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Emma Moseley Band

Jacksonville, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Jacksonville, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Soul




"Emma Moseley Band – Soulful Rock at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall"

From the local area, Emma Moseley Band brought their soulful rock to Ponte Vedra Concert Hall last night, opening for Ana Popovic.

Emma Moseley fronts the band with a great set of pipes and a lot of attitude, with Sean Sammon playing bass guitar; Bobby Turner on guitar; and Freddie Heater, Jr on drums. Opening with Lost, the band set the tone of southern soul rock with powerful vocals and great guitar riffs. Happy Feet showed off the intricate drums of Freddie Heater, Jr with a classic rock groove. Roux brought the emotion to the audience and garnered the Emma Moseley Band an enthusiastic response from the crowd. Pennies brought Emma Moseley on stage with her guitar, a haunting cadence and a hard-hitting beat along with fantastic vocals. Nyquil saw Emma on guitar again, dedicating the song to all the musicians who died the previous year Emma showed off both her softer side and her ability to produce powerful vocals while the guitars engaged in some amazing riffs.

This local group is destined for a greater, larger stage with their understanding of the core of rock – great music, meaningful lyrics that speak to their fans, and fabulous vocals. - Ignite Music Magazine

"Best Albums of 2014"

20. The Emma Moseley Band – Face South

Emma Moseley has a unique vocal gift and i’m glad she brought her soulful southern rock vocals to the masses with this release. This song isn’t on the album but it’s worth checking out: - Beneath the Grid Magazine

"A New Decree, Emma Moseley Band, Near Empty, Manna Zen: Jacksonville, Florida"

Next up was The Emma Moseley Band who call Jacksonville, Florida home. Having done a little research on this group prior to the show, I discovered the group was started by bass player Sean Sammon and vocalist Emma Moseley in 2010. Sammon, who is the former bass player and writer for Puddle of Mudd has helped this group come together and form a sound all their own with elements of funk and classic rock that create the frame work for Moseley’s vocals. Listening to Moseley sing and watching her on stage was like taking a step back in time and seeing the musical group Heartperform. Guitarist Bobby Turner played hypnotizing guitar riffs while Emma danced. It was hard to take your eyes off the stage as the band interacted so well with each other and the crowd. - Metal Nexus

"Indy Rock review, "Face South" - Emma Moseley Band"

The Emma Moseley Band - Face South!

The Emma Moseley Band is a Southern Rock unit out of Saint Augustine Florida. There aren't a lot of female singers in rock there that have what Emma does, which is a kickass set of pipes, lots of attitude and a great sense of lyrics. We saw the live show at South by South West, and they handled it very well in spite of having issues thrown at them last minute. What got my attention was this first CD, arriving in the mailbox like some sort of X-File. Face South. catchy title, and has equally interesting songs. For three musicians and a vocalist, this band fills very well, and still does it in a unique style. Some would attribute to ex Puddle of Mudd bassist Sean Sammon, who also contributes to writing, but is one of the better bass players I've heard. Mostly bass players don't fill, but Sean can do it well. Bobby Turner handles great guitar chops, and Freddie Heater beats the kit. So lets' Face South-And see what love has to do with it.

25- First track -A great tune about what happens when love makes a mistake and goes running back to what was home... even if home wasn't ideal. (he's a soul I could not bear to see, but I could use a little company...)

Off the Chin - Off the Chin, the drugs, the battered the bruised, Yea here we go again...here's to the ones who lose. Ever been here? I know you have. Sometimes comfort is more than logic...

Fishes - This song creeps in a slow cadence with some cool back masking effects used in a haunting way. She implores "Don't feed me to the fishes till I'm done, and she is the prize and the offering... Could this be about a mob relationship?

Salt- infectious groove, with a great wandering guitar in the back and kick chords up front - "Bleed for me baby, jump if I say go.. Never follow, never listen to what I got to show... "

Deja-Vu- They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. They also say familiarity breeds contempt. Emma sings "You're a record on repeat, and predictable solution to the norm, you're a shoe with no feet, you're doomed to conform-" Maybe separate vacations this year? ...

Sugar Coated Memories- She's waiting in the wings with a lot in mind... and wants to know about yours, cause she's really a girl in waiting.. on you.

Better Words- This is one of my favorites. If you listen you will think it is the title track as Emma forcefully sings "Face SOUTH when you're talking to me, for lack of better words, I'm setting you free, shut your mouth! if you're talking to me... better words, better words... The song comes across with a great urgency, all is over and done. Welcome to her land of waste, she's fallen from grace but its home to you now...

Scarlett - This song has an urgency based in s type of insanity - and really good blues. It all sneaks up to present the inside of a mind that wants in desperately...Nice guitar work, just as eerie as the lyrics.

