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Crown Point, Indiana, United States

Crown Point, Indiana, United States
Band Rock Metal


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"Band of the Month: November 2006"

Sometimes greed can be a terrible thing – it can make selfish beasts from honourable, generous, righteous men. Considering that we are none of these things, greed is a dangerous sin indeed. You see, us malevolent creatures at rocksomething.com have been cradling a CD of fantastical proportions for quite some time now and all the while we’ve been knowledgeable of the fact that we should tell others about it. Yet we’ve kept it Frodo-style (secret and safe) for fear that everyone else would get in on the act. We know, we’ve been bad, but we’re going to make up for it right now.

The CD in question is the self-titled debut album from Chicago-based metal merchants, Emisis. Despite the fact that this is a typical story of a young band that met whilst in education and simply want to succeed in the music industry, the quartet more than justify some additional exposure on these pages solely for playing metal the way it’s supposed to be played – full of riffs the size of Lake Michigan and solos hotter than the Oprah Winfrey Show (seriously, you can’t argue with a woman that earns that much…). In short, “Emisis” is a stunning debut release. It’s something that Brian Giacomin, the band’s drummer and chief promoter is particularly proud of:

“The new material has been very well received. Two songs are hitting the most and they are “Burn Me Blind” along with “Follow Me”, which opens the album. The feedback we are getting is awesome. They are saying it is packed full of energy and has some commercial catchiness to it.”

Indeed, with the heavy influences of Metallica (the good years), Alice in Chains and Pantera ringing true throughout their music, there’s no arguments about that here. The band is also incredibly well thought of on the live circuit – so much so that they not only won a band competition last year, but in quite unusual circumstances too.

“Our best moment so far would be selling out the Double Door in Chicago,” Giacomin explains, “It was a competition show in the Emergenza music festival. Brynn Robinson [singer] was flying in from Cleveland and the plane was delayed by over two hours. We finally picked him up 45 minutes before the show and made it by about ten minutes. The best thing is that we wrote a brand new song in the car and performed it that night to a sold out crowd that just went fucking nuts. We won the competition and went on to play the Metro in Chicago to a sold out crowd of over 1400.”

Now if that’s not the sign of a promising metal band than what is? Do yourselves a favour and check ‘em out. - Adam Harold - Rock Something

"Review of Split"

Review of Split by Emisis
Genre: Hard Rock 3.7

Get some!
This is one of the best tracks I've heard at GarageBand.

The production is outstanding. Very, very professional sounding.
The number opens with a muted riff over a sparkling hi-hat motif before it comes brimming out of the speakers like a crazed bull elephant.

Man, this riff is just so fat! It's as fat as a sumo wrestler eating his way out of a prison made of burgers. Great big, chunky guitars over lardass bass underpinned by obese drums - this is huge! Honestly, I'm nearly wetting myself with excitement here. When the lead break kicks in I can take it no more - off with headphones and stomping around the room, even with my skinny, emaciated speakers that cannot do justice to something this immense.

The vocalist fronts the proceedings with aplomb using a range of styles from a leering, menacing whisper through to a full-gutted, beer-bellied roar along with great melodies and harmonies in the choruses.

What we've got here is great songwriting, great performances and some kickass, feel good rock n' roll. I can't be critical because I think I love you, now - excuse me coz I'm gonna slap the fat and ride on the waves...

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood, Originality, Most Rocking Track.

- Makntak
London, The Big Smoke, United Kingdom
January 30th, 2005 - www.garageband.com/artist/emisis


The stuff platnum is made of.....
I am in Love with this track. It has all the ingredients needed for a great rock song. Vocals reming me a lot of Ian Asbury, Great Vocal Arrangements and effects. Do I hear a Marshall Gibson combo? This is the guitar sound that ALL GREAT ROCK SONGS ARE MADE OF. I hope i'm not making this track sound weak by using the word ROCK because its got a heavy mood, down and dirty. The rhythm section is a heartbeat, no more can be said than TIGHT!!! A+++ BLAST THE ENGINES BOYZ!!!!
Reviewed by: libtone from Arundel, Maine - Review of Turn Out


One word: WOW
Right off the bat, the intro just grabbed me by my neck and didn't let go. It reminded me of Tool and a bit of Led Zeppelin's "No Quarter". It's so atmospheric that it just kicks soooo much ass. The bass carries the entire song the most - if it wasn't for that bass work, this song wouldn't be as trippy nor as good.

