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| Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Established on Jan, 2011
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"Emily Kopp comes to The Parish"

The next generation of soul-infused indie folk singers is making its way onto the stages of America, and one of the most ambitious of those young voices belongs to Emily Kopp.

Though relatively new on the music scene, Kopp already has released an EP and a full-length album, and has opened for big names such as Eric Lindell, Brandi Carlile and Matchbox 20.

The Florida native will bring her bluesy heartache vocals and pop songwriting smarts to The Parish in New Orleans on May 20.

Kopp’s band is made up of Matt Schneider on guitar, Justin Beckler on guitar, Mason Fox on drums and Nasrulah Rahbari on bass. Kopp’s music is a melting pot, drawing inspiration from Tracy Chapman, Stevie Nicks and Sara Bareilles.

“I describe the music itself as kind of soulful folk. I have this blues element, but my music isn’t necessarily blues music. It’s this indie folk kind of music, but I like to incorporate my soulful voice into things,” Kopp said.

Though she had always played the drums and even taught drum lessons to earn extra money in high school, Kopp didn’t seriously start pursuing a career in music until she took at job at a live music venue in college.

“I was running errands for bands and stocking their tour buses and doing all the hospitality stuff, and during the show I would sit back and watch things from the sidelines. That got me wanting to go ahead and write my own music. College is when I actually started writing music and thinking of it as a potential serious career path,” she said.

Deciding to make music into a day job is one thing, but getting down to the nitty gritty of actual songwriting is another. Kopp said that for her, inspiration often comes out of nowhere.

“For me, it happens really randomly. I’ll be in a car and I’ll start thinking up melodies and record it into my phone,” she said. “Then I’ll bring it home, I’ll listen to it, and I’ll just take off with that melody and try and write something to that melody. For me, the music comes first.”

Though the music comes first, Kopp’s lyrics benefit from an honest, straightforward approach that tells a story instead of hiding behind vague metaphors. Kopp said she spends a lot of time getting her lyrics just right.

“Sometimes when you sing a bunch of gibberish, you end up singing actual words. That ends up being the actual material for your songs,” Kopp said. “Then you come back and tweak things, because you can always put something in a better way. It’s never happened where it’s like one shot and my song is done.”

Many young musicians make sacrifices for their craft, but to help pay for her first EP, “Potential,” Kopp had to go so far as to sell her drum kit. Though she primarily sings and plays guitar now, she still occasionally yearns to play the drums onstage.

“I sold a lot of things for the first one. Luckily it was only a five-song EP, so it was expensive, but not as expensive as a full album. I don’t really have a need for the drums anymore. It was time to say goodbye. But I might play drums at shows for certain songs. I would love to do that,” she said.

For many, college was a time of parties, dorm politics and midterms. For Kopp, it was a turning point that took a lifelong love of music and forged it into a promising career. Now that she’s made up her mind, there seems to be no stopping this young musician.

“I do like weekend warrior tours. So I go out
for Thursday, Friday,
Saturday, then drive back on Sunday and have class on Monday,” Kopp said. “I try to get out at least once a month. Considering that I’m in school full time, I’ve been touring as much as humanly possible.”

Emily Kopp and her band will open for Delta Rae at The Parish at the House of Blues on May 20. Doors open at 7 p.m., and the show starts at 8 p.m. More information about Kopp can be found at http://www.emilykoppmusic.com. - The Advocate

"So you wanna be a rock 'n' roll star, Emily Kopp?"

After Plantation native Emily Kopp graduated from the University of Central Florida in December, she got down to planning the next phase of her life as a performer of the soulful and introspective music heard on her debut album, “Serendipity Find Me.”

For her first national tour, from Charlotte to Chicago to New Orleans and many points in between, the thoroughly modern 23-year-old singer and guitarist got a sponsor (Lara Bar, a healthful snack from a Colorado-based company that had commissioned a song from her) and she hired a photographer to document the month-long trip that began May 6.

“You can be touring and playing shows all you want, but if nobody sees it online, it’s like it didn’t really happen,” says Kopp, who will end the tour Saturday night at C&I Studios in Fort Lauderdale.

The results so far, seen on her Tumblr (EmilyKoppMusic.tumblr.com), is a vivaciously personable and cautionary tale about life as an aspiring musician: an uncooperative 1995 Ford F-150 conversion van (bought on Craigslist), the marquee misspellings (hashtag: "payingyourdues") and new friends met.

What did you learn about yourself during this tour?

“I learned to take on a lot. I learned what I was getting into for the first time. It was kind of a wake-up call. … Being surrounded by people all the time, you don’t really get a break, you’re in the van all the time. … [But] this is what you do, you go out on the road. I learned that I am definitely capable and ready to be a touring artist full time.”

What did you learn about America?

“We didn’t stay in a hotel one time. I really want to credit people for their belief and kindness. People have opened their doors and hearts to us, myself and four guys they may or may not have known. … It was kind of an amazing thing to see that.”

Was there a most memorable moment?

“Oh, so many. [Laughs] My happiest moment was when we finally got everything with the car fixed and got back on the road. We went to many garages. This one happened to be in Chicago. I know more about my car than I’ve ever known about any car. I feel like a mechanic.”

Are you a different person after this journey?