Soap Box - Breakup! Go on and take my pieces with you, Soapbox is upbeat and is pure pop - You gotta love it when Emma hits the bridge the band gets really intense

Fallen Soldier - This is a bonus track and also one of my favorites. I can't do it justice but its bridge is- I am a fallen soldier, I served my country which was my family's sacrifice. My name is listed with the others, husbands, wives, sons and daughters who fought for your freedom; it came with the same price.... This song is a high note for Face South, and one sorely needed what all you hear about are how people in Michigan dance on the Flag.

- Chris Br - The Shop Album Rock

"91x Top 40 Songs"

Top 40 Songs for the week ending Saturday, April 6, 2015
TW LW Artist Song Title
1 11 San Juan Oysters
2 45 Madjo Fugue For an Old Man
3 3 The Black Ryder Santaria
4 8 The March Divide Slow Down
5 4 Sunghosts II
6 42 Autopilot This City
7 6 Simian Ghost I Will Speak Until I'm Done
8 41 Lieutenant Belle Epoque
9 44 Midnight Pilot Taking My Chances
10 2 Billy Down The Drain
11 7 Baked Goods Sailing Free
12 43 Colorway Come Back July
13 9 Doldrums Video Hostage
14 15 Father John Misty Chateau Lobby #4
15 10 Vetiver From Now On
16 12 Modest Mouse The Best Room
17 13 The Relatives Change of Heart
18 14 Bonson Berner Reflection
19 20 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Do The Get Down
20 16 Schedlo Once I Had A Friend
21 17 Chastity Belt The Thing
22 18 The Emma Moseley Band Off the Chin
23 23 KNTRLR The Great Filter
24 19 Kingsborough Mr. Wind
25 21 And The Kids Pangea
26 22 Mnek Ready For Your Love
27 24 Night Terrors of 1927 When You Were Mine
28 25 Eula I Collapse
29 32 Sub-Radio Standard Power Line
30 30 Cloakroom Asymmetrical
31 38 Satellites This Is All There Is
32 29 Empire! Empire! A Keepsake
33 35 Sleater Kinney No Anthems
34 27 The Sole Pursuit Unabashedly Unafraid
35 34 Cairo Kingdoms
36 40 The Great Depression Something Like Shame
37 31 Corners Maxed Out On Distractions
38 28 Ransom & the Subset Anna
39 36 Houndstooth No News From Home
40 26 The Love Junkies Storm Troopers - 91x KXUL

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""Think Pink with Emma Moseley Band""

Unity Outreach Organization and the Judeen Memorial Foundation are gearing up for the 4th Annual Think Pink Motorcycle Ride. This year, the ride will take place twice- the first to occur on Saturday, September 15th, and the second on Saturday, October 13th. The event has grown by leaps and bounds since its first occurrence back in 2009, and now has the largest turnout of all Unity Outreach’s annual event.
The first run will start at St. Augustine’s Ponce De Leon Mall, and the second will begin at the Adamac Harley Davidson shop in Jacksonville. Both events will raise money to assist women dealing with breast cancer.
St. Augustine’s Emma Moseley Band has been chosen to headline both events, and the band says the couldn’t be more excited.
“It’s great getting involved with the charity,” Moseley says.
The artist knows firsthand how important it is to connect with people who can openly discuss and relate to dealing with and experiencing the disease, as her mother is an eight-year breast cancer survivor.
“It’s been cool meeting new friends and talking to people who’ve been through the exact same thing that I went through.”
It’s a tune all too familiar for the band’s guitarist Bobby Turner as well. In fact, the Judeen Memorial Foundation was actually founded in honor of Wendy Judeen Owens, his cousin, who lost her battle with the disease in 2004. She was just 31 years old.
“We are so honered that they chose us to kick it all off,” Moseley adds.
Drummer Greg Wilcox says the band is heavily focused on promoting the event all around.
“We’re not just going to show and play,” Wilcox declares. “It’s not going to be anything like that. We’re also helping them with the organization from the music end as well as the promotion. There’s a whole bunch of additional people we’re hoping to bring in on top of what would already show up for a run.” He adds.
Bill Parker and Scott Tatter from Toes in the Sand Productions will donate the audio for the charity event.
The band has been kept somewhat under wraps for the last several months, hard at work recording and perfecting its freshman album alongside Jim DeVito of Retrophonics Studio.
“We’re smack dab in the middle of it right now,” Moseley says. “Bobby and I had worked with Jimmy before as the Southern Wailers, and I must say, we kind of went back there to seek out his mojo,” says Moseley.
“Another reason we went back to him is to do this all analog, se we’re proudly doing tat, and we’re all really excited to hear the final product,” she adds. “He’s really played a huge part in out learning experience.”
Bassist Sean Sammon explains their decision to remain off the local radar. He says the and wants to avoid ebing pegged as just another “bar band”.
“That’s kind of a thorn in our side at the moment,” Sammon says. “Due to the background that I came from, we’re going for the bigger stages right out of the gate, and I think that makes us a little different in this town. It’s not that we don’t want to play smaller shows, we just don’t want to be known as a bar band. We’ll showcase here locally when our album comes out at the end of the year, and then probably hit the tour circuit the first of next year,” he continues.
Sammon was an original founding member of the band Puddle of Mudd and played with the group up until finishing album “Come Clean”. He’s toured with the likes of the Deftones, Stone Sour, and Seether.
Sammon seems to be pretty confident with the band’s chosen approach and planned strategy.
“I know enough people in the industry now with all the contacts I’ve made, that I think if we get on the road, we can knock on enough doors because all we need is the audience. Our songs are so diverse that we’ve got a huge market.”
“People are always talking, asking us when and where they can come see us play,” Wilcox adds. “Well here’s your chance with this event.”
All funds raised by Unity Outreach go towards helping with the financial and emotional difficulties that stem from the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, including co-pays, lymph edema, prostheses, wigs, and other related needs.
For more information on the Think Pink Motorcycle Run, visit www.unityoutreachstaug.org, and for additional information on the Emma Moseley Band, visit Facebook and Reverbnation. - Sarah Locke, Ignition Magazine (Sep 01, 2012)