The lead vocalist reminds me a lot of Ian Astbury of the Cult. I am definitely impressed by him - the guy sounds like he can belt one out with the best of 'em. It certainly makes me wish my band had a guy who can sing like him. whatever this band does, they can't get rid of him. The bass is what carries the verses and the intro, he is what caries the chrous - I don't think it would work with any less-powerful singer by the way he just belts out his lyrics.

This entire band just kicks my ass from beginning to end. The drummer is also amazing - the guy knows exactly when and how to do his fills - seemingly very well planned and thoughtout, the beat is awesome, and he stays consistent throughout. Nice tone and riffing from the guitarist's end - just wish there was a good solo in it at the breakdown instead of just bass and drums. i think that would've made the song kick more ass than it already has.

Amazingly great job. I definitely would like to hear more from these guys.
Reviewed by: Cursed_Paul_Rox from Providence, Rhode Island
- Review of Broken Pieces

"Emisis realize their dreams taking flight"


While having talent and good songs are a big part of succeeding in the music business, most national artists will tell you that other elements more often than not are the mitigating factors in who ultimately "makes it" and who does not.

Those elements are -- dedication to chasing the dream, a deep-rooted belief in self and strong chemistry between members.

That said, success should be a shoe-in for the five focused members of Emisis, a heavy rock group, currently based in Northwest Indiana.

"Our music is definitely aggressive, so when people hear how heavy the music is, they expect to hear growling or screaming," admitted drummer Brian Giacomin. Surprise! Emisis' Bryan Robinson actually sings rather than go the "cookie monster" route of so many other heavy rock vocalists.

The band writes as a group with Robinson composing his own lyrics.

"We have four songs on the demo CD and four others we are currently working on," Giacomin said.

Though technically a new band -- their first official club gig was less than a year ago -- Emisis actually has a lengthy history.

Giacomin first jammed with bassist Russ St. Meyers, lead guitarist Brian Price and rhythm guitarist Patrick Nolan, while attending Solan Robinson Elementary School in Crown Point.

"Our music teacher put on a talent show when we were in sixth grade. We got together for the first time for that. We covered 'Enter Sandman' by Metallica," he recalled. "That talent show started it all and we've been friends ever since."

The four continued to jam together and, while in high school, spent a short time covering pop-rock tunes as members of The Same Difference.

"We needed cash to buy guitars and gear," explained Giacomin, of how that situation came about.

During that time, the lads forged a special chemistry while rehearsing together in basements to keep their hard-rock edge while searching for a singer.

It took two years, but they found Robinson, who was living in Chicago at the time.

"Bryan's work just re-located him to Ohio, so he has been flying out to do gigs here with us," said Giacomin, noting that he and the band are planning to chase their dream to Ohio with Robinson, once the drummer graduates from college in June.

Emisis won the second round of the Emergenza Festival band battle, a nationwide competition that will pay off with the winning bands from each city playing the annual festival in Germany, followed by a U.S. tour sponsored by Ernie Ball Guitar Strings.

"We won the second round last week at The Note in Chicago. In May, we play round three at the Double Door," Giacomin said. "Those (preliminary) rounds are done by audience votes. If we win Double Door, we play at The Metro in front of a panel of judges. If we take that one, it's off to Germany."

There is some irony that a band who came together as the direct result of a talent show, now battle for global recognition in another talent show, sporting a tougher audience than sixth graders.

"We are so pumped up from winning the second round, that we are not even allowing ourselves to think any negative thoughts," concluded Giacomin, revealing that last magical element of deep-rooted self-belief. - Tom Lounges- NWI Times

"Emisis Wins Semi-Final Round of Emergenza Festival in Chicago"

Emisis Wins Semi-Final Round of Emergenza Festival in Chicago

Showcasing an amazing, all-original set, including a brand new song, Emisis was the fan favorite and easily moved on to the final round of the Emergenza Festival.

