Emily Kimball

Emily Kimball


Emily Kimball's music is a hantingly funky folk. She sounds like a young Joni Mitchell, if Joni Mitchell were 19 years old right now. She mixes surpising chord progressions with interesting rhythmic figures and novel-like lyrics. Her voice is sweet with a warm sharp edge to it.


Emily Kimball is a singer/songwriter from Maine, now living and going to school in Boston. She started playing guitar and writing songs at 15, though she had been writing lyrics and banging away on the piano and bass for years before that. In 2004 as a graduating senior in highschool she released her first 4 song Demo: The Tornado EP. After the release she began playing shows and has played in numerous venues in Maine, Mass, and Florida. In 2005 bass player Marcel Hamel began to play along and the songs began to grow. Emily is very used to being onstage, as she was a soloist with the Maine State Ballet Company for 4 years, while still in highschool. She enjoys connecting with the audience, whether it be onstage, playing on street corners or talking after a show.


The Tornado EP (2004)
The Basement Sessions (2005)
The Falcon Ridge Sessions (2006)

Set List

Wake Up
So Much Harder
Less To Me
You Take
Your City
Things to Say
Have You Forgotten
Glass of Wine
Certain Words
Talking with the Faces
Original Sin
All that You Expected

Between the Bars
On My Way
On Your Porch
Naked As We Came

My set list can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on what a venue asks for or what I feel like!

My typical set list is mostly originals, with a few well loved covers thrown in.