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A unique lyricist, emilyis weaves rhyme and melody into deep electronic beats, creating a sound that is soulful and unique. Performances are complemented by live instrumentation, typically electric cello or violin, and visual projections. All in all--an entrancing audiovisual trip.


emilyis is a poet and performance artist pushing the boundaries of lyricism by combining elements of poetry, hip hop, punk and folk into a sound that is innovative and diverse. With degrees in journalism and international affairs, emilyis has found in creative expression a form of abstract journalism, using performance as a medium to explore her political, sensual and intellectual inquiries. Combining freestyle and improvisation with written lyrics, and incorporating visual poetry, emilyis tries to bring passion and freedom into an experience that grabs the heart, the mind and the soul. With a belief that music is an essential unifying and uplifting agent, emilyis makes sure that every day and every night is life vocalized.

Likened to such artists as Bjork, Sade and Tricky, emilyis complements heavy beats with her melodic presence. Guest musicians have included cellist Ruben Kodheli, drummer Johnny Chang, guitarist Daniel Salazar and the East Hartford step team.

emilyis has been featured on tracks by dubstep artists Hellfire Machina and hip hop artists Filthy Kleene and Rustoes.


get there

Written By: emilyis

may not be the way i'd go, but go ahead and get there

and we're talking about east and west, north and south, dividing lines, imperial conquest--
cold hearts telling us our differences--
lines in the sand and gone with the next rain, if we want to let them wash away--
he speaks of another people like they're heathens, devils, backwards, evil
but i hear beating hearts and breathing
in all this discourse something got lost
i say to him, 'well you know, my friend, if a god made you, (s)he must have made me too.'

may not be the way i'd go, but go ahead and get there

and they're putting the wedge in again
i feel it all like molding separating from the wall
revealing nails sharpened by cost and hardship
lost eyes trying to find a little peace of mind
why why why do we find ourselves caught in the middle and fighting each other when we should be on the same side
but i'm just trying to keep simple, not point fingers around
'cause what good does it do to stand
to push someone else down?

may not be the way i'd go, but go ahead and get there.

my mother always used to say, 'we don't need to work for peace,
we just need
to stop fighting.'


LP-emilyis, self-title
EP-the whiskey saints, short attention span theatre
Compilations: Hartford Songwriters Collective and
Knowing is Positive HIV Awareness CD

Set List

Sets can range from one to two hours, and can include a DJ spinning break. An abridged half-hour set is also available.

Songs are original. Set list typically consists of:

I've got ways
I'm alone
Get There
Take a Number
Quiet Me
Where he Wants to Be
Forfeit Tomorrow
Quietly Dying