Emily Sparks

Emily Sparks


Emily Sparks is poppy, pretty, sad, and quaint. She tells stories in her songs that draw you in and stay with you, keeping you warm on those rainy days.


A thick-skinned, fragile-voiced girl from the North country whose influences include Neil Young, Elliot Smith, Cat Power and Nick Drake. Frontwoman Bridget ‘Jet’ Mullen got the name Emily Sparks from the classic book of fictional epitaphs by Edgar Lee Masters, The Spoon River Anthology. Maybe that's because her music represents the same eerie, straightforward poetry that seems to speak beyond the grave, lamenting in a whisper the loves and lives had and then lost.


"What Could Not Be Buried" is a full-length CD on Wishing Tree Records.
"Find Your Own Fire" is a song on a compilation by various artists called "The Amos House Collection III" also on Wishing Tree Records.
"Just As Well" was featured on an episode of the WB show, "One Tree Hill."

Set List

Just As Well
Mr. Lunch
Better Before
Austin Easy
Nothing I Can Say
Golden Roadside
What Some Would Call The Devil
Sadness Enhances the Heart
Blue Schwinn
Temporary Guest
Tiny Little Clothes
You've Ruined Me
It's Only Music
ONE SET is about 45min