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Emily Cole

Montgomery, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Montgomery, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Emily Cole Wins 2019 Josie Music Award's Pop/Contemporary Vocalist of The Year"

Emily Cole Wins 2019 Josie Music Award 'Pop/Contemporary Vocalist of the Year" With Her Song "Karma"
(Nashville, TN)
Receiving an Impressive 2 Nominations at this year’s Josie Music Awards for "Pop/Contemporary Artist of The Year,” and for “Pop/Contemporary Vocalist of The Year,” Emily Cole Won Vocalist of the Year in the Pop/Contemporary category.

Emily entered the competition with her new song "Karma." Emily will be officially releasing “Karma” on November 11th. The single was picked up by BWH Music Group for their latest compilation album, “On Peace Street” which will be released on November 18th.

"Since it was my very first year being nominated and attending, I totally wasn't expecting to win, at all. When they called my name, I was shocked! My Mom was sitting next to me and I think she nudged me and said something like, "Emily, did you hear!" Its' definitely a moment I'll forever cherish. "

About the Josie Music Awards

The Jose Music Awards hosts the largest global independent artists awards show. This year’s award submissions toppled over 200,000 submissions. Artists are selected on their talent, skill, material and professionalism. - Indie Music News Reporter

"Ion Indie Magazine's ReverbNation Featured Artist Emily Cole"

What is this magic, this aura, this vibe, that emanates from Emily Cole? She has a vibrant soul that shines as much as her multi-colored hair; an authentic person who is firmly grounded on her mission to bring joy and happiness to her many fans. Emily is many things...she is a singer/songwriter, a duo, and a full band. She is pop. She is indie rock. She is extremely talented. You could say that Emily Cole is the "full-package." And that is also why Emily Cole is our ION die Magazine ReverbNation Featured Artist! .....
Emily Cole started her career at a young age and is self-taught. She attended a songwriting camp at the age of 12. By 15, she was releasing her debut self-titled album "Emily Cole." .....
As would be expected with her compassionate nature, Emily Cole is an advocate for charities that help children suffering from cancer. She often visits the Texas Children's Hospital to perform fo the stricken and their families. She is also involved in at-risk youth organizations and charities. This says a lot about a young lady who works hard building her career and still finds time to accomplish good things. I consider her a human angel with a guitar. She radiates good vibes in her actions and within her performances.
A lot of people and performers these days are not genuine, unfortunately. I tend to gravitate towards the ones that are not carbon copies of everyone else. Emily definitely fits that role as she carriers herself with grace, compassion, and kindness. That aura surrounds her on stage and must be truly experienced live to appreciate it. .....
..... - Jeff Popka

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In a sea of manufactured Pop artists, NYC Alt Pop recording artist Emily Cole doesn’t fail to stand out with her quaint and quirky aural approach. Her latest single “Dead Feelings” carries the attitude and tempo of a playful Hip Hop track, while Emily Cole’s Indie Pop vocals lay out the lyrics which will need a fair amount of persuading to get out of your head.

The soundscape doesn’t leave you with the expectation of lyrical depth, but Emily Cole provides candid introspective which is bound to resonate with plenty of listeners. The Pop genre is oversaturated with artists over romanticising pretty much everything, but Dead Feelings takes the opposite direction and narrates what most artists deem un-sharable. There really is no surprise that fans have no trouble connecting with Emily Cole.

You can check out Emily Cole’s latest single Dead Feelings for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast - A&R Factory

"CD REVIEW: That Summer, Vol. 1 Compilation feat. Erick Blu, Jenny Vinatieri, Emily Cole (Pop theme)"

I had never heard her work before, but singer/songwriter Emily Cole’s “If I’m Really” left me so spellbound in her gentle gaze that I was compelled to immediately find everything I could in her discography. This addictively sweet song took me by surprise, churning and building my anticipation through the opening before finally smashing through the ceiling in its divine chorus. It’s a striking track, and the funny thing is, it doesn’t take any of the thunder away from the other songs and artists on this record. If anything, it adds the perfect remaining ingredient to make That Summer an instant classic. - VENTS MAGAZINE

