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"What people say"

Upon my first listen I found the chanting to be gimmicky and distracting, and was about to dismiss the entire project as the musical equivalent of showing home movies of your vacation to strangers. But I’ve made it a conscious effort to always listen to anything I review a number of times before actually penning the final verdict. And it soon became apparent these ritualistic chants were not simply tagged on as a sampled sound effect – but her compositions were finely crafted around the themes – using the tempo and texture of each chant as one might utilize another instrument. And the more I listened the juxtaposition of cultures flowed into a cohesive emotional experience. I went from critic to convert by the second listen.
Like the oboe, there is a haunting quality about the cello which can tug at the heart, and Emily Burridge is a master of her instrument – evoking passion as her bow dances across the strings.
Through the medium of music Emily Burridge has bridged the gap of disparate cultures in her sonic travelogue. Reviewed by Joseph Shingler
The minstrel's Harp :At times, the cello can produce very romantic music, at other times, mournful and melancholy. In the hands of Emily Burridge, this instrument becomes a voice for her personal experiences, her emotions, and her thoughts as she amalgamates a variety of rhythms, sounds, backing performers, and instruments. "
Amazings.com:"In her compositions, Emily is capable of gathering, in a truly spontaneous way, elements derived from her Classical upbringing, together with those coming from the ethnic musics she has lived with."
Prognaut.com ...if you need to escape into music that is deep, thoughtful and also lifts your spirits then look no further than Emily Burridge. 100%."

- various publishers


"Earth Songs","Footsteps in the Sand" and
"Bridge between Worlds". All releases have radio air play for feed back from DJs please visit the following link:http://emilyburridge.typepad.com/emily_burridge/2008/04/radio-feedback.html



I play a 'cello which is one hundred and seventeen years old, and combine it with the guitar “looping” pedals with sampling capacity and song storage and through utilising this technology have realised the potential to create exciting multi-layered pieces in a live setting . The 'cello being a dynamic instrument and apart from melodic lines it can be a tool to create a myriad of tones and colours. In the solo performance I commence with Bach (the root of the solo ‘cello repertoire) and mix this with the my own multi tracked compositions, Burridge and incorporate the sampling looping pedal.
The production "Into the Amazon" developed from creating a backing track of my own field recordings of daily life amongst the Xavante Indians of Brazil. I made these recordings over a period of years when I was working and living with the Xavante. The recordings provide a backdrop against which I perform utilising the sampling pedal.
The solo performance “Bach, Burridge & into the Amazon” is one hour in length with interval. I can give an optional performance of just Bach & Burridge for classical contemporary events and perform Burridge & into the Amazon for new age ambient events.