Emma & the Noise

Emma & the Noise


Boiling groove music down to its most essential elements, Emma & the Noise marry soulful rhythm to sultry vocal work, giving the air breath to live on. Blending hip-hop, soul, jazz and folk, the Noise mold the old into new and then some, making them an experience to be felt as well as heard.


Emma & The Noise are a tight new groove-soul quartet based out of Montreal. Formed in the fall of 2007, the Noise set out to remind music lovers that soul never died, that a spontaneously elegant groove can still bring a house down, that a sultry voice with something to say still matters— nothing but. With roots digging into the sophisticated irreverence of Sly and the Family Stone, Nina Simone’s message laden blues, the introspective creations of Herbie Hancock, and having been born and raised into a culture suffused with the hip-hop aesthetic, the Noise cook up music that is both emotive and reflective. Embracing the idea that to be taught by one’s elders and to express oneself are inseparably parts of a single broader concept, the Noise climb between the cracks, trying to discover where it is that the sidewalk ends, and to lay a few more feet for others to walk on.

An intoxicating brew, the Noise’ straight up, get down line up leaves nothing left wanting. Featuring the simmering moods of pianist Samito Matsinhe, the fearless vibrations of bassist Matt Powell, the fat-bottomed beats of drummer Maxwell Bernstein, and, let’s not forget, of course, that voice made of honey, Emma Frank, Emma & the Noise are sure to inspire a curiosity and good feeling in every listener.


Emma and the Noise have recently released their first demo.

Set List

Typically, we play two sets, both lasting about 45 minutes. The set is mostly original, although we play some covers.
Below is a list of our original material:

1. Passing Time
2. Sailor Out at Sea
3. Red Ribbon
4. The Light Shines
5. Memories Will Fade
6. Acting
7. Born to Be Happy
8. Up and Down
9. Let it Go
10. Mornings Have a New Gray
11. You've been the Hands of Time
12. Equal

When we play covers, the collection goes like this:
1. Tryin' Times - Roberta Flack
2. Redemption Song - Bob Marley
3. Compared to What - Roberta Flack
4. In the Dark - Nina Simone
5. You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go - Bob Dylan
6. I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl - Nina Simone
7. A.D. 2000 - Erykah Badu