Eminent Hero

Eminent Hero


Offensive in its intensity, potent in its instrumentation, and uplifting in its live performances, Eminent Hero captures the spirit of Rock in its purest form. Efficient and clear in the studio, their true strength is in their stage presence and their ability to entertain. It is good... to be king.


Eminent Hero was started by long time friends Scott Simpson and Connor Kelly. They recruited their younger siblings Phillip (guitar) and Ryan (drums) and the band began to storm the local independent music venues and bars in February 2006. Since then, the band has hit the road all around Texas from College Station/Bryan to San Antonio to Dallas to Lubbock and even to Colorado Springs and Denver, staying true to their purely musical roots, and never compromising their attitude and integrity. Scott Simpson himself is currently producing the band's eight song debut EP which will be released in december 2009.

Eminent Hero is very punk-inspired, although with two of the best guitarists in town and a rhythm section not afraid of innovation, elements of delta blues, hard rock, and even Texas country have found influence musically in the hottest band from Houston in recent memory. These boys from Houston stay true to the roots of rock n' roll and astonish every living soul that happens to get curious and stop by a HERO show. So if you want a hero in rock music the time is now, the place is SXSW and the heroes will save you...EMINENT HERO!


'Wicked Witches'-streaming
'Southbound to Houston'-streaming
'Miss Hollywood'-streaming
'I Wanna Feel Something'-streaming
'Cougar Trap'-streaming

Set List

*Typical Set List: 9-15 songs

*SETS: avg. 2, hour long sets.

*Our covers go with our music. We like to play hard hitting, fun songs that the crowd can party, sing, and dance to!

*SONGS: (subject to changes)*

Intro Track (taped intro)
Suicidal Love
Cougar Trap
Daylight Dies
My Idea of Fun (stooges cover)
Southbound to Houston
Miss Hollywood
I Remember When
Wear my Ring (bart crow cover)
Mama Kin (aerosmith cover)
Wicked Witches