"Palatka's Blue Crab Festival to Rock the Riverfront"

Taking over Palatka’s Riverfront throughout Memorial Day weekend is the 26th Annual Blue Crab Festival. The festival, spanning four days, has become a local tradition and is set to bring on the fun and the seafood yet again this year in a massive free event for all. This celebration will be the last official big event on Palatka’s Riverfront before construction begins on what will be the new Riverfront Square, Hampton Inn, River Museum, and Riverfront Park expansion. As always, the Blue Crab Festival will be a family friendly event with a little something for everyone as bands playing blues, rock, and country music perform throughout the weekend. Acts such as the legendary Biscuit Miller and the Mix, Eric Lee Beddingfield, and regional favorite the Emma Moseley Band, will headline the event with a number of other performers gracing the stage as well. - Go Wanderer

"Homegrown Grooves"

Northeast Florida’s very own Emma Moseley Band serves a potent brew of soul and rock that has been rocking crowds from Duval to Austin, Texas’ legendary SXSW festival. The band is currently supporting their sophomore album, Nine-Four-Nine, which was co-produced by Mitch Easter, of REM and Drive-By Truckers fame. - Folio Weekly

""949" in 904 - The Emma Moseley Band (June Cover Issue)"

South X Southwest now has a dual meaning for the local group known as Emma Moseley Band. Renting a bus and heading to Texas, the group was showcased twice during the festival and performed for thousands of people, with the band members taking stories back home to Florida that include an electronic DJ and a few cans of mace. The band also wrote a lot of songs and even had the time to band out a few while they went to and fro the successful event. This laid the ground-work for their next album, which is to be release later on this month.
Deciding on the album's tracks, some changes were made to what songs made the final cut. This time around, "they just fit" the "more aggressive", more mature sound this album offers, says bass player, Sean Sammon. Singer, Emma Moseley adds that the album is "a little more honest too... I think this is definitely who the band is: our sound and who we are". The band shopped nationwide for the right recording studio, and chose Fidelitorium Recordings in Kernersville, NC, located "in the middle of nowhere" with Mitch Easter who recorded all of REM's earlier albums. The band appreciated the "sound and history" behind the studio and its master. The studio itself has a freestanding house the artists to stay in, but no WIFI and no television in sight. The remote setting what perfect for the band to focus on the task before them.
The band blocked out a whole week from their individually busy lives for this opportunity and refrained from performing at shows a month or two before the process began. EMB wanted to capture the live sound of the with this recording and when they started out, the sound was very authentic: no click track, all individual tracks recorded at the same time, and with a very limited number of attempts at laying the tracks. The whole recording process was essentially a purge session for the group, (as guitar player Bobby Turner put it, "more of a therapy session that a recording session) releasing tension as a band and as a family that had been present for many years. "Not only was it the perfect place, the perfect time, but the way it was recording was perfect because we got to do it together and we got to do it in a very live setting. It was exactly what we needed," says Emma. The band even wrote a song, Lula Mae, from scratch while on site at the recording studio.
The name of the album wasn't set in stone until the very end of the recording process, as the band wanted to wait until the album was completed. "We took pictures while we were in NC and one ended up having the address of the band house we stayed at in the background." They chose the numeric address of the house as homage to Mitch and his studio and to mark the important moment down in their history books. The band agrees that its "kinda strange" how numbers can be connected to memories.
As for funding, a retired man name Mike who lives in both Cocoa Beach and Texas helped back the band's new album as just a fan who "liked what they were doing." With no conditions he said, "You guys have to do something with this." While apprehensive as first, the band has welcomed him as part of the family. "We were very blessed to have someone come up and say 'I want to help you with this album.' We were going to do it all ourselves, but didn't want to do a gofundme or or anything like that, so we were fortunate to have this." When the band asked Mike if he could play an instrument, he responed, "'I play a kick ass tambourine' and he really does! He plays mean tambourine" agrees Emma and Sean. Mike was recorded on tambourine for the song called, Witness.
