Emily Ball (Feral Farm)

Emily Ball (Feral Farm)

 Redding, California, USA

I am a female power rocker! I am all about Rock n Roll! There is a shortage of girls in Rock today, and I aim to fill it. I love all genres of music and feel inspired by many different forms of music and art, however my heart is in rock and roll!


I started my band, Feral Farm 1 year ago. In that time we have won Battle of the Bands, developed a 4 hour set of the most popular rock songs from the 70's through today. We have played in every Festival, and community event in Shasta County, and nearly every bar. Because of the high skill level of our musicians we were able to cover bands like Guns N Roses, Scorpions, Rush, Van Halen, Led Zepplin Jefferson Airplane, and Heart, etc. This set us apart from other bands in our locale. We deliver top quality sound, expert musicianship, and awesome showmanship. We are not a band to play quietly while you eat your dinner! We are a face melting rock show. Up to this point, we have focused mainly on covers so that we could get gigs easily. We are the only cover band to ever win Battle of the Bands!! Now we are branching into some original work. Most of us are headed down to Hollywood and Musicians Institute where we hope to hone our skills and make career contacts. It seems to be a turning point for Feral Farm. We quickly outgrew our venues here, and are headed for bigger stages and brighter lights! We are only just beginning!


Spider - Original single by Emily Ball
Hollow - Original Single by Emily Ball
Paper Doll - Original Single by Emily Ball

I have over 30 songs that I am currently working on recording.