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Emily Davis

El Paso, Texas, United States

El Paso, Texas, United States
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Davis a don’t-miss"

Emily Davis is frickin’ good. Just her and a guitar and the occasional back-up musician, the local singer-songwriter slowly has been building a name for herself at gigs in town. She has a steady strum, a voice that can cut through any fog, a commanding stage presence and a gaggle of songs worth singing. She did it to me all night at Lips a couple of Thursdays ago, and you’ll have an opportunity to see her at The Hideaway Lounge, 1012 N. Raynor, this Thursday. - What's Up Magazine

"[German] Interview and Review"

Interview mit Emily Davis + Review ihres Debutalbums „No Real Destination“

27. Februar 2010
in Musik, Reviews und tolle Frauen

‚No Real Destination‘ ist Emily Davis [20] Debutalbum.
Die Texanerin hat alle Instrumente und Lyrics selbst eingespielt/eingesungen und zu einem wunderbaren und zarten ‚folky acoustic‘ Rockalbum zusammengefasst. Laut Emily Davis Myspace-Seite (http://www.myspace.com/therealemilydavis) ist der Song „Two Islands“ der meistgehörte Song ihres Albums. Sie beschreibt in diesem Song wie sehr Religionen die Menschen verändern und eine Kluft zwischen ihnen aufreißt. Das ganze Album ist sehr persönlich und befasst sich mit vielen Dingen. Bei dem Lied „Swallowed by the Bay“ ließ sie sich von einer Dokumentation über die „Golden Gate Bridge“ inspirieren. Sie erzählte mir das dieser Ort der ist, an den die meisten Leute kommen um sich umzubringen.
Nur wenige Songs haben einen romantischen Touch, Emily will vielmehr mit ihren Songs Themen aufgreifen die wichtiger sind, Themen die Menschen bewegen und zum nachdenken anregen sollen. In „Public Execution“ setzt sie sich kritisch mit den Medien auseinander, wie schnell Menschen von den Medien eingefangen und manipuliert werden. Manche Songs schrieb Emily einige Monate vor Veröffentlichung des Albums, andere wie z. B. „Royal Red“ und „You Lost This Draw“ sind Songs die schon einige Jahre alt sind. Ich finde das Album sehr gelungen, emotional und unverkennbar. Die Stimme von Emily ist sehr zart und gefühlvoll. Ein tolles Debut nachdem man gerne mehr hören möchte solange man sich zu schöner Singer/Songwriter – Indie Mukke hingezogen fühlt.

Seit sie 15 ist verarbeitet Emily Davis alles Widerfahrene in ihren Songs, bekannt wurde sie durch ihre Acousticversionen von Bad Religion Songs bei Youtube. Neben Bad Religion covert sie gerne Fiona Apple oder The Cranberries. Sie hat eine tolle Stimme und ich freue mich sehr das ich mit ihr dieses (zwar etwas kurze) Interview über Myspace führen konnte.

1.) Can you tell me first of all a little bit about yourself?
[lifestyle, favourite music bands/style or whatever,
political opinion, work etc.]

I‘m 20 years old and I‘ve been writing music since I was 14. Making and listening to music is probably the biggest part of my life; it’s the drive that keeps me going. I‘m pretty open when it comes to genres… except for country.
Some of my favorite artists include: Death Cab for Cutie, New Order, The Cranberries, The Smiths, The Cure, Bad Religion, Modest Mouse, Sufjan Stevens, St Vincent, Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel, Fiona Apple, The Sounds, and more.
As far as politics go, I‘m pretty left-leaning. I‘m extremely liberal when it comes to civil liberties – I believe people should have the power to do whatever they want to their bodies. I‘m pro-legalization, pro-gay marriage, etc. I think there’s also a lot of issues going on here at home, which is why I think we need to stop meddling in world affairs, such as Iraq and Afghanistan.


2.) I saw your Videos in which you covered Songs from Bad Religion on Youtube.com and i‘m totally in love with your voice. Why you choose Bad Religion Songs? What inspired you?

I love Bad Religion! They‘re my favorite punk band by far. I never really intended 2hamsters1couple to be a Bad Religion cover channel. I started covering artists I truly loved – like Fiona Apple and such. But I noticed that people really got into „You,“ when I uploaded it. Viewers asked for more BR covers, so that’s what they got! It kind of stuck, I guess.

3.) What are you currently doing, or involved in, besides your acoustic-project on you tube?
You release a CD is it right?Tell us a bit about it, your songs, your lyrics etc.

I just released my debut album entitled „No Real Destination.“ Its a selection of songs that I wrote during the last four years. I wrote some of the songs only a couple of months ago – for example, „Swallowed by the Bay“ and „Morning Light“. Others like „Royal Red“ and „You Lost This Draw“ are some of my older songs. The lyrics are derived from many places. I was inspired to write „Swallowed by the Bay“ after watching a documentary about the Golden Gate Bridge – how it’s the number one suicide spot in the world. I thought it would make for an interesting song. Some songs, like „You Lost This Draw“ and „Morning Light“ have some romantic overtones, but I didn‘t want that to be the center of my music. I feel like there might be more important things to talk about within my lyrics. I guess that might be Bad Religion’s influence on me. :]
„Two Islands“ talks about the changes people can go through, especially in a religious sense.
Religion can truly divide people apart – loved ones included. The song is deeply personal.
„Public Execution“ is pretty much an attack on the media – how recognizable people [political figures, celebrities, etc]
are slandered so easily and misjudged.

4.) Are their any bands with female bandmembers you like and why?

Plenty! I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Sounds, Rilo Kiley, St Vincent, The Distillers, Bat for Lashes, and tons more.

5.) Would you call yourself a riot grrrl? are you feminist or politically involved?

I‘m what you would call a practical feminist. I don‘t want power or privilege – I want equality. Women should be payed equally, hired equally, respected equally, and treated equally. I find that this country sexualizes women a lot, and it’s a position that I never want to be in.

6.) Do you read any Fanzines on the Internet? Which one?

I don‘t read any Fanzines as of now. I‘m curious though!

7.) What do you think about the suicide girls?
Would you drop your clothes for this site? Please tell us your reasons why or why not.
I‘m glad there are girls out there who are confident enough to express themselves in that way. Like I said, I‘m pretty liberal, and if someone wants to bear it all, I don‘t have a problem with it. However, I am married. My body is for my husband only, so I would politely decline.

Interview by Jana (Clarity Punkrock)
- PunkrockFeminism Zine


No Real Destination (2010)



Emily Davis has been writing and playing music since the age of 15.

She wrote and performed all lyrics and instruments, including drums & guitar, on her debut album "No Real Destination"(2010).

The album quickly gained a worldwide market with sales being made everywhere from Canada, U.K. & Germany - to Spain, Argentina & The Netherlands.

Emily's first U.S. Tour was completed in Summer 2010 to promote her debut album. A follow-up tour is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2010 in support of an up-coming EP which features some of her best work yet.

Her sound has influences by Fiona Apple, Neko Case, The Smiths, and Jenny Lewis.