Emily Overstreet

Emily Overstreet


"Emily is a somewhat recent arrival to the local scene here in Portland, and brings with her a whimsical world of lush sounds and intelligent poetry." -- John V.B. from The Carrier Pigeons


With dream-like songs and unusual instrumentation, Emily awakens the soul in all of us that cries out for love. With her heart-felt lyrics, Emily pushes past the curtain to reveal a story within all of us. Using a looper on her guitar, Emily is able to create a full band effect while standing alone on stage.
"The looper has opened up a whole new definetion for a solo artist's live performance", says Emily. Integrating her own vocals in harmony, and even adding an Irish pennywhistle, Emily leaves the audience in absolute wonder.
Her amazing ear for music allows her to sweep up and down the piano keys with ease, as she springs on us everything from sultry ballads to flowing 1940s octaves.
Emily's sweet but edgy style has been compared to Sixpence None the Richer, Plumb, and Eisley. She has found her home in Portland, Oregon, where she is beginning work on a new full length album, much to the anticipation of her fans. It seems to be only the beginning for a long and full carreer for Emily Overstreet.


Meant To Be

Written By: Emily Overstreet

Another night, the curtains are drawn. Goodnight my sweetheart
Let’s wake with the dawn. But the stars outside, they know
I’m just talking to myself again.
I feel your heartbeat, it can’t be my own
‘Cuz I feel dead inside, like I can’t go on
But I know I know I know, I know

The moonlight dances on the wall
A luminescent waterfall
And when I’m miles away from you
I know the same old moon might be dancing for you.
How can I wish for something more
The moonlight slides onto the floor
How can I take this heart of mine
And describe to you the loneliness of my joy
That you are where you’re meant to be…
Where your meant to be…

Untill the morning, the curtains were never drawn. And I’ll never fall asleep
And there won’t be a dawn. But I know, I know I know…I know.


Written By: Emily Overstreet

I’ll breathe in the air, into my lungs it goes, out to the street it flows.
Isn’t the autumn cold? A raindrop falls on my nose, out to the street it flows.

PRE CHORUSAnd the chill of the air, makes my heart grow colder
Still the warmth of Your presence melts my bones.
And the thought of Your face, makes my heart grow fonder
Still I’m trying so hard to just let go…

When it’s all gone, when you’re all through
When you’ve got nothing else, to say or do
Don’t fly away, just stay where you are
I’m here in the stars, and I’m holding you, I’m holding you.
(Don’t fly away, stay where you are, don’t fly away, stay where you are)

Take a deep breath, and look at where you are, out of your deepest pain.
Isn’t it hard to let go? A stubborn man goes nowhere; now give me your biggest dream.


Emily's new EP "Water Year" was released in February of 2007 and is receiving quite a bit of attention. Hundreds of copies have been sold after just a handful of oppurtunities to expose it. The radio stations are excited too.
"This is something that not only I will play, but that I enjoy listening to as well. That's saying a lot for a DJ that gets hundreds of demos a month", says front man Jerry Builden for Kdov 91.7. Currently the station is playing Sparrow as the single.
"It is just so beautiful", said Ash, host of 97 The Rogue's local talent showcase after playing "Meant to Be". "Sparrow" is also in rotation at her station.
Emily's performances seem to get better and better, say her fans. She continues to return to familiar stages, only to blow the audience out of the water again and again. They keep coming back, and you will too.

Set List

Emily's set list can range from 15 minutes to 1 hour, but her typical set list is about 45 minutes.
On Guitar: 1. Old Mill
2. Strip Away
3. No Ropes, Windows, Old Bones

On Piano:
5.Meant to Be
6. The Other Summerwind
7. Whale's Tail