“I wouldn’t say that I’m a different person… but the picture is a little bit clearer. The more you see and the more people you meet and the more you learn and discover about the world and yourself, there’s nothing like it.”

Emily Kopp performs at 7 p.m. Saturday at C&I Studios (541 NW First Ave., Fort Lauderdale) with Nashville songwriter Wes Harllee and locals Bushwood. Tickets: $10. Info: EmilyKoppMusic.com, C-IStudios.com.

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"Indie Spotlight: Emily Kopp"

You’ll find Emily Kopp’s YouTube page most helpful if you’re attempting to define what she means by calling her music “soul-infused folk pop.” You’ll also find video teasers to her upcoming debut album Serendipity Find Me, due October 15. The first single, “When We Fight,” was released earlier this year, along with a music video. The song highlights the strength and texture of this powerful, promising new voice. Though an independent artist, Kopp has already gained momentum and the attention of many, including the artists she admires, such as Brandi Carlile, for whom Kopp opened for on tour in early 2013. Kopp has spent the last two years honing her skills the traditional way - touring the Southeast along with her top-notch band in tow, and also sharing stages with artists such as Michelle Branch, Parachute, Boyce Avenue, Air Supply, ZZ Ward, Delta Rae and Matchbox 20. Find details on her Facebook page about her current tour. - BMI

"Emily Kopp Finds "Serendipity""

Emily Kopp is an artist who definitely learned about the music business from both sides of the stage. "I started out working at the arena on campus," she told Billboard, referring to The University of Central Florida. "After that, I worked for a talent buyer. I kind of got my feet wet in the booking realm and the live music aspect kind of things. That was an internship, so to make money, I started working as an artist runner. I was tending to the bands, getting there as they would load in. I was pretty much on call throughout the day, being the middle contact between the venue and the tour managers. I learned a lot about the day of show production end of things."

One experience of her time spent behind-the-scenes was getting to work with Brandi Carlile. "I knew that she was going to be playing there, and my boss would submit me to open for certain artists on a local level. It turned out that she had tour support for that date in Orlando, but they weren't able to be in Athens or Gainesville. So, I was able to get on the bill for those two dates. I flew to Athens and opened for her there. It was mind-blowing. It solidified my desire to play music for a living. Her live show was so incredible."

That motivation has served Kopp well, as she has just released her album "Serendipity Find Me" (listen above). She says that her musical style runs all over the stylistic map. "I have more of a soul singers' voice, but I know that melody and production wise, there's more of a pop sound. There's also a folk aspect, as well. I would call it soulful folk, maybe. I'm not sure how to categorize it. I'm still working on my sound. I love pop music, and I love folk music, so I'm still learning how to merge those elements together."

One aspect of the album that Kopp claims was exhilarating was writing for it. "That's been a big learning experience," she claims. "It's been a lot about coming of age topics, early 20s-something topics, and trying to articulate it in a way in a unique way that people can relate to. I'm just trying to write about what I'm going through right now. I've also been co-writing a lot, and that's been a neat experience."

One song the singer says was extremely personal was "When We Fight." She said the lyrics are ones that have been lived. "That song is pretty straight forward and true, as far as content goes. I know a lot of songs tend to be exaggerated, but that one is pretty true to itself. it's a true story about getting into a heated argument with someone you're extremely in love in. The inspiration comes from the good, as well as the bad times." - BILLBOARD


Serendipity Find Me - October 2013



Emily Kopp's music has been described as a marriage between "bluesy heartache vocals and pop songwriting smarts" (The Advocate), and the 23 year old singer-songwriter is a full-time road warrior with the release of her debut full length album, "Serendipity Find Me” (10/15/13). The record charted at #39 on the iTunes songwriter chart within it's first week, which is a testament to the tenacity of this independent artist. That month, Emily was named an "Indie Spotlight Artist" by BMI, and also received an in-depth feature in Billboard. http://bit.ly/19i6XCy

Kopp has already gained much momentum and the attention of many, working in the grassroots-esque style of countless artists who she most admires; Among them, Brandi Carlile, who Kopp had the opportunity to open for on tour in early 2013. She has spent the last two years honing her skills the traditional way: touring the Southeast along with her top-notch band in-tow, and also sharing stages with artists such as Michelle Branch, Parachute, Boyce Avenue, Air Supply, Ben Taylor, ZZ Ward, Delta Rae, Matchbox 20, Kenny Loggins, Marc Cohn, and many more. 

Like many artists, Kopp's musical beginnings started at a young age. She grew up singing in the school choir, playing behind the drum-kit in garage bands, to eventually strumming cover songs on her guitar at wine bars and coffee shops. After relocating to Orlando, FL to study at The University of Central Florida, Kopp began working at local music venue, running errands and providing hospitality for artists (Marc Cohn, Joshua Radin, Joe Bonamassa, The Civil Wars, Dr. John, Bryan Adams, Ani DiFranco, among many others). Much of Kopp’s tenacity and knowledge about the music industry was developed while cutting her teeth behind the scenes—working hard and watching from the sidelines. 

Now after finding her own voice, Kopp shares a similar soulfulness, lyrical knowhow, and pop sensibility that blends beautifully with the same artists who she has always admired. Kopp will be touring heavily this Spring, with trips planned to all of the major markets throughout 2014.