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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Artrocker Oct 07"

Emily Breeze comes on like Elvis, Nick cave and Patti Smith playing a baptist preacher rolled in to one. Her striking bequiffed persona rocks, swaggers and plays holy southern hell out of a beautiful white guitar. Later on she plays songs of love and failure and the crowd goes silent. Then she cranks the neck of her guitar, the bassist bows and the set shifts a gear into a swirling rock n roll climax.

There was more sweat and energy in this rock n roll show than a hundred simpering indie boy bands.

Thank god there are bands as good as this! - Artrocker / National

"Venue July 08"

Wearing stack heels,short red polka dot dress,and newly bobbed hairso distressed it might soon call the samaritans,Emily Breeze looks like Audrey Hepburn in tenement living.Or maybe Eddie Sedgewick on the way back up."Dance with me on the ashes of our glorious defeat," she sings,that impossibly glacial lower register ever-threateningto break into a 40-a-day banshee howl.

Throughout and particularly as her strutting,slash n burn band tear folsom prison blues to shreds the sound is more coherent,more confident than ever and provokes more encorecalls than a headlining band could ever wish to hear.

Peerlessly iconic. - Venue Bristol

"EP Review"

Way off on the wrong side of the right tracks,we find the rather wonderfull Emily Breeze,slinking around through the"Badlands".shes clearly heavily indebted to both p.j harvey and Nick Cave,but she dosnt exactly hide it ,tacking a fine if slightly unnecessary cover of "the mercy seat" on to the end of her e.p.Her own songs have much more of a psycobillyish bad girl edge ,with solid rock n roll choruses,thrilling breakdowns and sleazy organ.Black mustang recalls P.Js" meet ze monsta",with Emily preening "you know im dressed to kill and bury my love/i got six gold rings on a leather glove ".Its bloody brilliant ."Who loves you baby" breifly flashes a softer,slightly Mazzy Starish side,but frankly we wouldnt trust this black clad bad girl as far as we could throw her.Its love. - Stool Pidgeon


The Badlands e.p (2006) was the bands first release and can be heard via the myspace page.

They have received airplay from Radio One's Rob da Bank and Huw Stephens as well as BBC Radio Bristol.

Emily has also co-written a song on breakbeat badboys the evil nine new album globally released in September.

'The Old Grand Pier' LP is set for release early April.



Emily Breeze and her band reside in St Pauls.......Bristols' underbelly of filth and excess. Surviving on a strict aural diet of Hank Williams, Nick Cave, The Misfits, Tom Waits and Slayer, they are hellbent on polluting the world with songs that extol tragic heartbreaking beauty and eardrum shattering filth.
Emily is currently in the studio recording her debut album with Stew Jackson (Massive Attack) and Jon Baggart (Portishead)