"From That Summer (vol.1) Compilation, “If I’m Really“ by Cole"

The influence of ambient music has been quite visible thus far in genres as wide ranging as hip-hop, rock n’ roll, radio pop and R&B this year, and I think I’m finally beginning to understand the reasons why. When I was listening to indie pop singer/songwriter Cole’s new single “If I’m Really” the other day, something occurred to me. Back in the mid-80s, right around the time that the roots of the shoegaze movement began to take hold and create the foundation for a legendary scene that would subsequently be born in the United Kingdom a few short years later, we were experiencing the same sort of creative downturn in pop that we are now. Stylistically things have been sounding relatively the same for a hot minute now, and Top 40 has again descended into the same sewers of monotony that eventually helped to pave the way for the British Invasion back in the 60s and the alternative music boom of the 90s. But much like those pioneering shoegazers, Cole is responding to all of the commercially savvy indulgence in mainstream music by taking things a step further into sprawling space aged territories that are as psychedelic as they are buzzing with modern electro pop influences. She’s not alone, but she is by far doing it better than anyone else is right now, and that could be what makes her such a prime example to point to when it comes to describing this very ambient year in music.

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/37QQiIfTLX2KqZwc0TVFJO

Summer music is a genre unto itself, and in the year of the surrealist you can bet that a sleek number like “If I’m Really” is going to be a mainstay of the season. The track opens with a stylish, colorful beat that suddenly evolves into a glowing vocal track that echoes with saturated reverb and a lingering gaze that builds up all of our anticipations for its climactic chorus. Cole has such a gorgeous timber in her voice that is equally as exotic as it is poignantly elegant, and her skillset doesn’t stop after the first set of verses. As the song unfolds like a perfectly arranged symphony, we see why she’s garnered all of the critical and audience acclaim that she has in the last two years, and it becomes clear that even her closest competition is a long ways off from being able to produce something that is half as cohesive and fully developed as this work is here.

You’re more likely to pick who is going to win the next three or four NCAA March Madness tournaments than you are going to be able to predict where the public’s volatile tastes will take us next in the story of western music, but one thing is certain. As long as there are performers like Cole who are bent on constantly creating music that breaks away from the pack and marks its own territory with such affirmation as “If I’m Really” does, we can expect to always be entertained by whatever could be coming next over the horizon.

That Summer, Vol. 1: https://open.spotify.com/album/2BuQkIZjet7yHSU7cGroKj

Jennifer Hertzler - NeuFutur

"Cover Story_Music Spotlight on Emily Cole"

20 Questions with Emily Cole by Ken Petty
*Cover *featured article - Houston's Arts & Entertainment Newspaper_Public News_Covers Emily Cole


Still working on that hot first release.



Emily Cole is a multi award-winning alternative pop singer/songwriter with music out on all platforms, including AMI Jukeboxes and NSM Music Jukeboxes located worldwide. Emily performs in and around the greater Houston, TX area and travels to perform for festivals and music conferences. While her produced/released music is alternative pop, Emily sets up acoustic for her live shows; she performs as a solo artist, a duo, and with her full band, accompanying herself with guitar, ukulele, and keyboard.

Emily Cole recently attended the Josie Music Awards where she was awarded the JMA for 2019’s "Pop/Contemporary Vocalist of The Year."

Also being acknowledged as a Songwriter and as an Emerging Artist, Emily Cole performed at the Muscle Shoals Songwriters Festival in Alabama on October 26, 2019.  In November, Emily performed 3 Showcases for the Mesa Music Festival, Arizona’s premier emerging artist festival. 

Emily Cole's newest single, Ain't My Vibe, was released on 06/12/20.

When Emily is not performing, she stays busy writing and recording. She has plans to release an EP late September/early October, 2020.

To keep up with Emily Cole, visit her at emilycoleofficial.com


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