Emily X-Ray

Emily X-Ray


As a solo vocalist I like to be able to sing a variety of different genres of music, from pop to opera.


My music does not stick to just one specific genre, As I have been experimenting with all types of music I can for the past year and a half now, just trying to find what my voice is suited best for.
I find that my stronger points are with jazz and standards to classical seeing as my training is classical that's no surprise.
I'm not that skilled with composing my own original music so I mostly do covers and I work with a producer/dj in B.C on electronic music. I also perform at raves in Toronto that I put on. I host/ do all the promotion for those events. :]


Don't Autotune Me

Written By: Ken Waters

dont put me on autotune x2

im sorry if i
im sorry if i let you down

but i
oh i
wont sell out for any crowd

so let me tell you this one time
you better hear me good and get in line

dont aut0otune me


im sorry
you think its a bad choice
for me
to use my own voice
no wonder why
you dont come alive
when you hear music today
it doesent hit you the same
what a shame
oh yeah

cause your missing out
on the sounds of life
when you use machines
to keep your voice alive


most of my music stuff is on youtube, I make covers and videos.
I'm working on an EP of the electronic tracks I'm doing with my producer. :)