Port Jervis, New York, USA

Emish is high-powered rock with Irish heart and described as "a force to be reckoned with" by Matthew Nelligan, President of the Irish 2000. Whether they are playing on the main stage at a festival, theater halls or pubs, Emish brings an energy packed show with witty banter on stage, leaving their fans asking for more.


New York natives, Emish, have forged their own Americana folk rock sound by colliding a background of Irish, rock, and folk influences. This independent, power-folk band initially found success in a grassroots manner. Supported by their local and dedicated fan base, Emish has repeatedly been voted the "Best Band of the Hudson Valley", including the 2012 title. Since it's inception in 2005, the group has grown to include support from the national stage as well. Their high energy, live performances and distinct sound have catapulted Emish to be a sought-out headlining act at major festivals and concerts across the US, including the likes of Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Folk & Irish festivals, as well as, the more intimate setting of theaters or small concert settings.

In Emish's fourth album, the group ventured further into the Americana movement focusing on their original songs written by award winning front man, Bobby Curreri, while highlighting the bands multi-instrumentalists Christy Brown and Jen Curreri on fiddle, flute, cello, accordion, trumpet and whistle and rounding out the sounds with powerful rhythm of bass and Andrew Hulle on percussion. With the anticipated release of this album, which was completely funded by their fan base, it will be more evident than ever why one of the largest US festivals, Irish 2000 has quoted Emish as a "Force to be reckoned with", while the NY based IPH radio station awarded the first annual "Mighty Craic Award" to Emish. Bobby Curreri has also been named as the"Best Singer/Songwriter" of both 2011 and 2012 while the full band took home "Best Band" for the fourth year.


This Light

Written By: Bobby Curreri


Oh I never meant to see you in this light
Oh I never meant to see you in this light

Walkin down the street, I don’t know where
Lookin for you, lookin for some where out of here
A head full of tunes and a belly full of beer
Everything was great till you ditched me my dear


The sun’s going down here in Dublin town
My feet hurt my head aches
I’ve looked all around
Is there somethin’ that I said
A thing I didn’t do
Is there anything left for me and you and


Black as pitch I’ve checked every pub
Drank on the house I cried to every one
They buy me a round, sit me on down
Tell my sad tale of what you’ve done and


One More Round

Written By: Bobby Curreri

Have you ever been a part of a creation, have you ever danced in the glow
Of people loving and a laughing with you, and the rush at being the show
we started this band just to make some music, who knew where it would go
A lot of good friends and some really cool places, just strung out along the road

And it's one more round for each of us, one more round to go
And we don't care just where we're headed, just keep us on the road

We started out looking for Atlanta, wound up in Buffalo
Mike got drunk and lost and we started to panic, so we set out to bring him home
We found him in a bar not a block away, bloodied up and nursing his nose
We picked him up and brought him to the trailer, he asked for one more round to go

Chorus x2


2007 - This Light
2008 - One More Round
2011 - Sinners Make the Best Saints
2013 - Sparkle

Set List

Our set consists of a combination of originals and Irish rock arrangements of traditional tunes and songs. Depending on the venue, we play one to three hour sets and take a break when playing over 90 minutes.