Emily Schulze

Emily Schulze


"How can you sing at a time like this?" says she. "How can you NOT sing at a time like this?" says I. And so goes my theory...


So I think I came out of the womb singing. Granted, that wasn't a long time ago compared to most people in the business, but Broadway is my calling and I will stop at nothing to get there.

My name is Emily Schulze and I am 18 years old. I am a musical theatre major at Cal State Fullerton, and have performed in several high school shows and with various community theatre organizations for many years. Be it a concert, musical, wedding, or just a karaoke night, I jump at any opportunity to get behind a mic.

Call me ambitious, call me naive, but I have every intent of pursuing my dreams. Musical theatre is more than a passion - it's the blood in my viens. My name is already in lights; now I just need to figure out how to turn on the power. :)


hopefully someday...