949 features the "newest" member of the band, Freddie Heater Jr, though he has been performing with the group for about two years. "When I first heard them, it was 24/7 [Emma Moseley Band] at my house. I got invited by Sean to check the band out at a show, and when I came to see them, it blew my mind. I had never heard anything like it in my life. It's just so original and so blues based with heavy rock...It's not your typical rock, it's not your typical blues...It just kind of draws from everywhere," says Freddie. The eager drummer learned every song EMB performs within three days of their first meeting. In the past, the band would hire a drummer and get the ball rolling just for them to flake out. "But it worked out though. We grew as a band. It made us slow down and make really good decisions about our career, where we want to go and how we are represented," continued Emma.
Together the group has performed druing the Blue Crab Festival in Palatka, the Rhythm and Ribs festival, the 450th celebration, Freebird Live and the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall, just to name a few. EMB also had a stint on a small tour with Ana Popovic earlier this year.
The band had ideas for releasing 949, including going out of state or out of the city. They wanted this to be monumental since there wasn't enough time to have a "big shebang" for the release of their first album, "Face South". They found the perfect location after a couple of members attended the recent, successful album release party for The Young Step at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre's intimate yet in-your-face, live feel of the venue's backyard stage. The bandappreciated the instant support from the STAAMP and its staff.
The Curt Towne Band (who is currently on tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd and is also about to release their new album) and Kristopher James (a solo artist from Brandenton) will also be joining EMB for their album release party. "We really just wanted very original music to back us." They point out that one act is acoustic and the other is plugged in; one is more blues and the other more rock-and-roll.
Check out the event page on Facebook and gather your friends for the album release party scheduled for July 30th beginning at 6:30 pm. 949 will be released on iTunes and will be available at local record shops. The band also boasts a killer online presence on Reverbnation, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, iHeart Radio, Soundcloud and finally at the official website: emmamoseleyband.com - Narrow Magazine


"Face South"

-Released 2014
- Format: CD
-Label: Toes in the Sand Productions
- Producer: Bill Parker, Scott Tatter
- Singles: Salt, Better Words

Soon to be released album 2016:

- Format: CD, Vinyl 

-Label: Scoochie

-Producer: Mitch Easter, John Pfiffner

-Singles: Lula Mae, Anvil, Pennies



        Emma Moseley Band knows the song is pushed by authentic invitations into the heart. They know the show's urgency grows as secrets are revealed. Rock-n-roll is voyeured soul. It cannot be faked.
        The band's writing and live performances are fueled by this release of emotion. The delivery is tightened by a dedication to rehearsing and revision. EMB's bloodied, mesmerizing truth is delivered with passion on the stage and in the studio.
        In 2010, Emma met Sean Sammon, multi-platinum selling artist and former writer/original bassist with the rock band Puddle of Mudd. With Sean's background in the business and a sound full of soul and electricity the team started writing and recording with Bobby Turner, a natural guitar slinger who knows what needs to be played.
        Adding the drums into the beat, the band began touring the southeast, tantalizing audiences from dark bar rooms to festival stages.
         In 2015, the band started their run in Texas at SXSW before making their way back home to northeast Florida. In September EMB traveled to The Fidelitorium Studios in North Carolinia to record their sophmore album, "Nine-Four-Nine," with the production help of Mitch Easter and John Pfiffner.
        Mitch Easter, the producer behind REM's historic early records, has also worked with the likes of Joe Walsh and Drive-by Truckers. The vibe and history of the studio mixed with Mitch and John's engineering talents carved the rich tone of the album. The new songs where polished with a year's worth of wear and tear from the road before making it onto 2 inch tape.. Recordings were pushed with the band playing together in The Fidelitorium's big room, capturing the grit of the band's live sound.
          EMB's first album, "Face South," charted #1 on both Radio 200 Add and Rock Radio Add. The band has consistently used the industry's closed doors as opportunity and motivation to rise above. The new album, "Nine-Four-Nine" is scheduled to be released after the first of the year, along with new dates for a summer tour.

Band Members