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"Lexington Herald-Leader"

"On first listen, the four songs making up Emily Hagihara's new EP, Marbles, sound a bit removed from the folkier fare she began playing in local clubs while in her late teens.
To be sure, her new songs are darker, more textured and openly aggressive. In the case of Marbles' closing tune, I Think I Hate Her, the music builds from a husky, near-minimalist meditation to a searing, full-band finale."
- Walter Tunis

"Marbles Review"

"The overall tone is reminiscent of early ‘90s industrial
gothic music, so layered and jarring at times. Though the cacophonies of sounds never fail to give way to a melodic bridge now and again, perhaps just so that Hagihara and her merry band of men can prove that they’re capable of anything. The music itself is heavy and dark and like nothing else I’ve heard come out of Lexington. But
truly, the most remarkable thing about these songs is Hagihara’s voice. It’s deep and soulful beyond belief. You cannot ignore this music, don’t bother trying."

- Samantha Herald - W Weekly

"Sultry Sounds"

“The sultry sounds of an alto permeate the air I walk through and I am drawn back to hear her song. The Sexual Disaster Quartet has been joined by Miss Emily Hagihara, and their blended sound has pulled people off the street and into The Dame in a way that makes no apologies. This is what I’ve been looking for all night.”
- Chevy Chaser Magazine

"Emily Hagihara"

“It’s her mouth that sucks you in. Her pouty lips curl up on the ends when she finishes a practically whispered statement. Her bright teeth lie in wait behind those lips, tempting you to say something funny that will let them peek through. And while most of the time that mouth is barely putting out audible words, when Emily Hagihara takes the stage, that mouth will take your breath away.”
- Nougat Magazine

"Time to Wake"

“Time to Wake is a virtual dream soup, blending a spicy bass trio with nearly ethereal string quartet variations. For kicks, a wide range of experimental percussion and electronic samples are sprinkled throughout, an audible reminder that this brand of Folk can still pack a powerful punch. Working with producer Duane Lundy of Shangri-La Productions, the group’s goal was to add texture and depth to Emily’s sound, which was rapidly garnering recognition in her native Lexington. Time to Wake meets that milestone and leaves it in its dust.”
- City Beat Magazine

"Duane Lundy"

“The CD is great. It’s really, really good. Her vocals are as good as you get. Her songwriting is great, and it keeps getting better, even since I’ve known her. And she’s really disciplined, which is inherently where most musicians fall short.”
- Producer, Shangri-La Productions


Marbles EP 2006: Produced by Duane Lundy, Lexington, KY. "Marbles," "Bite, Hold," "I Think I Hate Her"

Debut Album: Time to Wake. 2004.
Produced by Duane Lundy at Shangri-La Productions in Lexington, KY.
-Includes “Nothing is Enough,” “Glamorama.”

Single: She Dances. 2004.
-Includes “Come Lie Down” pre-mix.

Acoustic EP: Slapped Down, Stretched Out. 2003.



The union of raunch and beauty can serve as the only comparison to the love of contrasting sounds that combine to form Emily Hagihara's self -proclaimed "faux-pop." The presence of both an edge and fragility in her sound yields a precipitate that leaves show goers satisfied in having scratched a new mental itch.

As a trained and applauded percussionist, Hagihara makes use of her exceptional talent and understanding of rhythm and meter in both songwriting and performances which are backed by three additional multi-talented musicians: all-in-all 3 percussionists and a classical pianist who have taken their training and elaborated unto at least 2 others each, switching keyboardist to drummer to bassist to guitarist and adding in some electronics to boot.

Hagihara's latest creation, Marbles, will certainly extract a heady response from both the listeners new to Hagihara and those that have become admirers from her time spent in Lexington, Kentucky. Produced by Duane Lundy (Scourge of the Sea, Parlour Boys, The Apparitions), Marbles will be released in February 2007 and will undoubtedly see Hagihara breaking out of her Kentucky address taking Marbles out on tour in the coming months.