloist, among many other venues. As a former member of the group Alair, she released an album with them in 2006.

Emily has been playing violin since age 11. She graduated from Butler University with a degree in music. Her main influences include Celtic fiddlers Natalie MacMaster and Eileen Ivers, old-time fiddler Bruce Molsky, jazz violinist Stephane Grapelli, and fiddle virtuoso Mark O’Conner. Drawing from many different musicians and different types of world music, she truly has created her own unique style of Celtic fiddling.

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Emily Ann Thompson
3954 Madeline Lane
Carmel, Indiana 46033


LP released in 2006 titled "Alair"
New LP coming in Summer 2008.

Set List

Sample Set List:

Set One
1. The Foggy Dew
2. (Em solo) Tommy McMahon’s- Down the Broom
3. A Bruxa
4. The Leitrim Quickstep- Banshee-Miss Johnson’s H.-Farewell to Whiskey
5. Tom Billy’s Fav.- The Bank of Turf
6. My Love is Like the Red, Red Rose-Silver Spear- John Ryan’s Polka
7. Alistair MacAlastair- College H.
8. Drops of Spring Water- An Phis Fliuch
9. The Mist Covered Mountain
10. Fergal O Gara- Green Fields of Ros Beigh- Farewell to Erin
11. Port an Deorai- A Fig for a Kiss
12. O as I was Kissed Yestreen- Jig in A- Counselor’s Jig
13. Si Bheag si Mhor- Flying to the Fleadh
14. The Blarney Pilgrim- The Kesh Jig
15. Follow my Highland Soldier- Lady Georgina Campbell
16. Ghillie Callum- Money Musk- The High Reel set

Set Two
17. Torn Jacket- Bennett’s Fav.-Farewell to Ireland
18. Green Fields of America- Miss McCloud’s- Temperance Reel
19. The Honeysuckle- The Gullane Polka- Pink Eyed Lassie
20. The Butterfly
21. Jackie Coleman- Jenny Dang the Weaver
22. J