Crown Point, IN (PRWEB) May 8, 2005 -– Thursday night Emisis took the stage at the Double Door in Chicago by storm. With their highest ticket sales to date for the Emergenza Festival, it is obvious that their fan base is growing as rapidly as they are loud. “It was amazing,” said Brian Giacomin, drummer and spokesperson for Emisis. “Every time we play our fans are louder then the rest, and in a competition where winning is based on fan votes, who could ask for more. It’s truly an awesome experience.”

Their 30 minute, all-original set, including a brand new song, was as solid as ever. Loud and full of energy, they are now ready to compete in the national final on June 25, 2005 at the Metro in Chicago for a chance to play in Rothenberg, Germany. “Playing the Metro is a dream come true,” said Giacomin. “We love to play, and it shows in our music. We hope the judges at the Metro will see that, just like our fans do.”

Priding an impressive first year run, Emisis has debuted throughout clubs in and around Chicago including the Double Door, Elbo Room, Underground Lounge, The Note, O’Malleys and J.J. Kelley’s. You can witness Emisis live again this Saturday, May 7th at the Penny Road Pub in Barrington. Show starts at 10:00 PM and cover is $8. For more information, please visit www.pennyroadpub.com.
- PR Web


Emisis - 4 song demo released in August of 2005
Emisis - Self-titled debut album with 11 original tracks released in June of 2006


Streaming play is available for all songs at our official website

Radio play includes these tracks on college and internet radio: Turn Out, Broken Pieces and Split


Feeling a bit camera shy


Emisis knows little competition when it comes to unabashed, balls-out rock. Fierce energy surrounds and embodies their music with a unique and raw sound. Searing guitar tones, walls of bass, rooted drums and emphatic vocal melodies lift Emisis above the cut. The sweaty stage is home for these five life-long friends, home grown on hard rock and metal acts dating back through the decades. Emisis live and in concert is by far the forte of this dedicated group.

Embarking on a trial to test the waters, Emisis recorded their first EP in August of 2004. The four track listings (Turn Out, Split, Broken Pieces and Down Again) began receiving acclaimed reviews and attention from fans and the media alike. With a strong demo on their plate, Emisis thought it was time to showcase their talent live. Booking shows throughout the Chicago-land area, one particular competition struck their chord - Emergenza. Rocking venues such as the Blue Note, Double Door and eventually the National Finals at Metro, attendance was peaking over 200 fans, some from states away. Beating out more than 700 acts locally, Emisis returned after Metro on June 25th, 2005 with "Best Singer" award, only granted among two other bands throughout the national competition. The ball began to roll.

Excerpts from magazines and papers began to surface, one specifically from Tom Lounges of Midwest Beat Magazine that summed up the aura of Emisis:

"While having talent and good songs are a big part of succeeding in the music business, most national artists will tell you that other elements more often than not are the mitigating factors in who ultimately "makes it" and who does not. Those elements are -- dedication to chasing the dream, a deep-rooted belief in self and strong chemistry between members. That said, success should be a shoe-in for the five focused members of Emisis"

Maintaining a long-distance relationship with Brynn Robinson (Singer) proved to be the most difficult task when he relocated in February of 2005 to Cleveland, OH for work obligations. If a grand story of patience, desire and will power were to weave the Emisis legacy, this would be it. Pushing distance aside on a banner of aspiration, the band continued to write new material and play on a regular basis. With over 2000 copies of their first EP in circulation, the decision became final to record a full-length album.

In June of 2006, Emisis' self-titled debut CD was complete with eleven original tracks. The evolution and maturity of the songs had blossomed, showing a wide array of genre-influence and style, making the sound of Emisis their very own. With their mind set on all the souls around every corner of the world, hungry for fresh, in-your-face music, expect to see Emisis and their buzz contagiously sweep concert venues across the country.

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