Emily Breeze

Emily Breeze


Emily Breeze has a voice that veers from a nicotine soaked whisper to a motorcycle snarl. Her unhinged and visceral band play country music with a punk sensibility. The result is a rock n roll show with more sweat and energy than a thousand simpering indie boybands.


Emily Breeze and her band reside in St Pauls.......Bristols' underbelly of filth and excess. Surviving on a strict aural diet of Hank Williams, Nick Cave, The Misfits, Tom Waits and Slayer, they are hellbent on polluting the world with songs that extol tragic heartbreaking beauty and eardrum shattering filth.
Emily is currently in the studio recording her debut album with Stew Jackson (Massive Attack) and Jon Baggart (Portishead)


The Badlands e.p (2006) was the bands first release and can be heard via the myspace page.

They have received airplay from Radio One's Rob da Bank and Huw Stephens as well as BBC Radio Bristol.

Emily has also co-written a song on breakbeat badboys the evil nine new album globally released in September.

'The Old Grand Pier' LP is set for release early April.

Set List

In Emily shows she performs 2 covers; Hank Williams' Lost Highway and Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues with a usual set length of 45 minutes, although this can be extended or reduced to suit.
The show begins with a rockabilly country acoustic lineup and ends in an electrifying bloodbath.